The La Flor Alliance is an alliance from Survivor: Nicaragua



On Day 4, Sash Lenahan and NaOnka Mixon bonded over being racial minorities and decided to ally. They also discussed working with Brenda Lowe (of Chinese descent), believing her to be one of the more intelligent members of the tribe. After losing the second Immunity Challenge, NaOnka approached Brenda about the alliance, which she agreed to join. Brenda also said that she could persuade Kelly Shinn and Chase Rice into voting with them against Shannon Elkins, who had formed his own alliance and was attempting to vote her out. However, after Brenda talked about the vote with Chase, he began to feel conflicted, having made alliances with both Brenda and Shannon.

Shannon's Paranoia

At La Flor's first Tribal Council, a paranoid Shannon questioned Chase's loyalty. This further escalated to the point where Shannon bluntly asked Sash if he was gay, which surprised the entire tribe. This outburst convinced Chase (along with several of Shannon's own alliance members) to vote Shannon out, thus allowing Brenda's alliance to take control of the tribe.

Finding the Idol

After winning the next Immunity Challenge, Kelly Bruno looked in La Flor's fruit basket for a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. NaOnka noticed this, and when they arrived at camp, she shoved Kelly B. out of the way and grabbed the clue, smashing most of the fruit in the process. She shared the clue with Brenda, and the two went to search for it. They eventually found the idol buried near Tree Mail, and Brenda allowed NaOnka to keep it for herself.

Control on Both Tribes

On Day 12, a Tribe Switch occurred, splitting the alliance in half. Brenda, Sash, and Purple Kelly remained on La Flor, while Chase and NaOnka were sent to Espada in exchange for Jane Bright, Jill Behm, and Marty Piombo. Upon arriving at the La Flor camp, Jane told Brenda about Marty and Jill's control of the Espada tribe and that they should be voted out immediately. Meanwhile, on Espada, Chase and NaOnka allied with outsider Holly Hoffman, and took out Tyrone Davis and Yve Rojas.

Prior to the Day 15 Immunity Challenge, Brenda and Sash planned to have the alliance (now including Jane and, to a lesser extent, Fabio Birza and Kelly B.) split their votes between Marty and Jill in case Marty used Espada's Hidden Immunity Idol. However, Jill won individual immunity at the challenge, forcing the alliance to regroup. Brenda and Sash eventually decided to split the vote between Marty and Kelly B., the latter of whom Brenda viewed as a Jury threat due to her prosthetic leg. At Tribal Council, Brenda's plan worked, creating a 3-3-2 tie. However, instead of voting for Marty as intended, the alliance deemed Kelly B. too threatening to continue and voted her out in the revote.

After Tribal Council, Sash confronted Marty, promising that his alliance would spare him and eliminate Jill if he gave him the Idol. After some thought, Marty reluctantly gave in and handed over the Idol. While this gesture angered Brenda, Sash kept his word and the alliance voted out Jill.

The Merge

The original alliance regrouped at the Day 19 Merge, with Brenda telling NaOnka about Jane's loyalty and how Sash now possessed Marty's Idol. NaOnka also told Brenda how Alina Wilson was planning to vote her off, and the two agreed that Alina and Marty would be the next two gone. Following the next challenge, the alliance stuck together and voted out Alina per Sash's request to keep Marty. The alliance later voted out Marty at the next Tribal Council after he attempted to flush out NaOnka's Idol and eliminate Jane.

Concerned over Brenda's control of the game, Holly decided to form a plan to vote her out. She recruited Fabio, Jane, Benry Henry, Dan Lembo, and even NaOnka in on the plan. Holly also attempted to get Chase to assist them, but he was more concerned with Benry being an Immunity Challenge threat. He alerted Brenda about the plot to eliminate her, but she simply shrugged it off, confident that Sash would use his Idol to save her should the need arise. However, NaOnka informed Sash of Holly's plan to eliminate Brenda, and advised him against saving her. At Tribal Council, Sash did not give Brenda his Idol, joining in the plan. Additionally, Chase realized that voting with Brenda would be futile and voted for her as well. Only Purple Kelly remained loyal to Brenda, voting for Benry instead, causing Brenda to leave in a 8-1-1 vote.


The alliance seemed to dissolve following Brenda's elimination. NaOnka and Purple Kelly would both go on to quit the game at the following Tribal Council, and Chase and Sash formed a new alliance with Jane and Holly.




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