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La Flor (known informally as the Younger Tribe in their original form) is a tribe from Survivor: Nicaragua.

La Flor was the first tribe to contain only contestants aged thirty and younger. They enjoyed success in defeating their older rivals on Espada, but were torn between two warring alliances at the start of the game, as well as one contestant making brazen, unabashed comments about several members of the tribe. Their tribe color is yellow.


Alina Wilson
23, Downey, CA
Art student
S21 alina t.png
Benry Henry
23, Los Angeles, CA
Club promoter
S21 benry t.png
Brenda Lowe
27, Miami, FL
Paddleboard company owner
S21 brenda t.png
Chase Rice
24, Fairview, NC
Professional racecar jackman
S21 chase t.png
Fabio Birza
21, Venice, CA
S21 fabio t.png
Kelly Bruno
26, Durham, NC
Medical student
S21 kellyb t.png
Kelly Shinn
20, Mesa, AZ
Nursing student
S21 kellys t.png
NaOnka Mixon
27, Los Angeles, CA
Physical education teacher
S21 naonka t.png
Sash Lenahan
30, New York City, NY
Real estate broker
S21 sash t.png
Shannon Elkins
30, Lafayette, LA
Pest control company owner
S21 shannon t.png

 Brenda Lowe
S21 brenda t.png
 Fabio Birza
S21 fabio t.png
 Jane Bright
S21 jane t.png
 Jill Behm
S21 jill t.png
 Kelly Bruno
S21 kellyb t.png
 Kelly Shinn
S21 kellys t.png
 Marty Piombo
S21 marty t.png
 Sash Lenahan
S21 sash t.png

Tribe History

The "Younger Tribe"

During the marooning on Day 1, the twenty castaways (still undivided into tribes) were asked to find a "Medallion of Power" hidden across the beach. When Brenda Lowe found it, they were then divided into tribes separated by age. With Brenda aging lower than 30, she was placed of La Flor tribe, thus granting the yellow tribe ownership of the Medallion of Power. When host Jeff Probst tempted La Flor to give the Medallion to the rival Espada tribe in exchange for flint and fishing supplies, La Flor decided to surrender the Medallion to their older rivals, with Shannon Elkins stating that they cannot lose on any challenge with their strength. This left NaOnka Mixon irked, stressing it is a Medallion of Power. After the barter, the tribes were instructed to proceed to their respective camps. Upon reaching camp, Kelly Bruno revealed a startling revelation: having a prosthetic leg due to a birth defect. This caused concern among the other tribe members, disturbed by the fact the Kelly B. might win because of a "sympathy vote" should she make it to the Final Tribal Council.

The tribe was torn between two conflicting alliances: Shannon's (consisting of Kelly B., Alina Wilson, Benry Henry, and Fabio Birza) and NaOnka's "racial minority" alliance (consisting of Brenda Lowe, Kelly Shinn, and Sash Lenahan). Both alliances were vying to gain Chase Rice, leaving him visibly undecided, since he had already formed friendships with both Brenda and Shannon, as Shannon had initially targeted Brenda because of her perceived craftiness. Chase's true allegiance was revealed when he decided to help Brenda's alliance, eliminating a visibly scrambling Shannon after losing the Day 5 Immunity Challenge.

Shannon's elimination caused more tension to brew in La Flor, with the remnants of his alliance in serious trouble, especially Alina and Kelly B., since Benry and Fabio proved to be valuable in challenges. NaOnka even started to gloat over her perceived power when she shoved Kelly B. for a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol after the tribe won the next Immunity Challenge. She shared the clue with Brenda and they started to look for the idol together. When she successfully found the idol, NaOnka further blasted Kelly B. in an effort to break her spirit. But despite conflicts between the opposing voting blocs, the younger tribe managed to obliterate the older Espada tribe by again winning the next Immunity Challenge.

Post Tribe Switch

After a surprise tribe switch in Day 12, Espada members Jane Bright, Jill Behm, and Marty Piombo transferred to La Flor, while Alina, Benry, Chase, and NaOnka moved to Espada. Upon reaching camp, Jane revealed that Jill and Marty had an alliance and should not be trusted, stating her frustrations about them since their Espada days. On the other hand, Marty made a bold move by revealing his own Hidden Immunity Idol, much to Brenda's chagrin.

During a Double Tribal Council twist in Day 15, Jill won individual immunity, as well as tribal reward for La Flor. The majority alliance set up a split vote between Kelly B. and Marty, the two biggest available targets. They were less sure as to who they would vote out in a potential revote if Marty did not play his idol due to Kelly B.'s potential landslide win at the final vote and Marty's disliked guts. The vote ended in a 3-3-2 tie (Kelly B. and Marty having three votes each, while Brenda had two, coming from Jill and Marty). During the revote, Kelly B. was sent home, being seen as a bigger threat than Marty.

Sash then made a move to advance himself, telling Marty that he would be safe at the next Tribal Council if he gave up the Hidden Immunity Idol. Sash sweetened the deal by telling Marty that if La Flor lost the next Immunity Challenge, Sash would return the Hidden Immunity Idol. Marty decided to give the idol to Sash instead of playing it at Tribal Council, hoping to stay in the game and make it to the merge. After losing the Day 18 Immunity Challenge, the La Flor Alliance kept their word about keeping Marty, and his closest ally Jill was sent home by a vote of 3–2–2.

In Day 19, La Flor went to the Espada camp for the merge.



  • La Flor is the third tribe in Survivor history consisting entirely of younger castaways, following Panama'Bayoneta and Viveros tribes. Unlike the tribes in Panama, La Flor was in existence for the entire pre-merge stage of the game.
  • La Flor's camp site would be later used in Redemption Island where Ometepe's camp was located.


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