Kym Johnson is a contestant from Celebrity Survivor Australia.

Placed on the all-female Moso tribe, Kym was under-prepared entering the game, assuming that they would be supplied with tents and drinking water. Despite the arrival of good friend Justin Melvey, happy go-lucky Kym failed to adjust to camp life. After Moso lost the first Immunity Challenge, Kym convinced her tribe to vote her out, which saved weak-link Imogen Bailey from elimination. To ensure her elimination, Kym voted herself out, becoming the second and last person to do so in Survivor history.


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Having partnered celebrities in three seasons of hit series Dancing With The Stars, Kym Johnson is one of Australia's best known dancers. She is not however, renowned for her love of roughing it.

Dancing since the age of two, Kym trained in ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance as well as acrobatics, but now specialises in ballroom. In 1998, her and then partner Tomas Atkocevicius came second at the Australian Dancesport Championships in the Open Amateur Modern Ballroom.

Kym also toured the world with Burn The Floor and then the US and Japan with Sydney's New Generation. Other career highlights include dancing at the Blade Runner launch, Elton John's 50th birthday party and appearing in the hit movie Strictly Ballroom. She also recently set up her own dance group.

Kym feels Celebrity Survivor is the first thing she has actually done entirely on her own. Despite admitting her naivety about the outdoors, Kym, 29, was determined not to arrive in Vanuatu ill-prepared. That's why she called Scouts Australia the week before she left.

Kym's chosen charity is Merry Makers Australia.

Celebrity Survivor Australia

Voting History

Kym's Voting History
Episode Kym's
Voted Against
1 Kym Amber, Fiona, Imogen,
Justin, Kym, Nicolle
Voted Out, Day 3


  • Kym has appeared in multiple seasons of the US version of Dancing With the Stars, including seasons 3-9, 11-16, 20, and most recently season 24.[1]
  • Kym married Croatian-Canadian business man and television personality Robert Herjavic on July 31, 2016.[2]
    • On April 23, 2018, Kym and Robert welcomed twins, son Hudson Robert Herjavec and daughter Haven Mae Herjavec.[3]



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