The Kucha Alliance is an alliance from Survivor: The Australian Outback.

After Jeff Varner's elimination after a deadlock, they became the minority alliance on the Barramundi tribe.


The Merger

After former Kucha member, Michael Skupin's medical evacuation, the merger was announced on Day 19. The Kucha tribe allied with each other to make it a 5-5 split between both tribes. Anticipating a deadlock vote, the alliance hoped that their target, Colby Donaldson, would be voted out in favor who Jeff, who the opposition knew had previous votes. At the following Tribal Council, the alliance voted against their intended target while the newly formed Ogakor Alliance voted against Jeff because of Tina's alleged information from Kimmi Kappenberg that he received two previous votes. At the re-vote, both alliances voted the same again forcing Jeff Probst to ask if either Jeff or Colby had any votes. Because of his two previous votes from Debb Eaton and Kimmi, Jeff was forced to leave.

Pagonged by Ogakor

After Jeff's departure, the alliance found itself in the minority. The majority alliance quickly voted out Alicia next because of her physical abilities while the alliance voted for Jerri Manthey.

Elisabeth Filarski, not wanting to back down, sought out to find cracks in the majority. Though she didn't necessarily witness this, the main source of power within Ogakor (Colby, Keith, and Tina) decided that they could lose a member of their alliance once intended Nick Brown won immunity. While Amber Brkich and Jerri voted for Elisabeth, the remaining Kuchas joined the threesome in blindsing Jerri in a 6-2 vote. Ogakor then continued its pagonging of the alliance as Nick Brown was voted out next for being a threat in a 4-2-1 vote.

After eliminating Amber with Keith and Tina, Rodger Bingham and Elisabeth soon followed, seizing the pagonging and dismantling the alliance.


  • Alicia Calaway and Jeff Varner are the only members of the alliance to compete in future seasons.
    • Interestingly, they were the founders of the alliance.
  • Jeff is the only member of the alliance to not make the jury stage.
  • Nick is the only member of the alliance to win an individual Immunity Challenge.



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