Kristina Kell is a contestant from Survivor: Redemption Island.

Despite finding a Hidden Immunity Idol early on, Kristina found herself on the outs of the Ometepe tribe along with Francesca Hogi and Phillip Sheppard, with whom she plotted to eliminate veteran player Rob Mariano. However, a blowup at the season's first Tribal Council resulted in Phillip flipping on her and Francesca and outing her idol, as well as Francesca's blindside. She misplayed her idol at her tribe's second Tribal Council, believing she was the target. Powerless and out of allies, Kristina was then voted out at Ometepe's next Tribal Council. She was ultimately eliminated in 16th place after losing the Redemption Island duel to Matt Elrod.


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Name (Age): Kristina Kell (46)
Tribe Designation: Ometepe
Current Residence: Malibu, Calif.
Occupation: Law Student (University of La Verne College of Law)
Personal Claim to Fame: Understanding and learning how to deal with an autistic child; grasping the Autistic Spectrum and obtaining vigorous early intervention services to improve the quality of my son's life. This experience, and helping other families facing the same crisis, was the catalyst for my legal education.
Inspiration in Life: Probably the men and women of our armed forces - these brave folks sweat, bleed and die for us here at home, and I appreciate them beyond words.
Hobbies: Computers.
Pet Peeves: Whining and people who are cheap.
3 Words to Describe You: Stubborn, logical and fair.
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: None.
Reason for being on Survivor: The money and experience.
Why you think you'll "survive" Survivor: I'm resourceful and tough as nails. If you don't know that lying and manipulation is a part of this game, then you're an idiot.
Why you think you will be the Sole Survivor: There are a lot of amazing things in my life, and they all have started out with the thought, "I'm gonna do…(fill in the blank)." Whether it's making documentaries, opening my business, helping families cope with children on the Autistic Spectrum, going to law school, or winning Survivor, they all start in my head as an idea. I take baby steps, one by one, until finally it's done.[1]


Disliking the presence of a returning player, Kristina resented Rob Mariano's popularity right off the bat, immediately putting her on the outs. She however formed a friendship with Francesca Hogi and formed an alliance with her and another outsider, Phillip Sheppard. Phillip's wacky antics quickly wore on the tribe, with Kristina and Francesca believing that Phillip was too mercurial to be trusted but continued to align with him solely out of necessity. Kristina found herself wandering around camp to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol, and was successful. After Ometepe's first Immunity Challenge loss on Day 3, Kristina and Francesca wanted to blindside Rob by alluding that they would not vote for him, leading to a big argument at Tribal Council, with Phillip outing Kristina for possessing an idol. Rob attempted to taunt Kristina into giving the idol to him promised her safety, but Kristina remained unwavering. The vote ended with a split vote between Kristina and Francesca, but Phillip's vote sent the latter to Redemption Island.

After losing another Immunity Challenge on Day 5, Kristina did not hesitate to use her idol for preventive measure, but unbeknownest to her and surprise, Rob swerved the vote to an unsuspecting Matt Elrod. Kristina would found temporary safety as Ometepe later won the Day 8 Immunity Challenge, in large part to the Zapatera tribe's decision to throw the challenge to oust its own returning player, Russell Hantz.

Losing the next Immunity Challenge on Day 8, Rob, who already had found the re-hidden idol, lobbied to split the vote between Kristina and Phillip under the premise that either of them had the idol. Rob's plan held, and with Phillip's vote, Kristina was sent to Redemption Island after a vote of 4-3. Kristina lost the duel with Matt the next day, eliminating her from the game third, finishing 16th.

Voting History

Kristina's Voting History
Episode Kristina's
Voted Against
1 Phillip Andrea, Ashley,
2 Phillip Andrea, Phillip1
3 Ometepe Tribe Immune
4 Phillip Andrea, Ashley,
Natalie, Phillip
Voted Out, Day 11
5 On Redemption Island
Eliminated, Day 12

^1 In "You Own My Vote", Kristina used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating 2 votes against her.


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