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For the Koror tribe from Palau, see Koror.

Koror is one of the two competing tribes in Survivor Philippines: Palau, the same name as the one of the competing tribes in Survivor: Palau.

Unlike the Koror tribe from Survivor: Palau, this tribe suffered an early losing streak from the Airai tribe due to them having relatively more weaker members. However, the tribe began winning challenges after Day 6, having never to visit Tribal Council afterward.



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Tribe History

"Koror Horror"

Unlike its American counterpart, the Koror tribe of the Philippine version started on a rough note, losing the first Reward Challenge due to communication improprieties and unable to build a shelter due to their differing ideas. Carol Gementiza, perceived as the weakest of the tribe, routinely barked orders at her tribemates, to their frustration. The Koror tribe would then lose the next two challenges, another Reward Challenge on Day 2, and the first Immunity Challenge on Day 3. In both challenges, the rival Airai tribe were given a choice whether or not Koror should receive their supplies (the prize for their first Reward Challenge). Airai chose to not give them their supplies. After the Immunity Challenge, a twist of the season, the Immunity Bracelets was revealed, granting a member of the losing tribe Individual Immunity. Airai strategically chose to give the first bracelet to Carol, who is visibly the weakest of the tribe to further deny Koror any chance of winning. The second bracelet was kept by the host for a later time. At their first Tribal Council, with no other alternate choice to vote for, Justine, who admitted to her tribe that she was a transwoman, was unanimously voted out, perceiving she was the next weakest member. Unknown to them, Justine was sent to Isla Purgatoryo, where Paolo handed her the second Immunity Bracelet, telling her that her only way to get back in the game was through winning face-off challenges. Justine was not completely alone however, as she was given a companion: a golden retriever named Jumbo. As being the inhabitant of Isla Purgatoryo, she would receive a portion of any reward Koror would win.

Koror would then taste their first victory, as they won their first Reward Challenge against Airai, winning them fishing gear, and finally, their supply crates (as per Isla Purgatoryo rules, Justine secretly received fishing gear for her to use). Marvin, Louie, Suzuki, and Echo are torn between voting off Tara, the resident loudmouth of the tribe, or Carol, who is still perceived weak at challenges. Koror lost again, and the males confirmed their intention to vote out Carol, but Louie and Suzuki did not want Marvin to stay for too long because he would dominate the challenges come post-merge. At Night 6, with no Immunity Necklace to be handed for that round, Carol was disposed shortly, and was subsequently defeated by Justine at the first Face-off Challenge. 

Turning the Game Around


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  • Koror is not to be confused with Koror of Survivor: Palau.
    • However both tribes had 1 elimination pre-merge.
  • Ironically, despite originally being voted out first, Justine Ferrer was the highest placing member of Koror.


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