Koro Savu is the merged tribe of Champions and Contenders on Champions v Contenders (2018). Their tribe color is black.


 Benji Wilson
AS5 benji t
 Brian Lake
AS5 brian t
 Fenella McGowan
AS5 fenella t
 Lydia Lassila
AS5 lydia t
 Mat Rogers
AS5 mat t
 Monika Radulovic
AS5 monika t
 Robbie Skibicki
AS5 robbie t
 Samuel Hinton
AS5 samuel t
 Shane Gould
AS5 shane t
 Sharn Coombes
AS5 sharn t
 Shonee Fairfax
AS5 shonee t
 Steve Willis
AS5 stevew t

Tribe History

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  • Despite the tribe color being black, all the chyrons in confessionals are in yellow.
  • Koro Savu was suggested by Shane, who grew up in Fiji at a young age.[1]


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