Know Your Loved One (also known as Loved Ones Overboard) is a recurring Survivor challenge. It debuted in Survivor: Africa and made another appearance in Survivor: Pearl Islands.


Survivors and their loved ones would answer a series of the same questions. The goal was to get matching answers for each question. The person who ends up getting the most amount of questions right, or the last person with a loved one in the game, will win.


In Survivor: Africa, the final six competed for reward, which Lex won. He chose to share the experience of a lifetime with Tom, when they got a hot air balloon trip over the African Savannah.

In Survivor: Pearl Islands, the challenge was host to one of the most infamous moments in Survivor history, when Jonny Fairplay had arranged with his friend before the game to tell him that his grandmother had passed away, although she hadn't. That way, his tribe mates would let him win the challenge. This worked as he ended up winning and his friend got to spend 24 hours at the Balboa camp while the other six were sent to another beach.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"The Big Adventure"
Individual Reward
(Family Visit)
S3 lex t
Lex van den Berghe
Pearl Islands
"The Great Lie"
Individual Reward
(Family Visit)
S7 jon t
Jon Dalton



  • Both winners placed third in their original season, and were the first voted out of a tribe in their second season.
  • In both episodes the challenge was used, a woman was voted out.
  • This is the first recurring family visit challenge.
  • This challenge has only appeared as a Reward Challenge.
    • Furthermore, due to the nature of this challenge, it has only appeared for the family visit.


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