Knights of the Round Table is the fifth episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.


Night 11

Tonight, J.T. is a hero. I really believed my days were done on the beach, but J.T. did it. At this point, it's all about strategy. They made it very clear that they wanted me and Tom gone. We're not gone yet, we don't plan on going anywhere.

Colby Donaldson

The Heroes return to camp after Cirie Fields' blindside, and everyone is upset at J.T. Thomas for turning on them except for Tom Westman and Colby Donaldson, who are very pleased to see things turn their way for once. J.T. tries to justify his vote to his tribe by saying that Cirie was just too duplicitous to keep in the game, and that he wanted to keep the team strong.

I'm a little pissed off right now. *chuckles* I'm a lot pissed off right now. Don't know about J.T. as much as I did a few hours ago.

Rupert Boneham

Day 12

The next morning in the shelter, J.T. talks to Amanda Kimmel about why he decided to vote for Cirie, saying he only did it to get rid of a threat, and not because he wanted to align with Tom and Colby, but Amanda doesn't believe him.

J.T. can tell me everything he wants to tell me, and I see right through him. In the back of my mind, I know that he will lie, and he makes alliances like they're yesterday's news. You know, I think he's made like 20 alliances already. If he wants to play this game, game on! Bring it on!

Amanda Kimmel

Over at the Villains camp, the Villains decide to have a group session of Coach Wade's "Dragon-Slayer-Chi". Everyone in the tribe participates, except for Russell Hantz.

I led the tribe out to the beach this morning, to do some "Dragon-Slayer-Chi". My own special form of meditation and movement. It's complete body control, it fuses everything together. It just basically tells your mind and your body to get on the same page. And they were all willing to go, everyone except for Russell.

Coach Wade

Everybody this morning walks out on the beach, going and doing some "Coach-chi" in a circle and all that meditating crap. While they're meditating and getting ready for the challenge, I guess that's what they were meditating for, I'm looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol. You know it's a very important tool. So imma get it, I'm going to find it.

Russell Hantz

While the rest of the group does the Dragon Slayer-tai-chi with Coach, Russell searches for the Hidden Immunity Idol just down the beach and finally finds it while digging under a tree after having searched the same spot for the past several days.

I been digging on this thing for two days straight. It was right in my face, which was exactly what I was afraid of. Today, everything changes. Everything. Rob's not in control of this game right now. This is my key, this is my key right here. And now here it goes again.

Russell Hantz

Both tribes head to the Reward Challenge to compete for a feast of chocolate. As the Heroes walk in, the Villains look fairly surprised that Cirie was voted at the Heroes' last Tribal Council. The challenge is very physical; it is the same one used in the previous season that caused a medical evacuation. Just like the challenge's previous appearance, things get rough quickly. During the Reward Challenge, James Clement's knee buckles up and he falls down, causing host Jeff Probst to call in medical. Medical determines that James might be able to recover from the injury but that he cannot continue to compete in the challenge.

Another tough challenge, physical, just like we wanted. Right off the bat, James got hurt. I'm not sure what he's done to his knee, but it doesn't look good. If James is pulled from this game, a lot of my strategies have changed.

J.T. Thomas

Both tribes fight hard and there are several other injuries. Coach is injured by J.T., and Rupert Boneham throws Jerri Manthey hard into the side wall, causing Jeff to halt the challenge momentarily. Despite this, the Villains manage to defeat the Heroes again, winning the reward. The tribe departs via helicopter. After the challenge is over, medical stays behind with James in order to examine his knee. Medical believes James' knee is injured badly enough to pull him from the game, but they put a splint on it to test if he can walk.

I hope for our sake that James comes back to camp, because we really need him. To lose one of out best competitors is going to be heartbreaking. It'd be a tragedy.

J.T. Thomas

The Villains arrive to the reward congratulating themselves and indulge in the chocolate.

It's nice winning rewards. We got two good things happen at one time. We got rid of the big boy, James, maybe; and we got to eat chocolates.

Russell Hantz

I've never eaten so much chocolate in one sitting in my entire life. I'm in a mix of chocolate euphoria and sickness.

Jerri Manthey

Once they're done eating, all of the Villains except Russell and Parvati Shallow go swim in a nearby open air water hole located forty feet below the surface in a depression in a massive opening in the ground. While enjoying the water, Rob Mariano's Villain alliance talks about the strong possibility that Russell now has a Hidden Immunity Idol, since they saw him digging for it all the previous day.

When I played Survivor, there were no Hidden Immunity Idols then. So this is all new to me. I'm just trying to adjust as I go along. But, at the end of the day, we have to flush it out. The only way to do that is to vote for him.

Rob Mariano

Staying up top at the table where the chocolate was, Russell reveals to Parvati that he found the idol.

Russell having the idol puts me in a better position in the game. It gives me a little stronger footing. 'Cause right now they're still trying to vote me out, they all think I'm the biggest threat. For some reason they think I'm like some evil mastermind who's going to screw all of them over, so they all want to vote me out now. Russell having the idol is definitely, like, good. He's a great ally for me.

Parvati Shallow

Russell tells Parvati that having the idol is great, but that they will need to show somebody so they can work out an alliance. Parvati suggests to try Coach, since he is scared of his position in the game.

I might have to convince Coach to come to my side so we can get numbers here. I have a powerful tool, and that is the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Russell Hantz

As Coach walks up from the water hole, Russell pulls him aside and reveals that after digging for three days, that he does in fact have the Hidden Immunity Idol. Coach is clearly shocked that Russell is sharing this information with him, but in a good way. Coach is honored that he has been trusted with this information and kneels down to be knighted by Russell.

Wow! I mean this is crazy! I do want to play this game with Boston Rob, but with Russell to trust me with that, is huge on his part because I'm the kind of person where if you give me your loyalty, it's almost impossible for me to betray that trust.

Coach Wade

Coach bows down to me. He was the one kneeling to me, and I'll knight him. As the king that I am, I knight the Dragon Slayer to be part of my kingdom. I have the Dragon Slayer on my side now. Then we'll weed out little Rob's group, hence, it's personal between me and Rob. I don't think he knows who he's dealing with. He thinks he's tough, all right, may the best man win. Let's do this.

Russell Hantz

At the Heroes camp, Amanda talks to Candice Woodcock about how devastating it would be if James were to be evacuated from the game and they express frustration at the results of the challenge.

Ugh! I'm so frustrated. You know, a Reward Challenge for chocolate and James... gets hurt again. (crying) James wants to be here so bad, he looks out for me, I'm like his little sister. It's like, i dunno, it's just really hard. I was trying to make myself think, "Okay, if James doesn't come back, what am I going to do?" I can't even think about it right now. I just hope that tonight, I see him walk down that beach. I really do.

Amanda Kimmel

J.T. and Rupert have doubts that James will be coming back from his injury, Rupert declares that James has been gone for far too long for the injury to have been a simple one and that he must be out of the game. Most of the Heroes are heartbroken at the injury, and the fact that it could effect James the rest of his life. Tom, however, would not be sad if James were to leave.

James and I have our differences and I'm not rooting against a teammate. But in the game of Survivor, somebody else being hobbled in some ways is to your advantage.

Tom Westman

Tom looks out and sees James hobbling back towards camp in a knee brace and bandages. The Heroes go and enthusiastically cheer his arrival. Amanda runs out to greet James and hugs him, overjoyed to see that he has returned and was not pulled from the game.

James is back and I'm so happy!

Amanda Kimmel

As the other Heroes greet him and ask him about his leg, James says that medical doesn't know what he did to his knee, but that he has to keep it from moving.

Felt good coming back into camp. I mean we'll see how everything goes. Hopefully, my alliance sticks together and will keep me around until my knee heals up. I've gotta work with what I've got and make it happen. Make some lemonade, I'll just let my knee.

James Clement

Laying in the shelter, James expresses frustration with his knee, saying that the only time it hurts is when he tries to walk on it, and that he's in no pain just laying there. James, Amanda, and Candice talk about what happened around camp while he was getting his leg fixed up.

If we lose the next Immunity Challenge, there's no question in my mind that James has got to go. There shouldn't be a question in anybody's mind. I mean you can't lug around dead weight, and James is a lot of dead weight.

Candice Woodcock

Day 14

Both tribes arrive at the Immunity Challenge on Day 14 eager to compete, Coach reflects that he is happy to see James still in the game so that they can compete. James and Jerri lead their respective tribes in the first portion of the challenge by being the callers for blindfolded pairs retrieving pieces to a puzzle. James is able to open his tribe up with a large lead to start the puzzle. As the Villains get to the puzzle, the Villains led by Rob make up a lot of time. The Villains are able to defeat the Heroes once again at a puzzle and win immunity. The defeat is a serious blow to the morale of the Heroes, with Colby shouting out in frustration as the Villains clinch the victory.

I got them where we needed to go, we had the lead. Me injured is already proven to be better than Tom. He really hasn't done anything in challenges except cause confusion in the puzzle area. I mean, what's his excuses? He has good knees and he's still messed up.

James Clement

After losing the Immunity Challenge, the Heroes talk about their poor performance in every challenge that involves a puzzle, and jokingly, everything but sumo wrestling. Tom and Colby talk in the jungle about how they need to get rid of James due to his injury that could be a problem in challenges and working around camp. Rupert and J.T. meet together and Rupert tells J.T. they should still go ahead and blindside Tom and keep James because James has proven his strength despite his bad knee. Candice walks up to the conversation and joins in the discussion. Candice is confused why her tribe wants to keep the clearly injured James and she tries to say that James is a liability in challenges and that he needs to be voted out.

Logically, I should vote out James tonight. But, if I were to try anything snaky again, I'm around Rupert, James, and Amanda. That would put myself in a bad spot.

J.T. Thomas

The group ends their discussion and everyone heads off in different directions. Rupert speaks with Amanda and voices his frustration with Candice for targeting James, and even suggests the Heroes vote her out. Amanda tells Rupert that they need to vote out Tom first though. Candice and J.T. sit together in the jungle and discuss about the fact that they're the swing votes. They both agree the logical vote to make is James, but they realize that they have to be sure they make the right vote since they can choose to side with either alliance.

This is so stupid, because J.T. didn't vote with us last Tribal Council, but I'm really depending on his vote tonight. Because if he's not voting with us, then he's voting with Tom, Colby, and Candice against James.

Amanda Kimmel

Tom joins J.T. and Candice to talk. J.T. tells Tom that he's safe since the two of them will vote against James with Colby and Tom.

I've got another noose around my neck. And until the votes come up and you read your name, four times, you're still alive in this game. I need J.T. and Candice to see the logic in sticking with Colby and I, and eliminating James tonight. I'm pretty sure Candice is with us and I'm hoping that J.T. sees the light.

Tom Westman

Rupert talks to J.T. at the camp later that day and questions which alliance he plans on voting with, and J.T. swears he will stick with Rupert, Amanda, and James. J.T. also shakes with Colby later on the beach that he will vote out James. The alliance of Tom, Candice, and Colby; and the alliance of Rupert, Amanda, and James both believe that J.T. is on their side.

We're going to another Tribal Council and most everybody's looking to J.T. for a vote. And the reason for that is because J.T. is so wishy-washy. J.T. flip-flops at every opportunity he has, because he's just clearly playing the hand that suits him today. I don't know what he's telling everybody else, but if he's making deals with everyone in this posse, I can guarantee you that will come back to bite.

Colby Donaldson

The Heroes arrive once again to Tribal Council and start talking about James's knee injury, James claims that he will be fine and that he can still compete. As the tribe discusses about the Immunity Challenge, James calls out Tom and Candice for their poor performance on the puzzle. Tom questions James' ability to continue to physically perform in the game, but James challenges the tribe to vote him out if they feel that Tom can do better than him at the Immunity Challenges. James claims that all he wants is for the Heroes tribe to win, and that if the tribe thinks he is a greater liability than Tom, to eliminate him. Evidently, the tribe appears to agree with James about his worth in the game, J.T. and Candice stick with the majority alliance and vote out Tom 5-2.


Challenge: Schmergen Brawl
In a walled-off arena, three members of each tribe would battle for control of three balls. Once a castaway gets control of a ball, they would pass the ball to three other tribe members standing on a platform who would attempt to throw the ball through the opposing tribe's basket at the other end of the arena. One point would be scored when a ball is made in the basket. After every point, the tribes would change who was in the arena and on the platform. The first tribe to score two points would win.
Reward: A trip to a swimming hole and a feast of chocolate bars, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate milk
Winner: Villains

Challenge: Blind Cube Crisis
One castaway from each tribe would work as a caller to direct their tribemates, who would be blindfolded and teamed up in pairs, in collecting ten large puzzle pieces from a field. Once all of the puzzle pieces were collected, the entire tribe would work together to assemble the puzzle. The first tribe to complete their puzzle would win.
Winner: Villains

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
S20 tom t
Tom (5 votes)
S20 amanda tS20 candice t
S20 jt tS20 james tS20 rupert t
Amanda, Candice, J.T., James, Rupert
S20 james t
James (2 votes)
S20 colby tS20 tom t
Colby, Tom
S20 tom bw
Tom Westman

Voting Confessionals

Colby and James did not say anything when they voted.

(voting against Tom) Tom, I really like you, just we really need unity and I don't think you can give it to us, sorry.


(voting against Tom) Really hate to do this because I really look up to you and you're a great leader. Hopefully, we just got too many leaders in this to help us out, but that's what we have to do, man.


(voting against James) James: all mass, no class.


(voting against Tom) This is the stupidest vote that we could possibly make. James should be going home tonight. Tom, I'm sorry if it's you because the real hero will be going home with you.


(voting against Tom) Tom I know you're a great guy, I have to stand up to my word though.


Final Words

Bitterly disappointed to be here and not in the game. I wish was fighting out to the bitter end with these people, but I got on the wrong side of the numbers early, and just fighting my best adventure just couldn't get better. I don't think that James is up for snuff. And I hope that they'll be thinking "Gee, we could have used Tom". But good luck to everybody in it and glad to have been here.

Tom Westman

Still in the Running

S20 sugar bw
S20 stephenie bw
S20 randy bw
S20 cirie bw
S20 tom bw
S20 amanda t
S20 candice t
S20 coach t
S20 colby t
S20 courtney t
S20 danielle t
S20 jt t
S20 james t
S20 jerri t
S20 parvati t
S20 rob t
S20 rupert t
S20 russell t
S20 sandra t
S20 tyson t


Behind the Scenes

  • Tom Westman's secret scene takes place on Day 14, where he has a conversation with Rupert Boneham and Candice Woodcock in some shallow water by the beach. Tom feels Candice is leaning towards his side, but is unsure of J.T. Thomas despite J.T. having given his word, so Tom tries to work on Rupert. Tom throws James Clement under the bus and insults James' character and physical ability to continue. Rupert tells Tom to stop, but Tom continues to try and convince Rupert to side with him by disparaging James some more.


  • This episode marks the fourth time a contestant (and the third time a member of the Heroes tribe) has been injured in this season.
  • With Tom Westman's elimination, both former Survivor: Palau contestants that participated in this season have been eliminated.
    • This also marks the first time Tom has been voted out. 


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