Kindergarten Camp is the second episode of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng.


Night 3

Coming back from Tribal CouncilKyle Jason and Jennifer Lanzetti seemed to regret keeping Alecia Holden over Darnell Hamilton, and it seemed clear that she would be the next to go. 

Day 4

At Gondol, with everyone off fishing, Tai Trang continued his hunt for the Hidden Immunity Idol. He was successful in finding a box which required a key to open. The key, however, was inside a container high up a palm tree, and when Tai tried to climb the tree, he struggled and cut his foot. Due to the significant amount of time he had taken, he was unable to retrieve the key and find the idol. 

After that, Tai charmed his tribemates with his personality, especially Caleb Reynolds. In a confessional, Caleb said that he liked Tai a lot and there was "no homophobia" on his part. Tai and Caleb began getting along well, and then, in a moment that entertained the whole tribe, Tai tried to kiss Caleb, which he denied in front of the group, but later admitted in a confessional. The entire tribe was surprised by their friendship, pointing out their many differences in personality inside and outside of the game.

Over at Chan Loh, Joe del Campo accidentally wasted a lot of the tribe's kerosene that they had won in the previous challenge, which irked Liz Markham. Debbie Wanner isolated herself further from the tribe with her crazy antics, and Liz ruffled Joe's feathers. Liz later became upset when the group was unable to boil water due to Joe losing most of the kerosene; this was aggravated by Joe's apparent indifference to her opinions. 

Meanwhile, on To Tang, Alecia was determined to prove herself to the tribe. She worked for five hours to start the tribe's fire. Though she rejoiced when she made the major contribution, she was annoyed by Scot Pollard and Jason taking naps in the shelter. The tribe managed to get food and boiled water, and praised Alecia for her hard work.

Day 5

Day 6

After To Tang's second consecutive loss, Jennifer decided to approach Alecia and Cydney Gillon with the proposition of an all-female alliance in order to take out Jason, who had been rubbing her the wrong way with his behavior. Though it seemed that Jennifer had two options, her plans unraveled later at Tribal Council, where she exposed her strategic plans. After this gaffe, the tribe recognized the duplicity and volatility in Jennifer, and voted her out in favor of Alecia in a 3-2 vote.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Dragging the River
Each tribe will race down the river to retrieve a very heavy log. They will then carry it through a series of obstacles. Once they place the log in a cradle, they will untie a ball from the log and use it with a slingshot to knock down two targets. The first two tribes to finish win immunity and reward.
Reward: A massive fishing kit and a boat waiting at camp for the winners; simple fishing gear for the runner-up.
Winners (in order of finish): Gondol and Chan Loh

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
To Tang
S32 jennifer t
Jennifer (3 votes)
S32 alecia tS32 cydney tS32 jason t
Alecia, Cydney, Jason
S32 alecia t
Alecia (2 votes)
S32 jennifer tS32 scot t
Jennifer, Scot
S32 jennifer bw
Jennifer Lanzetti

Voting Confessionals

No voting confessionals were aired this episode.

Final Words

S32 jennifer bw

I am shocked. I thought, for sure, the tribe would want to stay strong, at least to win challenges so we don't have to go to Tribal. We can work out our personal feelings later. As far as being voted out of the game, it hurts. This wasn't what I envisioned. This wasn't what I came out here to do. But I've pushed myself and I've done things that I've never experienced before. So I have absolutely no regrets.

Still in the Running

S32 darnell bw
S32 jennifer bw
To Tang
S32 alecia t
S32 anna t
Chan Loh
S32 aubry t
S32 caleb t
To Tang
S32 cydney t
Chan Loh
S32 debbie t
To Tang
S32 jason t
Chan Loh
S32 joe t
S32 julia t
Chan Loh
S32 liz t
S32 michele t
Chan Loh
S32 neal t
S32 nick t
Chan Loh
S32 peter t
To Tang
S32 scot t
S32 tai t



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