Kimberley Anne "Kimmi" Kappenberg[1] is a contestant from Survivor: The Australian Outback and Survivor: Cambodia.

Kimmi was immediately at odds with most of her tribemates in The Australian Outback for her loud personality and extreme vegetarian beliefs, the latter of which almost cost her tribe an important Immunity Challenge and eventually led to an iconic heated exchange between her and tribemate Alicia Calaway. She was voted out on Day 15.

More than a decade later, Kimmi returned to the game in Cambodia and assumed a more aggressive strategic approach, aligning herself with Jeremy Collins and Stephen Fishbach. However, she was caught by her alliance for going against them, as she was eliminated by consensus following an unusual null vote at the final six.


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Kimmi Kappenberg currently works as a bartender in Long Island, New York, while also freelancing as a production assistant for television commercials. Having taken courses at Suffolk Community College, University of Houston and Stephen F. Austin State University, she ultimately received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the New York Institute of Technology. She is most proud of the fact that she graduated at the top of her class after having taken a few years off from school. Kappenberg describes herself as spontaneous, outgoing and creative. Her favorite hobbies are photography, gardening, and reading. Her perfect day would include a trip to the beach, horseback riding, eating many times (a vegetarian, she will not eat land-dwelling animals, only seafood), having sex, and watching the sunset. Her favorite television shows are Win Ben Stein's Money and The Simpsons, while her favorite motion pictures are Cruel Intentions and Beauty and the Beast. She prefers country, 80s, and club music. Her favorite sports team is the New York Yankees and she prefers a good game of Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble when she has time. Born and raised in East Setauket, Long Island, Kappenberg currently resides in Ronkonkoma, Long Island. Currently single, she lives with her cat, Abbi, while her other three cats, Bart, Sasha and Meow, and her twin Shih Tzu dogs, Till and Fieval, live with her parents. Her birth date is November 11.[2]

Name: Kimmi Kappenberg
Season 2
Survivor: The Australian Outback
Current Age: 42
Hometown: The Woodlands, TX[3]


The Australian Outback

Kimmi was placed on the Kucha tribe where she proved to be a very lively contestant by expressing what came to mind. On their first night in the game, she entertained her fellow Kucha tribemates at camp, talking about 'risque' subjects that upset Debb Eaton. Jeff Varner also was annoyed by her loud talking their first night because he was still feeling sick from their hike to the camp. After Kucha lost the first Immunity Challenge, the friction between Kimmi and Debb was a factor in Kimmi taking part in the unanimous elimination of Debb at Tribal Council, though she cried after the votes were read.

For the second Immunity Challenge, the castaways had to eat a variety of disgusting dishes. Kimmi, being a vegetarian, was not willing to sacrifice her morals by eating any animal. During the challenge, she had to eat a cow brain, but refused. A tiebreaker came down between Kimmi and Ogakor's Tina Wesson, where they had to eat a mangrove worm, much to Kimmi's delight, since she could chow down the specimen. Kimmi was able to eat the dish faster than Tina, winning Kucha immunity.

Kimmi took over the role of water provider, going on many trips to replenish and boil her tribe's water supply. After her tribe won chickens in the fourth Reward Challenge, Kimmi once again found herself grappling with her vegetarian beliefs as she could not stand to see the way her tribemates handled the chickens, leading to one of Survivor's most iconic conflicts, the infamous finger-wagging debacle between Kimmi and tribemate Alicia Calaway. When Kucha finally broke their record of four consecutive challenge wins by losing the fifth Immunity Challenge, her liberated and grating demeanor caused her tribemates to eliminate her in a unanimous 6-1 vote.

Voting History

Kimmi's Voting History
Episode Kimmi's
Voted Against
1 Debb -
2 Kucha Tribe Immune
3 Kucha Tribe Immune
4 Kucha Tribe Immune
5 Jeff Alicia, Elisabeth, Jeff,
Michael, Nick, Rodger
Voted Out, Day 15


Kimmi was one of twenty candidates chosen by the public to compete on the Second Chance season, Cambodia. Kimmi was initially placed on the Bayon tribe consisting of herself, Andrew Savage, Ciera Eastin, Jeremy Collins, Joe Anglim, Kass McQuillen, Keith Nale, Monica Padilla, Stephen Fishbach, and Tasha Fox. After the first tribe switch with the newly added Angkor tribe, Kimmi formed a close bond with Jeremy and Stephen, and after Bayon lost their first Immunity Challenge on Day 13, Kimmi told Jeremy and Stephen about Monica previously approaching her for an all-female alliance with Kelly Wiglesworth, though Jeremy was initially worried that taking her out could hurt them at the merge as it would be seen as betrayal to the Bayon Alliance. Nevertheless, Monica was voted out in a 3-2-1 vote and Kimmi would avoid Tribal Council again after a second tribe switch and Bayon's win, allowing her to reach the merge for the first time in her Survivor career.

Relatively quiet at the merge, she participated in helping to blindside Kass and Ciera from her old tribe due to alliance lines shifting. At the final eight, Kimmi lobbied the idea of forming an all-girls alliance with Abi-Maria Gomes, Kelley Wentworth, and Tasha as the guys would be in the minority once Joe was voted out of the game. However this plan never happened as at the Tribal Council following Joe's elimination, Kimmi helped Jeremy, Tasha, and Spencer Bledsoe vote out Abi-Maria in a 4-2-1.

On Day 36, fearing that she would become a fourth place boot as she viewed Spencer taking her place in the alliance she had with Jeremy and Tasha, Kimmi conspired to get rid of Jeremy and Spencer with Keith and Kelley at that night's Tribal Council. Though Jeremy was warned of this deceit, he was still faithful in Kimmi's loyalty to him and she passionately feigned her allegiance. At that night's Tribal Council, Keith, Kelley, and Kimmi voted against Jeremy due to Spencer's immunity, while Spencer, Jeremy, and Tasha voted against Kelley. Much to everyone's surprise, both Jeremy and Kelley played their Hidden Immunity Idols, leaving all votes negated. Jeremy learned that Kimmi was the flipper and led the charge to get her out while proclaiming, "shame on you", with the votes tied again 3-3 for Kimmi and Tasha. The tribe learned that they had to come to a unanimous decision on Kimmi or Tasha, or else Keith would leave the game as the only one eligible to draw rocks. Though Keith initially wanted to step down to save Kimmi, Kelley talked him out of it and Kimmi was reluctantly voted out 4-0. 

At the Final Tribal Council, Kimmi lambasted Spencer for his rant threatening Jeremy that he would vote for Kelley and convince the jury to do the same if Jeremy chose to vote him out at the final four Tribal Council, calling Spencer a bully and saying she would teach her kids not to act like that. Kimmi then voiced her concern to Jeremy about feeling left out of the alliance when his bond with Spencer became closer, but Jeremy claimed that he had never told her that she was going to be fourth and that he was heartbroken the night Kimmi betrayed their alliance as he had faith in her loyalty. In the end, she voted for Jeremy to win, which he did in a unanimous 10-0-0 vote. 

Voting History

Kimmi's Voting History
Episode Kimmi's
Voted Against
1 Bayon Tribe Immune
2 Bayon Tribe Immune
3 Bayon Tribe Immune
4 Bayon Tribe Immune
5 Monica -
6 Bayon Tribe Immune
7 Kass -
8 Kelley1 -
9 Ciera -
10 Ciera Ciera, Kelley
11 Abi-Maria -
12 Joe -
13 Abi-Maria -
14 Jeremy;
Jeremy, Spencer, Tasha;
Jeremy, Keith, Kelley, Spencer2
Voted Out, Day 36
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "You Call, We'll Haul", Kelley used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Kimmi's vote against her.
^2 In "Lie, Cheat and Steal", Jeremy used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Kimmi's vote against him. Because Jeremy and Kelley both used Hidden Immunity Idols and negated all the votes cast at Tribal Council, a vote restart was held between all the non-immune players. This vote ended with a 3-3 tie between Kimmi and Tasha, forcing a unanimous decision tiebreaker. Keith and Kelley changed their votes to Kimmi on the tiebreaker, eliminating her from the game.


  • In May 2001, Kimmi appeared as an panelist on Hollywood Squares for two episodes along with the rest of The Australian Outback cast for Survivor Week. Kimmi herself appeared in two episodes on the 17th[4] and the 18th.[5]
  • In June 2001, Kimmi was a guest presenter at Animal Fair's 2nd Annual Canine Comedy Celebration.[6]
  • Kimmi married Kevin Caminske in August 2004 and had two sons, Karter and Kannon.[7] Some time later, the two divorced.
  • On January 9, 2010, Kimmi attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.


  • Kimmi's luxury item was a Scrabble set. Her tribemates used the tile racks as spoons for eating because some sticks were unfit to be used as utensils.
  • In her audition tape for The Australian Outback, Kimmi stated that she was comfortable with casual nudity, believing it to be a natural thing and not sexual. She had planned to follow in Richard Hatch's footsteps and celebrate her birthday in the nude, but was voted out before her birthday, which would have been on Day 19.
  • It has long been rumored that during the second Immunity Challenge, Kimmi told the opposing Ogakor tribe about Debb Eaton's vote for Jeff Varner the night before. In an interview in Rob Has a Podcast, Kimmi claimed that Jeff himself unwittingly spoiled his vote to the other tribe.[8]
  • Jeff Probst was pleasantly surprised that Kimmi made the final cast of Cambodia.[9]
  • Despite being known for her vegetarian beliefs preventing her from fully participating in the Buggin' Out challenge, her tribe has won the challenge both times she has competed in it.
  • Kimmi is the highest-placing castaway in Cambodia who competed before Heroes vs. Villains.
  • Kimmi is the first castaway to be eliminated by consensus following a deadlocked tie.
  • Kimmi lost 23 lbs. during her time on Cambodia.[10]


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