Kimberly Danelle "Kim" Mullen is a contestant from Survivor: Palau.

Although weak in challenges, Kim's showmance with Jeff Wilson saved her from the first three Tribal Councils. However, after Jeff was sent home after his injury, Kim's weakness in challenges came back to haunt her, resulting in her unanimous elimination.


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Born in California, Kimberly Mullen was raised in Huber Heights, Ohio. She attended Ohio State University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in international studies with a concentration in Middle Eastern studies. She also minored in psychology and political science. She is currently a graduate student at Wright State University, where she is pursuing a Master of Humanities en route to a Ph. D. in political science. She also works part-time as a government contractor for H.J. Ford/Department of Defense.

Mullen has previously worked as a recruiter, non-profit fundraiser, teacher and model, having lived in Atlanta, Miami Beach and Athens during modeling assignments. She represented Ohio in the 2002 Miss USA Pageant.

Mullen enjoys working out, socializing and sailing. She describes herself as spontaneous, intelligent and calculating. She is most proud of learning Arabic after the tragedy of September 11, 2001, in order to get a worldly perspective on reports coming in from the Middle East and has incorporated this knowledge into her studies. She hopes to continue to work in the non-profit sector while working towards her goal of becoming a professor of political science and an international organization consultant. She is a passionate supporter of raising awareness for ovarian cancer and human rights issues worldwide.

Mullen, who is currently single, remains in Huber Heights and Columbus, Ohio. Her birth date is March 13, 1979.[1]


Kim Mullen was selected by Jeff Wilson to be on what was to be the Ulong tribe. When it was her turn to add someone to the tribe, she selected James Miller. Ulong lost the first challenge because of Jolanda Jones' insistence of taking many supplies as possible. Kim voted her off because of that and her strong personality. Kim and Jeff bonded to the point of becoming a romantic relationship. Ulong won fishing gear at the next Reward Challenge. However at the next Immunity Challenge, Kim's poor performance cost Ulong immunity. Although Kim was in danger of going home, Jeff lobbied on her behalf. He swayed the vote against Ashlee Ashby who was sick and not eating. At Tribal Council, Jeff Probst addressed Kim and Jeff about their relationship. They said they were just cuddling to keep each other warm, but James did not believe them. Ashlee was sent home that night, and James decided to keep his eyes on them.

Ulong won a sewing kit and supplies at the next Reward Challenge. Kim enjoyed sewing clothes. Bobby Jon Drinkard noted that she just sits on the beach while everyone else works. On the night before the Immunity Challenge, Jeff twisted his ankle when stepping on a coconut. This cost Ulong another Immunity Challenge. Jeff asked for everyone to vote him out. Kim was ready to comply with Jeff wishes. James and Bobby Jon viewed it as Jeff trying to protect Kim and still campaigned for her ouster, under the argument that Jeff was strong, despite the injury and Kim was plain lazy. James noted that all Kim had to her advantage was her sexuality. The rest of the tribe honored his request and showed him the door in a 4-2-1 vote.

The next Reward Challenge was a construction project. Kim still did not actively contribute. This gave Bobby Jon the implication that she didn't understand the value of work. Ulong lost the challenge again. James said that the most work she does is that she opens a coconut and drinks its milk. At the Immunity Challenge, Kim only went once against Janu Tornell. Kim attacked her first but Janu used it against her and pushed her into the water. Ulong gave it their all but James lost the tiebreaker round against Coby Archa, sending Ulong back to Tribal Council. Knowing she was on the chopping block, Kim tried to form an alliance with Stephenie LaGrossa and Angie Jakusz to overthrow the men. Both women were worried about the gender imbalance, but did not want to weaken the tribe any further. Ultimately, Stephenie and Angie joined the men in sending Kim home, 5-1.

Voting History

Kim's Voting History
Episode Kim's
Voted Against
1 Jolanda -
2 Ashlee Ibrehem
3 Jeff Bobby Jon, James
4 James Angie, Bobby Jon, Ibrehem,
James, Stephenie
Voted Out, Day 11


  • On December 2, 2015, Kim revealed on her Twitter she's pregnant with her first child, a son.[2][3]



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