Kelly Czarnecki is a contestant from Survivor: Gabon.

Kelly was quickly put into an underdog position after her closest ally, Paloma Soto-Castillo, was voted out at Kota's first Tribal Council. She was on the outs of her tribe but was saved temporarily by a tribe swap, as the original Fang members saw the benefit of keeping her around. However, her safety was short-lived, and she was unanimously voted out at the final 13.


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Kelly Czarnecki (22)
Hometown: Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Occupation: Retail Sales

Kelly Czarnecki describes herself as a leader by nature. And though she has worked for everything she has, she'll also be the first tell you that "she gets what she wants and does what she wants." Don't be fooled by her girl-next-door looks Czarnecki is a mid-western spitfire who loves the outdoors. Called adventurous and ambitious by her friends, this one-time cheerleader always finishes what she starts because to her there's always a reward at the end.

Hailing from Buffalo Grove, Ill., Kelly has three brothers who have helped make her both physically and mentally tough. In her free time, Czarnecki loves to camp, hike and canoe. She describes herself as an energetic strong minded achiever for which self-confidence is not an issue. This fashionista can be found at the gym at least five times a week and is skilled in kickboxing, yoga and Pilates. Although most of Kelly's time is spent focusing on her career goals, she is a self-proclaimed "denim expert," and hopes to one day open her own clothing store.

Aside from studying fashion marketing at the Illinois Institute of Art, Kelly is also the sales manager at one of the top retail boutiques in Chicago. Czarnecki claims "she is a hell of a salesperson and can talk anyone into anything," although she also wants them to feel good about their purchase. She believes it is those leadership skills she's received from her job and schooling that has prepared her for Survivor.

Kelly resides in Buffalo Grove, Ill. and her birth date is April 4, 1986.[1]


Kelly was picked by Paloma Soto-Castillo to be on the Kota tribe at the start of the game. Along with Paloma, she was on the outs of the tribe. When Kota lost their first Immunity Challenge, Paloma was targeted. Paloma and Kelly ran a campaign to vote out Ace Gordon but was unsuccessful. After Paloma was eliminated, Kelly was left alone with no allies and was set as the next lock-in vote out. Fortunately for her, a Tribe Switch happened the following day where she was ranked as the least valuable member by her tribe. Seeing the fact that she was the outcast of her tribe, Fang's member Ken Hoang chose Kelly to be on his tribe, shocking all who were present.

At the new Fang tribe, Kelly began to show off her disdain to her former tribemates Jacquie Berg and Ace, prompting her to join the alliance of the three original Fang members: Ken, Crystal Cox, and G.C. Brown. Later at the Immunity Challenge, Kelly's poor performance contributed to Fang's loss, and once again, she found herself on the chopping block. However, her alliance with the original Fang members stood strong and voted out Jacquie.

After Fang lost again on Day 18, Crystal became emotional and began to cry. Believing this to be a sign of weakness, Kelly confronted her, insinuating an argument between the two. Ace told Kelly to back off and leave Crystal alone. At the same time though, seeing this argument as an opportunity to save himself, Ace convinced the members of the Fang alliance to turn on Kelly, eliminating her in a unanimous 5-1 vote.

Voting History

Kelly's Voting History
Episode Kelly's
Voted Against
1 Kota Tribe Immune
Kota Tribe Immune
2 Ace -
3 Jacquie Ace, Jacquie
4 G.C. G.C.
5 Crystal Ace, Crystal,
Ken, Matty, Sugar
Voted Out, Day 18


  • On January 9, 2010, Kelly attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party along with all of her Gabon cast mates.
  • In 2010, Kelly worked as cast producer for The Amazing Race. She now works as casting producer for MasterChef.[2]


  • Kelly is the youngest contestant on Survivor: Gabon.
  • Every person Kelly voted for, voted for her.


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