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Keith Sowell is a contestant from Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

Beginning the game at the bottom of the Manu tribe, Keith struggled to make alliances with his tribemates. Being a liability in challenges, he became the second contestant to be voted out and go to the Edge of Extinction. After losing the first re-entry challenge, he would ultimately raise the mast alongside Wendy Diaz, signalling his departure from the game.


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Age: 19
Hometown: Fayetteville, North Carolina
Current residence: Durham, North Carolina
Occupation: Pre-Med Student
Hobbies: Writing and performing my poetry, tennis, playing video/board games, and going to the movies.
Pet peeves: When self-absorbed people talk about all the money they have and things they've done, and only actively engage in conversations when the topic is about them or their "equals."
Three words to describe you: Religious, competitive, and creative.
What is your personal claim to fame? Getting the Jackie Robinson scholarship because I had never before achieved something on a national level. It still amazes me! They had over 3,500 applicants, gave interviews to 140 and awarded only 63. To be a part of that 63 still leaves me in awe and I know it's only by God's grace.
Who or what is your inspiration in life? My inspirations are definitely my mom and grandma! Without them there's no way I would be the type of person I am today. They taught me morals, values, and how to always have a loving and caring personality. They've seen me at my lowest times and have never withheld their love for me. We never had much but my mom always made ends meet for me. My grandma was the one who first started me on my walk in faith, which is my biggest rock in life. They are my heroes!
If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why?
My Bible because it would be a constant reminder for me that God is always watching over me!
My poetry book because my poetry gives me life!
My Black Panther jacket because I'm a Marvel fanatic and it can always bring a smile to my face.
Which Survivor contestant are you the most like? I relate to Jeremy Collins because that was a family man. He put his family above all else and played solely for them. My family is the only tangible thing I've always had since day one! They're my reason for everything. I also think I'd love to rely more on social gameplay as he did and connect with people for longevity.
What's your reason for being on Survivor? No doubt my primary motivation for being on the show is my family. Since I was born, we've lived in the same trailer without much change. Ever since I was doing well in school, I feel like eyes have been on me to help us out of stagnation. If I can make some things happen to help us go above and beyond, then you can best believe I'm going to be that breakthrough. Survivor may just be that start for me. Secondly, I'm motivated to learn more about myself. I've never had to find my food or stay outside, so I'm ready to see what I can do when tested. And of course, I'm a superfan and this has been a dream of mine! I'm already the youngest black castaway to date. How cool would it be to add being the youngest Sole Survivor onto that?
Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? I know I can be the Sole Survivor because I've already been living against the odds. Me being a lower-class black man, I wasn't nurtured to be the salutatorian of his class that would be able to afford Duke University of all places. I didn't have the bloodline of doctors to show me how to succeed or the finances to take prep classes for educational opportunities. I didn't even know what class rank or GPA meant until junior year. When I took the Pre-SAT, I asked "What class is this for?" I was set at a disadvantage, yet I made things happen. I went against the grain, and did what I needed to do to put myself on a pre-med track. I'm driven, focused, and possess the willpower to make mountains move. Nothing has stopped me thus far, so no 17 or 19, or however many castaways are going to stop me now![2]


Keith started the game on the Manu tribe where he was joined by returning players Kelley and David. Keith quickly exposed himself as a potential liability when he struggled swimming during the marooning. Keith developed a bond with Reem for being a motherly figure and she along with Wendy helped teach him how to swim. However, their bonding caused Rick to pin them as outsiders as they have isolated themselves. When Manu lost the Day 3 Immunity Challenge, Reem wanted to target Kelley and Lauren for being a power couple and tried to get Rick in on the plan. However, Keith relayed this information to the majority alliance and decided to split the vote between Reem and Wendy after the latter said she wasn't turning on Reem. At Manu's first Tribal Council, Keith turned on Reem and Wendy and sided with the majority alliance in voting the former out.

After Reem's "elimination", Keith developed a friendship with Chris. At the Day 6 Immunity Challenge, Keith struggled in the water causing Manu to fall behind, Chris then let Keith participate in the ring toss portion of the challenge to redeem himself for his poor swimming performance. However, Keith failed to land a ring, resulting in Manu's second immunity loss. Keith was on the chopping block due to his poor performance in the challenge. Chris scrambled for Keith to stay by targeting Kelley after Keith pled his loyalty to him, trying to get David, Rick and Wardog to side with Wendy to target her, this gave Keith hope. At Tribal Council, Keith pled his case saying that they need to keep people they can trust for the upcoming merge. Despite his plea, Keith was blindsided 6-1-1 after Chris, David, and Rick sided with Kelley in keeping strength over loyalty. Keith walked out of Tribal Council in frustration, but was surprised when he was given a chance to come back. Initially, Keith struggled to decide, but ultimately took the torch and reunited with Reem on the Edge of Extinction.

While on the Edge of Extinction, Keith reflected on the circumstances of being on the edge and how the isolation plays with your mind. The harsh conditions caused Keith to have thoughts about raising the sail and quitting the game. Despite that, Keith managed to stay. On Day 13, Keith along with Reem, Chris, and Rick who were voted out at the last two Tribal Councils found coded maps that told them about two advantages planted somewhere on the Edge of Extinction. Rick deciphered the map and they decided to explore together, but Keith snuck off to claim the advantages for himself. The three eventually caught up with him as Chris wrestled Keith to claim one of the advantages, while Rick claimed the other, upsetting Keith. On Day 16, another advantage was planted somewhere on the Edge of Extinction which Reem spotted. Keith retrieved the advantage. Keith's advantage allowed him to penalize another player for the future re-entry challenge. Keith was ecstatic, as he wanted to use the advantage to get back at Chris for "stealing" his advantage earlier.

On Day 17, Reem, Keith, Chris, Rick, Aubry, and Wendy competed in the re-entry challenge and Keith selected Chris to receive the disadvantage in the form of 30 knots to untie before moving on to the final stage. Although the disadvantage slowed Chris down, Keith failed to win the challenge and Rick ended up returning to the game. Keith accepted the offer to continue on the Edge of Extinction. However, when the five came back to the Edge of Extinction after losing the first re-entry challenge, Keith along with Wendy ultimately raised the mast, thus signaling their departure from the game.

Voting History

Episode Keith's
Voted Against
1 Reem -
2 Wendy Chris, David, Kelley,
Lauren, Rick, Wardog
Voted Out, Day 6
3 On Edge of Extinction
Quit, Day 17


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  • Keith is the youngest castaway on Edge of Extinction.
  • Keith is the first person to use a Challenge Disadvantage on someone, penalizing Chris Underwood on the first Edge of Extinction return challenge.
  • Keith, alongside Wendy Diaz, are the first players to raise the white flag and leave the Edge of Extinction. They would be followed by Sandra Diaz-Twine on Winners at War.
  • Keith is the only male contestant on Edge of Extinction to never be a member of Vata.
  • Due to the Edge of Extinction twist, Keith is the first castaway to place higher than a castaway who lasted more days than him. He placed 17th and lasted 17 days, while Reem Daly lasted 35 days but placed 18th.


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