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Keith Nale is a contestant from Survivor: San Juan del Sur and Survivor: Cambodia.

An underdog from the beginning, Keith struggled with the strategic component of the game and with the misfit role to which his folksy personality initially relegated him in San Juan del Sur. He never became a core member of any long-term alliance, and was targeted often after the merge. However, he managed to make it all the way to the final four thanks to his skill in Immunity Challenges and a keen opportunistic streak, which enabled him to operate as a mercenary vote between opposing alliances, as well as playing a Hidden Immunity Idol. He fell one day short of the Final Tribal Council after eventual winner Natalie Anderson convinced Jaclyn Schultz that he was the most urgent threat to win.

Returning for Cambodia, Keith played a similar, though slightly more collaborative game, participating for a while in the majority Bayon Alliance. However, after his seeming strategic inattentiveness earned him the neglect of his allies, he eventually changed his allegiance to the Witches' Coven alliance. Thus, his easy-going nature and low-key opportunism again carried him deep into the game. He was eliminated just two days before the Final Tribal Council, after Kelley Wentworth, the majority's principal target, won immunity.


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Name: Keith Nale (53)
Tribe Designation: TBD
Relationship to Significant Castaway: Wes's father
Current Residence: Shreveport, La.
Occupation: Fire captain
Personal Claim to Fame: My wife and kids.
Inspiration in Life: My dad because he is a great man. He's 77 years old and retired but I still take him hunting and fishing.
Hobbies: Hunting, fishing and golfing.
Pet Peeves: Loafers.
3 Words to Describe You: Easy going, fun loving and hard working.
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be? 1) 39 Cigars. 2) Easy chair. 3) My truck.
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: Rudy because I'm older and wiser.
Reason for Being on Survivor: Winning the million dollars and spending time with Wes.
Why You Think You'll "Survive" Survivor: I'm a great swimmer, hunter, fisher and I'm a hard worker.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole Survivor: I will have a good social game, I'll be good at challenges and I work well with others.

What Does It Mean to You to Play Survivor with Your Loved One? We are both very competitive with others and with each other. I am looking forward to sharing and living out this experience with my son. Can't wait to show him the old man still has it!![1]

Name: Keith Nale
Season 29
Survivor: San Juan del Sur
Current Age: 54

Hometown: Keithville, LA[2]


San Juan del Sur

Keith competed on San Juan del Sur with his son, Wes Nale. On Day Zero, the two lost their "striker" and actually broke the flint. When it was time to separate, Keith got a blue buff and was placed on the Hunahpu tribe. Also, when everyone was gathered, Keith believed that he saw John Rocker, who was infamous for his remarks on minorities and gay people. Jeremy Collins won the Hero Duel and chose Keith to join his wife, Val Collins on Exile Island to take care of her. When the pair arrived at Exile Island, there were two urns. Each of them picked one, with Keith's having a blank piece of paper, while Val's had a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol, which she kept to herself. Upon being reunited with their respective tribes on Day 3, Hunahpu won the first Immunity Challenge. Afterwards, Keith befriended Jeremy and the two made an alliance.

Hunahpu won the next two challenges. At the third Hero's duel, Keith was the representative for Hunahpu. However, Keith lost to Wes and was exiled again. Wesley picked Josh Canfield to join him on exile. Before they picked urns, Keith asked if Josh would share his clue with him. However, Keith was the one who picked the urn with the clue and he shared it with Josh. Hunahpu won immunity again, keeping Keith safe. Keith went hunting for the idol, but was unable to find it before Reed Kelly walked in on him. Keith believed that Jeremy had the idol and told everyone that Jeremy already found it. This angered Jeremy, who thought Keith was throwing him under the bus. As it turned out, Jeremy did not have the idol as Keith found it. Hunahpu lost its first immunity, largely because of Drew Christy throwing the challenge in order to vote out one of the women. In the chaos before Tribal Council, the men were divided while the women were annoyed with Drew. Drew was voted out in a 5-2-1-1 vote by the women and Jeremy. Keith received a vote from Jon Misch.

On Day 11, the tribes arrived the Hero's arena, expecting a duel. Instead, there was a Tribe Switch and everyone drew a random buff. Keith's buff was orange, placing him on the new Coyopa tribe. Keith was upset that not only was he opposite of Wes again, he was also the only person without a loved one on his tribe. However, Keith did not became an immediate target as Dale Wentworth clashed with Missy Payne about her liberally cooking larger servings of Coyopa's carefully rationed rice. Coyopa was destroyed at the Immunity Challenge. At Tribal Council, Keith joined the majority of the tribe in the split vote, with Dale's daughter, Kelley Wentworth being voted out in a 3-2-2. Coyopa was unable to win the next Immunity Challenge and headed to Tribal Council again, where he was brought into the plan to vote Dale out. However, Keith was shocked that he had received two votes and was nearly voted out.

After Tribal Council, Missy and Baylor Wilson explained why Keith received votes. It was part of a split vote because Dale was claiming to have the idol. Keith didn't care and was going to side with Wesley come the merge. The merge happened on Day 16 and there was a feast to celebrate. Keith won the first individual Immunity Challenge over Wes. However, It was rendered pointless as Julie McGee would quit the game on Day 18. At the Reward Challenge, Keith and Wes were teamed with Jeremy, Reed, and Natalie Anderson and won a trip to a Survivor Taco bar. Before the Immunity Challenge, Keith was worried about Jon's girlfriend, Jaclyn Schultz spending so much time with Baylor, but Alec Christy told Keith not to worry. The initial target, Jeremy beat out Josh to win individual immunity. Josh deemed Baylor the next target and Keith voted against her. However, Josh was voted out in a 6-5 vote because Jaclyn convinced Jon to flip.

After Josh's elimination, Keith was annoyed with Jon and Jaclyn for flipping and was aware of being in the minority. Keith gave thought of asking to be voting out and playing his idol. The next Reward Challenge was a series of one on one matches. Keith only went up one against Alec and won. However, Keith's team would lose the challenge. At the Immunity Challenge, Keith did well but fell behind. Baylor would win immunity over Keith. In an attempt to save themselves, Keith, Wes, and Alec all voted against Reed. However, it was Jeremy who would leave the game that night due to a falling out with Jon. 

Keith was surprised by Jeremy's elimination but was still happy that he was still in the game. At the next Reward Challenge, Keith was left unpicked and was ineligible for the reward. Back at camp, Reed revealed his new plan to Keith. It was to invoke a Split Vote between Keith and Wes and the former men's alliance vote out Jon. At the Immunity Challenge, Keith grew annoyed with Wesley dropping out of the challenge for chicken wings and beer. Keith himself would lose immunity to Reed. At Tribal Council, Keith said to stick to the plan in response to all of the idol paranoia, which worried Jon. Because of that and Natalie telling him to play his idol, Jon did use his idol, foiling the plan to blindside him. Keith also used his idol at Tribal Council after originally offering it to Wes, who declined. With votes against both men negated, Wes was the one to be eliminated from the game.

After Tribal Council, both Alec and Reed pointed out that Keith should not have said "stick to the plan" as it alerted Jon. At the Reward Challenge, Keith was quickly eliminated from the challenge by the majority alliance. They then ended the challenge and let Missy win the reward. Jon volunteered to go Exile Island and Missy picked Baylor and Natalie to join her on the reward. With Jaclyn alone, the men were quick to try to get her to flip. However, the young couple (Jaclyn and Jon) started arguing and didn't agree on whether to vote out Reed or Missy. Keith would win immunity and Reed was voted out unanimously.

At the next Reward Challenge, Keith failed to win. While the eventual winner of the challenge, Natalie didn't send Keith to Exile Island, Keith did had to watch Natalie and the people she picked, Jaclyn and Jon eat and sleep in a king size bed back at camp. Keith was annoyed with Jaclyn and Jon because of their laziness. Natalie recruited Keith, Alec, and Baylor to vote out Jon if he doesn't win immunity. At the Immunity Challenge, it was neck and neck between Keith and Jon but Jon won immunity. In order to save themselves, Alec and Keith voted against each other. However, Keith was spared because of Natalie voting against Alec.

Jaclyn, Jon, and Missy were confused on why Keith wasn't voted out and even Keith pointed out himself that he was consistently escaping elimination. At the Reward Challenge, Keith was teamed with Jon and Missy and won. However, Missy hurt her ankle. Despite the injury, Missy was deemed able to continue the game and chose not to leave. Natalie decided to once again to try blindside Jon. After she won immunity, Natalie decided have a split vote in case Jon used his idol. Keith was happy that "Mister America" or "Miss USA" was leaving instead of him. Natalie plan went off without a hitch and the vote was a 2-2-2 tie, with Jon getting voted out in the revote. 

Keith won the Reward Challenge on Day 36, giving him an advantage for the next Immunity Challenge. He was also given the right to exile someone, which Keith chose to exile Jaclyn. In private, Keith's advantage was that it allowed him to practice the challenge. Because of the toll of 36 days on his body, Keith initially struggled practicing. However, when the challenge actually came, Keith was able to win in an blowout. Keith voted against Jaclyn, the obvious target. However, Keith along with the others were shocked that Natalie played the idol on Jaclyn, blindsiding Baylor. At the Final Immunity Challenge, it was initially between Keith and Natalie. However, Jaclyn would ultimately be the one to win the challenge. Without immunity, Keith was unanimously voted out for being the biggest threat to win.

At the Final Tribal Council, Keith first asked Natalie about her feelings about lying to him before his elimination. Natalie said that she felt bad, but if it was not him, that it would have been her voted out and explained that she had to sell him as the biggest threat as the goal was to get to Day 39. Keith said he hated the constant lying, but had accepted the fluidity of ethics in-game. Keith ended up voting for Natalie to win the game.

Voting History

Keith's Voting History
Episode Keith's
Voted Against
1 Hunahpu Tribe Immune
2 Hunahpu Tribe Immune
3 Hunahpu Tribe Immune
4 Julie Jon
5 Dale -
6 Dale Baylor, Missy
7 No Tribal Council1
8 Baylor -
9 Reed Jeremy, Natalie
10 Jon2 Baylor, Missy,
11 Reed Individual Immunity
12 Alec Alec, Jaclyn, Jon
13 Jon;
Jaclyn, Jon;
14 Jaclyn4 Individual Immunity
Missy Jaclyn, Missy,
Voted Out, Day 38
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "Million Dollar Decision", Keith won the Immunity Challenge, but his immunity was voided due to Julie quitting the game.
^2 In "This Is Where We Build Trust", Keith used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating 3 votes against him. Also, Jon used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Keith's vote against him.
^3 In "Let's Make a Move", the vote ended with a 2-2-2 tie between Keith, Jaclyn, and Jon, forcing a revote. On the revote, Keith did not receive any votes to be eliminated.
^4 In "This Is My Time", Natalie used a Hidden Immunity Idol on Jaclyn, negating Keith's vote against her.


Keith was one of twenty castaways chosen by public vote to compete on the "Second Chance" season, Survivor: Cambodia.

Keith began the game on the Bayon tribe, where he aligned with fellow San Juan del Sur castmate Jeremy Collins. Bayon won the first two Immunity Challenges so Keith was safe from Tribal Council. On Day 7, a Tribe Switch occurred. Keith along with Ciera Eastin, Joe Anglim, and Kass McQuillen were swapped to the Ta Keo tribe where those four, along with original Ta Keo member Kelley Wentworth, made a final five alliance. On Night 13, original Ta Keo Terry Deitz was evacuated to be with his son. Keith along with the others wished him luck. The next day, another tribe switch occurred where Keith along with Joe and Kelley was switched back to Bayon. They won the next Immunity Challenge, and Keith reached the merge without having attended Tribal Council.

After the tribes merged, Keith along with Joe and Spencer Bledsoe became the swing votes between the Bayon Alliance and the Witches Coven. They ultimately sided with the former. On Day 32, Keith won his first and only individual Immunity Challenge. At Tribal Council, he voted against Tasha Fox, but Joe was voted out. At the next vote, Keith and Kelley voted against Tasha and believed Spencer was on their side, but Spencer flipped and Abi-Maria Gomes was blindsided. It looked like Keith and Kelley were on the outs, but after the next Immunity Challenge, Kimmi Kappenberg talked to them about blindsiding Jeremy. At Tribal Council, Jeremy and Kelley played their Hidden Immunity Idols which negated the three votes cast against them. In the revote, Keith, Kimmi, and Kelley voted against Tasha, so this resulted in a tie between Tasha and Kimmi. Jeff Probst then told the others that if they do not come to a unanimous decision, Kimmi and Tasha will become immune and Keith will be eliminated by default. Keith volunteered to leave but Kelley convinced him to stay, so Kimmi was eliminated. On Day 37, Kelley won immunity. Back at camp, Kelley made Keith a fake idol, and a paranoid Jeremy told Keith to vote against Spencer. At Tribal Council, Keith chose not to reveal the fake idol and Jeremy stayed loyal, sending Keith out of the game. 

At the Final Tribal Council, Keith asked Jeremy why he believes Spencer should win, and then he asked Spencer why he believes Jeremy should win. Keith ultimately gave his vote to Jeremy, who won in a unanimous 10-0-0 vote.

Voting History

Keith's Voting History
Episode Keith's
Voted Against
1 Bayon Tribe Immune
2 Bayon Tribe Immune
3 Ta Keo Tribe Immune
4 Ta Keo Tribe Immune
5 Ta Keo Tribe Immune
6 Bayon Tribe Immune
7 Kass -
8 Kelley1 -
9 Kelley -
10 Stephen2 -
11 Stephen -
12 Tasha Individual Immunity
13 Tasha Abi-Maria
14 Jeremy;
Spencer Jeremy,
Spencer, Tasha
Voted Out, Day 37
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "You Call, We'll Haul", Kelley used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Keith's vote against her.
^2 In "Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil", Jeremy used a Hidden Immunity Idol on Stephen, negating Keith's vote against him.
^3 In "Lie, Cheat and Steal", Jeremy used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Keith's vote against him. Because Jeremy and Kelley both used Hidden Immunity Idols and negated all the votes cast at Tribal Council, a vote restart was held between all the non-immune players. This vote ended with a 3-3 tie between Kimmi and Tasha, forcing a unanimous decision tiebreaker. Keith changed his vote to Kimmi on the tiebreaker.


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  • Keith was the oldest member of the HunahpuHuyopa, Bayon, and Orkun tribes.
  • Keith was one of three firefighters competing in San Juan del Sur. The others were his son Wes Nale and fellow tribe member Jeremy Collins.
  • Keith was the highest ranking male in San Juan del Sur.
  • Keith won the most individual Immunity Challenges in San Juan del Sur with three, and is the only castaway to win multiple individual Immunity Challenges in that season.
  • Of the three castaways from San Juan del Sur who competed on Cambodia, Keith was only one who did not choose his partner to be his loved one.
  • Keith currently holds the record for receiving votes at the most Tribal Councils in a season, with 7 in San Juan del Sur.
  • Keith holds the record for most failed elimination votes across multiple seasons, with 14.[3] 
  • Keith lost 20 lbs. during his time on Cambodia.[4]
  • Keith was the highest ranking castaway in Cambodia to not improve on his finish. Everyone who finished above him did better than their last time playing the game.
  • Keith holds the record for the most days played for a two-time player who never reached the Final Tribal Council, with 75 days.
  • Keith is one of three contestants to win the same individual challenge twice, following Parvati Shallow and Ozzy Lusth. He won the Pole Dancing challenge in both his seasons.


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