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Kaysha Whakarau[1] is a castaway from Survivor New Zealand: Thailand.

Kaysha started as one of the strongest challenge performers in the Khangkhaw Tribe. She formed a strong friendship with fellow contestant Dylan Conrad. After Khangkhaw lost their first Immunity Challenge Kaysha tried to shift the votes away from Dylan, who was highly disliked by the rest of the tribe. However this led the majority to view her as a bigger threat than Dylan, leading to her being blindsided.


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Name: Kaysha
Hometown: Horowhenua
Age: 24
Occupation: Social Worker
Kaysha is The Hits Wildcard feisty winner. She's the eldest of 10 children so knows how to defend what belongs to her – the dinner table was "war".
With a strong fitness background including representative basketball, athletics and cross country something which will come in handy during the challenges. The only thing that will hold her back is her phobia of spiders and big bugs on the island.
What did you do to prepare for Survivor? I fasted three days a week, only eating dinner at 8PM for two months before leaving. I also got a personal trainer and worked out five days a week, sometimes more if I could be bothered!
What survival experience in the outdoors do you have? I've always been a keen tramper, camper, and an all-round outdoors sort of person. Plus, I've also had experience making my own shelter, catching my own food and making traps. Just recently I learned how to tie different knots which should come in handy.
Thoughts on Alliance or Immunity Idol? I definitely want to form multiple alliances to try and get people to turn on each other. I'd love to know if I'm capable of winning every individual Immunity Idol.
What's your strategy on the island? To be a double agent. I want to work with everyone but everyone only thinks I'm working with them.
Why do you think you should win Survivor? I have everything a Sole Survivor encompasses: drive, passion, competitiveness and the social, physical and mental game.[2]

Survivor New Zealand

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Voting History

Kaysha's Voting History
Episode Kaysha's
Voted Against
1 Khangkhaw Tribe Immune
2 Khangkhaw Tribe Immune
3 Khangkhaw Tribe Immune
4 Adam Adam, Brad,
Josh, Matt, Tess
Voted Out, Day 12


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