Kristina "Kaye" Alipio is a contestant from Survivor Philippines: Season 1.

Voting History

Kaye's Voting History
Cycle Kaye's
Voted Against
1 Chev Chev
2 Emerson Zita
3 Naak Tribe Immune
4 Vevherly -
5 Naak Tribe Immune
6 Naak Tribe Immune
7 Jace -
8 Kiko -
9 Veronica -
10 Marlon -
11 Charisse1 Charisse, JC,
Rob, Zita
Voted Out, Day 32
12 Cris (×2)2 On the jury
Voted for
Sole Survivor
^1 In Cycle 11, Charisse used her White Pearl, negating Kaye's vote against her.
^2 After Kaye is eliminated in the last Tribal Council, she was given the power to give someone still in the game a Cursed Pearl. She chose Cris, penalizing 2 votes against him in this cycle's Tribal Council, but because of Cris's immunity, the two votes against him through the Cursed Pearl were negated.



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