Katrina Diane Radke is a contestant from Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

An outsider from the start because of her age, Katrina appeared to bond with the other older member of the tribe, Chrissy Hofbeck. When her tribe lost the season's first Immunity Challenge, she was presented with a chance to stay due to Alan Ball wanting to target Ashley Nolan and JP Hilsabeck because of their bond, but at Tribal Council, Katrina was unanimously voted out.


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Age: 46
Hometown: Morris, Minn.
Current Residence: Excelsior, Minn.
Occupation: Olympian
Hobbies: Outdoor adventures, martial arts, dancing, meditation, and personal growth work.
Pet peeves: Whiners.
Three words to describe you: Adventurous, tenacious, and charismatic.
What's your personal claim to fame? Being a mother.
Who or what is your inspiration in life? I studied nonviolence and Gandhi while at UC Berkeley. I am inspired by how he was able to use nonviolent resistance in a positive way. His profound spirituality and belief in justice altered history. There are two powers: love and fear. I like to focus on the power of love.
If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why? A journal so I could write, music to dance, sing, and have fun, and a picture and letter from my family to feel amazingly loved, as I also send them love daily.
Which Survivor contestant are you most like? I am a more outgoing, adventurous Denise Stapley. Also, I can relate to the ones who are tough, athletic, and say it like it is, but also have a softness to them.
What's your reason for being on Survivor? TO WIN! To win the million dollars! I love to challenge myself, and allow my own intensity to thrive in a game like Survivor. I am also fascinated by human dynamics and what happens to people in these situations, and cannot wait to see how I handle it myself. I love seeing what I am made of.
Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? Because I can win! I know how to win. Just like I went from farm town girl to Olympic swimmer (swam for the USA 1985-1991, and 1988 Olympics), I am tenacious and great at convincing others to support me. They feel good about themselves around me and value me, thus being okay with me being the winner.[2]


Katrina was placed on the Levu tribe at the beginning of the season for her heroics as an Olympian. Almost immediately upon arriving at camp, Katrina, along with Chrissy Hofbeck, found herself ostracized from the rest of the tribe due to her age. During the first Immunity Challenge, Katrina and her tribe performed relatively well, holding the lead during the majority of the challenge, but Levu ended up losing due to struggling with the table maze. Alan Ball, fearing that Ashley Nolan and JP Hilsabeck were becoming a power couple, approached Katrina and Chrissy about forming an alliance with himself and Ben Driebergen, but at Tribal Council, both the men and Chrissy ended up turning on Katrina, viewing her as a safer vote, making her the first castaway eliminated.

Voting History

Katrina's Voting History
Episode Katrina's
Voted Against
1 Ashley Alan, Ashley,
Ben, Chrissy, JP
Voted Out, Day 3


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