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Katie Elizabeth Gallagher is a contestant from Survivor: Palau.

Known for her dominant alliance with Ian Rosenberger and Tom Westman, Katie often made fun of members of both Koror and Ulong and made snarky remarks in confessionals. As the game dwindled down, she tried to make moves to get rid of Ian and Tom, but to no avail. Ian's deal at the final three with Tom helped her reach the Final Tribal Council. While there, she was lambasted by many jurors, resulting in her losing the season in a 6-1 vote.


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Born and raised in Merced, California, Katie Gallagher traveled to Long Branch, New Jersey to attend Monmouth University. She graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication in radio and television. She was formerly employed as a camp counselor for at-risk children, outdoor education instructor (geology) and sales representative. She is currently an advertising executive in radio sales.

Gallagher describes herself as optimistic, spontaneous, sarcastic, full of opinions and hilarious. Her favorite hobbies include camping, gardening, performing in local musical theater productions and shopping at vintage stores. She is most proud of traveling across country with nothing but a gas card.

Currently single, Gallagher resides in Merced, California with her cat, Norman. Her birth date is May 28, 1975.[1]


On the first night, Katie Gallagher aligned herself with Tom WestmanIan Rosenberger, and Stephenie LaGrossa. The next day, it was revealed that the tribes would be determined by a Schoolyard Pick and the last two people unpicked would by eliminated from the game. Ian picked Katie to join what would be the Koror tribe. When it was her turn, she quickly chose Tom to be on the tribe. Stephenie was selected by Bobby Jon Drinkard to be on Ulong. Katie waved Jonathan Libby and Wanda Shirk goodbye as they left. Also, the trio added Gregg Carey and Jenn Lyon to the alliance. Koror won the first challenge by only taking a fire-making kit, as opposed to Ulong who tried to get as many supplies as possible at Jolanda Jones' insistence. When offered to stay on the current beach or move to a new beach, Tom persuaded everyone to move to the new beach. On the way to the new beach, the boat capsized. The fire-making kit, which was in a metal case, fell all the way into the bottom of the sea. To make things worse, the beach was already populated by rats. Caryn Groedel was very vocal about her disgust with the new beach. Katie grew annoyed by this and Caryn confronted her about her poor work ethic. The misfortune continued as Ulong won the Reward Challenge, earning them fishing gear along with flint. Things got better as Ian was able to retrieve the fire making kit. Koror won the next Immunity Challenge, keeping Katie safe. Katie was not athletic and often sat out of challenges, especially as the gap in numbers between the two tribes grew. Ulong won the next challenge, earning the group of seven a sewing kit. At the Immunity Challenge, Katie opted out. Koror managed to win immunity again.

When deciding a representative for the reward, Coby Archa figured out about Katie's alliance. Koror secured another victory, and they had their shelter remodeled as a result. Katie sat out of the challenge, which was a physical confrontation. Koror's men and Janu Tornell won the tribe immunity for the fourth time. However, Koror would have to go to Tribal Council because it was a Double Tribal Council. Koror won the reward, which was beef stew and the chance to listen to Ulong's Tribal Council. Katie agreed with Tom's suggestion for Willard Smith to go home because he was a physical liability and can float to Day 39. Katie was thrilled as she viewed the 56-year-old lawyer as crabby. Coby wanted Katie to go because she is just as much as a liability as Willard is, but knew without numbers that would only alienate himself from the tribe.

While the others worked on chores, Katie made fun of Ulong's Bobby Jon and James Miller. This irritated Coby and Caryn, who felt she should work instead of entertaining. Katie participated in the Immunity Challenge as she sat out the Reward Challenge. Katie, along with Jenn untied knots, which gave Koror immunity yet again. Katie was chosen to partake in the next Reward Challenge, which was making a Distress Signal. Coby was pleased by this choice, viewing Katie as creative. She along with Gregg and Caryn won Koror another challenge. That was the last challenge Katie participated in. Coby was getting more frustrated with Katie's uselessness. Koror won all remaining challenges, ensuring everyone made it to the jury phase.

On Day 21, the last person on Ulong, Stephenie, arrived on Koror beach. She handed them a container with note and a new buff for Stephenie. It explained that Ulong was conquered and that the individual phase had commenced. Katie and Jenn saw Coby talking to Stephenie. The women pulled the former Ulong member and wanted to know what he told her. At the first individual Immunity Challenge, Katie stepped down for cookies and milk, along with Ian, Jenn, and Gregg. Tom eventually won the challenge. The alliance agreed that Coby was too dangerous to keep in the game. Coby became the first member of the jury in a 7-1-1 vote. Janu was angered that she was left out of plan. She confronted Katie when she heard her talking about her, commenting that they are not in middle school. Katie viewed the Las Vegas showgirl as a bigger drama queen than herself. At the next challenge, Katie was on a team with Ian, Jenn, and Stephenie. Katie's lack of athleticism hindered her team, contributing to their loss. Tom, Janu, Gregg, and Caryn brought food back with them from the reward. However, Janu claimed she had gotten sick and was unable to try everything at the feast. Katie didn't protest as they were the ones who were brought the food in the first place. At the Immunity Challenge, Janu was the first person to leave and was banished to Exile Island. Katie mimicked James' voice saying that she didn't want to be exiled. Katie was the third person to drop out of the challenge; the challenge would eventually be won by Tom. The alliance viewed that Stephenie was too threatening for her athleticism and willpower. Janu forced the plan to be postponed when she laid down her torch to protect Stephenie, having already gotten what she wanted out of the experience

At the Survivor Auction, Katie only bought a letter from home. Katie managed to hit targets at the Immunity Challenge, but only one was her own. In a last-ditch effort to save herself, Stephenie tried to form a women's alliance to expel Tom from the competition. Katie considered the thought, but it became unfeasible because Caryn alerted Tom. Stephenie joined the jury after being unanimously voted out. At the next Reward Challenge, Gregg offered Katie a chance to go on reward if she would eliminate Ian from the challenge. Katie complied, and Gregg held his end of the bargain. On the luxury cruise, Katie was with her brother-in-law, Stan. Katie was thrilled as seeing Stan was the closest thing to seeing her sister, who couldn't come because she had just given birth. She, Gregg, and Jenn agreed that they would go to the final three together. Ian beat out Tom to win immunity. The night before Tribal Council, Ian informed Katie of the plan to oust Gregg. Katie was against the plot, but she did not want to draw rocks either. Ian said it was to prevent her from being thrown away once she was no longer needed. Katie knew full well that Ian and Tom wanted to take her to the end so they can win easily. Ultimately, she voted against Gregg to avoid the purple rock. Ian won the next challenge, which was for a car. Katie was excited because they made a promise that they would take each other on reward should one win a Reward Challenge. But because of her actions at the last Reward Challenge, Ian decided to take Tom instead. Katie felt betrayed and confronted Ian when he returned and the two patched things up. Katie considered the women's alliance again but stayed loyal to Tom and Ian, and voted out Caryn.

Ian, Jenn, and Katie agreed if Tom doesn't win immunity, he would be the next out. Katie wasn't able to keep up with the men and Jenn at the final four Immunity Challenge, leading to Tom winning immunity for the fourth time. A tie occurred between Ian and Jenn at Tribal Council when Tom voted against Ian for planning to vote him out. Ian won the tiebreaker, sending Jenn to the jury. Immediately after Jenn's elimination, Tom and Katie scolded Ian for his lack apparent of integrity. Katie was the first out of the Final Immunity Challenge after about five hours. Eventually, Ian stepped down to prove his friendship to Tom and Katie.

At the Final Tribal Council, Katie made her opening statement by saying she had always planned to align herself with strong players and ride their coattails. The jury lambasted Katie for her laziness at camp, poor challenge performance, and bad treatment of the jury before Day 39. Katie's closing statement was that the jury should give her a chance and she apologized for hurting their feelings. She ended saying by saying that she still had her self-respect. The jury found it hard to ignore everything she had done prior to Day 39. Katie lost to Tom in a landslide 6-1 vote, with Coby giving her his vote because she was honest with her answers. 

Voting History

Katie's Voting History
Episode Katie's
Voted Against
1 Koror Tribe Immune
2 Koror Tribe Immune
3 Koror Tribe Immune
4 Koror Tribe Immune
5 Willard Willard
6 Koror Tribe Immune
7 Koror Tribe Immune
8 Koror Tribe Immune
9 Coby -
10 No Vote
11 Stephenie -
12 Gregg -
13 Caryn -
14 Jenn;
Ineligible -
Jury Votes
for Katie
Runner-Up, Day 39

^1 In "The Ultimate Shock", the vote ended with a 2-2 tie between Ian and Jenn, forcing a revote. Katie did not change her vote on the revote.


  • After Survivor, Katie was diagnosed with Viral Cardiomyopathy (Congestive Heart Failure), resulting from an infection related to a bug bite she got in Palau. The odds were against her with only a 5% recovery rate.[2]
  • Katie now works as a producer for reality TV shows.[3]
  • On January 9, 2010, Katie attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.
  • In March 2019, Katie visited the Philippines as a tribute to Jenn Lyon. During her trip to El Nido, Palawan, where Survivor South Africa: Philippines was filmed, Katie accidentally discovered a discarded buff, apparently from Marthunis Oosthuizen, who threw it away after quitting.[4]


  • Katie applied for Africa, and made it to the semifinals but was not chosen. She later said she was glad she was cut that season because she wasn't sure if she would have lasted. She later applied for Palau at an open casting call in Fresno.[5]
  • Katie's cover story for her time on Survivor was that she went on vacation.[5]
  • Katie is the youngest woman on Koror.
  • Katie is the only finalist to only be on one tribe in her Survivor career.
  • Katie is the first runner-up to make it to Final Tribal Council without winning individual immunity.


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