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Kate Temby is a contestant from Australian Survivor (2017).

During Kate's time in the game, she found herself, along with Mark Herlaar, and Tessa O'Halloran on the outside of a seven person alliance on Samatau. With help from AK, who was peeved at Kate for thinking he'd work with her and Tessa to vote Tara despite never talking to him until Day 9, the alliance decided to split the vote 4-4 between Kate and Tessa, and ultimately vote out the later, but Mark, knowing the voting would result in a tie, switched his vote to Kate in an attempt to protect Tessa, sending her out by a 5-4-2 vote.


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Age: 47
Occupation: Financial Executive
State: Victoria
Tribe: Samatau

Kate is a successful businesswoman who has lived all over the world, including Västervik in Sweden, Toronto, New York and now Melbourne.

After recently resigning from a 17-year career with a global investment bank, where she managed and lead teams of over 50 people, Kate is now looking for her next career opportunity and wanted to try surviving on an island for 55 days in between.

"I love to do the unexpected, and many will think it is quite unexpected for me to go away for a couple of months on a remote island. Those that know me well, however will not," she said.

"I am forever curious and eager to explore new opportunities. It's very important to me to actively participate in life, to be brave and compassionate, all of which is vital in the game of Survivor."

Kate wants to be a role model for young women, especially her children, who helped her apply for the series.

"My children helped me produce my audition video. Olivia believed in me and inspired me to go outside of my comfort zone. As a parent it is important to not only teach values, but to be a strong role model. I want to show my children the power of being brave and reaching your dreams."

A very fit running and tennis enthusiast, Kate was a fan of El from last year's Australian Survivor. "She had a good balance of confidence with not too much arrogance. She was active in building relationships, showed compassion for others and was physically strong."

Kate had her own survival experience after hiking in Sweden where she sprained her ankle. "I was required to camp out with a friend by ourselves for the night while our party walked five hours back to civilisation to guide the helicopter to find us. Survivor will be a challenge but I face them head on."[1]

Australian Survivor

During her time in Samoa, Kate was seen as one of the stronger female members of the Samatau tribe. Her game started to get a little difficult when Adam Parkin became paranoid that his alliance wasn't willing to confirm their loyalty. Kate tried to reassure him she was still with him, while Tara Pitt was offended and ultimately left the alliance. This would lead to Adam's vote off, leaving Mark Herlaar, Kate, and Tessa O'Halloran in the minority of Samatau.

Kate and Tessa tried to convince AK Knight to form an alliance with them, telling them that his current alliance only need him for the numbers and he won't go as far with them as they could with Kate's alliance. After losing the Immunity Challenge, Kate targeted Tara for flipping on the original alliance. Tessa tried hard at Tribal Council to convince AK and Jarrad Seng to vote with her side, but the majority alliance stayed firm. Mark switched his vote at the last minute, casting the decisive vote against Kate to protect Tessa from being voted out on the revote.

Voting History

Kate's Voting History
Episode Kate's
Voted Against
1 Samatau Tribe Immune
2 AK Anneliese, Tara
3 Tara AK, Jarrad, Locky,
Mark H., Peter
Voted Out, Day 9


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  • Kate is the oldest woman on the original Samatau tribe.


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