Kaseran Pillay is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina.


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Claim to Fame: Comedian Kaseran had audiences roaring with laughter in Leon Schuster's Mr Bones and has become a familiar funny face on South African television. His television credits include, The History of Bunny Chow; Bay Of Plenty; and Going Nowhere Slowly. This stand-up comedian has comedy shows such as Amahlayo Etheku and Kaseran's Komedy Klub (Welcome to the KKK) on his CV and his stage performances include Abbamaniacs; The Great 31 Million Rand Robbery; and Atom Bombs and Daisies.
Age: 30s
Home Life: Single.
Charity: The Durban Children's Home is a non-profit organisation, which was founded in 1905. This KwaZulu-Natal charity drive provides needy children, young people and their families with a range of services. They focus on the children's existing strengths and provide opportunities for them to meet their developmental needs.
Factoid: Kaseran received the 2001 FNB Vita Award for Best Performance by a New Actor for his role in Hamlet. He has a keen interest in golf and in Brazilian Martial Arts.
Why he could win: He's sharp, witty and very entertaining. Nobody will see him as a big threat.

Survivor South Africa

Voting History

Kaseran's Voting History
Episode Kaseran's
Voted Against
1 Timbila Tribe Immune
2 Cindy Cindy
3 Timbila Tribe Immune
4 Lady Lea -
5 Darren -
6 Sandi -
7 Hanna Individual Immunity
8 Okkert Individual Immunity
9 Okkert -
10 Gys GiGi, Sade
11 GiGi -
12 Sade Ashley,
GiGi, Sade
Voted Out, Day 25
Voted For
Sole Survivor




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