Kamikaze (also known as Rock Block) is a recurring challenge from Survivor.


Castaways must race to smash a series of tiles using a metal ball or coconuts. The first person/team to finish wins.


The challenge debuted in Survivor: Palau. Each contestant had five color coded tiles in a grid of 35 tiles. Ian Rosenberger ended up winning the challenge due to Tom Westman accidentally breaking his last tile.

The challenge was used again in Survivor: Tocantins as the first Reward Challenge after the merge. The Forza tribe was divided into three teams. In a close race, the black team of Brendan Synnott, Debbie Beebe, and J.T. Thomas won.

The challenge reappeared as the first four-player Redemption Island duel in Survivor: Redemption Island. Mike Chiesl was the first to finish, followed by Matt Elrod, and Ralph Kiser, and Steve Wright was eliminated from the game for good. For coming in first, Mike was also given the choice of whether to see his loved one, to allow Matt and Ralph to see their loved ones, or to have the remaining castaways of the Murlonio tribe see their loved ones. He ultimately decided to give the most good to the most people, allowing the members of the Murlonio tribe to spend the afternoon with their loved ones at camp.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"I'll Show You How Threatening I Am"
Individual Immunity S10 ian t
Ian Rosenberger
"The Biggest Fraud in the Game"
Team Reward S18 brendan tS18 debbie tS18 jt t
Brendan, Debbie, & J.T.
Redemption Island
"You Mangled My Nets"
(Family Visit)
S22 mike t
Mike Chiesl
S22 matt t
Matt Elrod
S22 ralph t
Ralph Kiser



  • Two times this challenge has been used, there were three winners.
    • One was in their twenties, one was in their early thirties, and one was in their mid forties.


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