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The Kama Six is an alliance in Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

Founded to target the Kama tribe's returning players, Aubry Bracco and Joe Anglim, the alliance succeeded in its initial goal. After eliminating Aubry and Joe by the merge, however, the alliance splintered and began targeting each other, giving the opposing Manu Alliance an opening to squeak by. Once the remnants of the Kama Six got back together and eliminated most of the opposing alliance, a new threat emerged in the form of Rick Devens, whom the alliance tried, but ultimately failed to eliminate from the game due to Immunity Challenge victories and Hidden Immunity Idols. The return of Chris Underwood from the Edge of Extinction spelled doom for the alliance, as a cavalcade of idols left them at the mercy of Chris and Rick. Though two of its members, Gavin Whitson and Julie Rosenberg, made it to the Final Tribal Council, both would ultimately lose out to the eventual Sole Survivor, Chris.


 Ron Clark
Days 4-31
S38 ron t.png
 Eric Hafemann
Days 4-22
S38 eric t.png
 Gavin Whitson
Remained Loyal
Days 4-39
S38 gavin t.png
 Julia Carter
Days 4-23
S38 julia t.png
 Julie Rosenberg
Remained Loyal
Days 4-39
S38 julie t.png
 Victoria Baamonde
Remained Loyal
Days 4-36
S38 victoria t.png


 Aurora McCreary
Days 22-34
S38 aurora t.png


They've Had Their Chance

Early Successes

Kama Strong No More

Following the blindside of Joe, the alliance intended to bring in Aurora in order to maintain the majority.


After the chaotic Day 23 Tribal Council in which Julia was taken out, a new alliance formed. Consisting of the powerful Manu trio and Gavin, Julie, and Ron, the majority six planned to target the physically strong Aurora.

Everyone Against Rick

Final Tribal Council




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