For the merged tribe from Australian Survivor: All Stars, see Kalo Kalo.

Kalokalo is the merged tribe of Jabeni, Tiva, and Vuku from Survivor: David vs. Goliath. Their tribe color is blue.


 Alec Merlino
S37 alec t
 Alison Raybould
S37 alison t
 Angelina Keeley
S37 angelina t
 Carl Boudreaux
S37 carl t
 Christian Hubicki
S37 christian t
 Dan Rengering
S37 dan t
 Davie Rickenbacker
S37 davie t
 Elizabeth Olson
S37 elizabeth t
 Gabby Pascuzzi
S37 gabby t
 John Hennigan
S37 john t
 Kara Kay
S37 kara t
 Mike White
S37 mike t
 Nick Wilson
S37 nick t

Tribe History



  • Kalokalo is located at the former Tiva camp.
  • The tribe name was suggested by Elizabeth Olson.
  • Kalokalo is the second merged tribe whose name means "star" in its season's host language, after Dara.


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