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Kadina is one of the two starting tribes from Australian Survivor (2002). It is remembered for being the weaker of the two tribes, winning only one Immunity Challenge. Its tribe color is green.


Caren Shaw
28, Darwin, NT
Radio show co-host
AUS1 caren t.png
Craig Abbot
27, Point Lonsdale, VIC
AUS1 craig t.png
David Haas
34, Sydney, NSW
IT consultant
AUS1 david t.png
Deborah Peart
26, Sydney, NSW
Media professional
AUS1 deborah t.png
Lucinda Allen-Rhodes
43, Byron Bay, NSW
AUS1 lucinda t.png
Naomi Knight
22, Melbourne, VIC
School teacher
AUS1 naomi t.png
Sylvan Dorney
25, Sydney, NSW
AUS1 sylvan t.png
Tim Dugan
51, Green Point, NSW
Contract painter
AUS1 tim t.png

Tribe History



  • Kadina won most of the Reward Challenges, winning four out of six of them.


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