Justine Ferrer is a contestant from Survivor Philippines: Palau.

She is known to be the first transgender contestant in Survivor history, and she is known for being the first voted out in the game but returning to the merge by defeating all of the other castaways sent to Isla Purgatoryo, and eventually climbing her way to become a finalist.


"Well, I can say that I'm a real Survivor because I have been the breadwinner of my family for 10 years now. Also, I am providing for my nephew's education and am helping my friends and relatives as much as I can. For me, winning their respect and love made me a real Survivor."

Justine Ferrer worked in Japan as a singer at the age of 19 and since then has become the breadwinner of the family. As a businesswoman, Justine helped her father in his buy-and sell business and managed a baby ultrasound company. To physically prepare for the Survivor: Palau (Philippines), Justine enhanced her skills by taking swimming lessons, but most of all she invested on a lot of rest and vitamins. She has prepared emotionally for the experiences ahead of her on the island. Justine believes that her "uniqueness" is the key for her to become a Castaway. "I think I was chosen because they are curious about what's really inside of me and my behavior," Justine said.

Survivor: Palau (Philippines)

Voting History

Justine's Voting History
Cycle Justine's
Voted Against
1 Charles Carol, Charles, Echo,
Louie, Marvin, Suzuki, Tara
Voted Out, Day 3
2 On Isla Purgatoryo
Returned, Day 23
8 Marvin Individual Immunity1
9 Tara -
Shaun Individual Immunity2
10 Shaun;
Shaun, Suzuki;
Charles, Shaun
11 Shaun -
12 Mika -
13 Amanda;
Individual Immunity4
Jury Votes
for Justine
Charles, Echo, Marvin
Runner-Up, Day 39

^1 As a reward for returning to the game through Isla Purgatoryo, Justine was given immunity at her first visiting Tribal Council.

^2 Justine was given immunity in the second Tribal Council vote off, per instructions of the scroll she received when she placed second during the last Immunity Challenge.
^3 The vote ended in a 2-2-0 tie between Justine and Suzuki, forcing a revote. Justine didn't receive enough votes to be eliminated.
^4 Justine received Individual Immunity after Charles gave it to her during Tribal Council in exchange for a 2 million Peso condominium reward.
^5 The vote ended in a 2-2 tie between Charles and Amanda, forcing a revote. Justine didn't change her vote in the revote.


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  • Justine is the first transgender contestant to compete in any Survivor franchise.
  • Even though Justine didn't win any individual Immunity Challenges during the season, she was immune in 3 instances during the merge (first as a reward for being the last person remaining in Isla Purgatoryo, second as part of the double elimination twist, and third when Charles Fernandez gave his Immunity Necklace to her in exchange for a condominium reward).


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