Just Go for It is the penultimate episode of Survivor: Island of the Idols.


Day 33

Day 34

Day 35

Day 36

The following day at camp, most of the Lumuwaku tribe, with the exception of Dan Spilo, is gathered around the campfire. Tommy Sheehan admits to Noura Salman that he is not a coffee drinker despite having it once a day. As Janet Carbin explains to the rest of the tribe about how she fixed the fire in the middle of the night, the castaways are surprised to see host Jeff Probst arriving at their camp.

S39 lauren t

We were all hanging out, relaxing, and I see Jeff. And I literally think I looked at him at this like.. [makes a jaw drop expression] like a deer caught in the headlights because I'm so confused. We don't know really know what's going on.

Jeff gathers everybody to share some news. Janet asks Jeff about Dan's whereabouts, while Noura speculates that it will be bad news. Jeff reveals that after having a private conversation with Dan, Production has decided to remove him from the game. In addition, he will not be on the jury. Janet and Lauren Beck speculate that something happened with Dan beyond the game.

S39 janet t

Dan's been removed from the game. Not even go to the jury. Nothing. So, in my opinion, very real world things are coming into the game and we need to process the fact that Dan is gone. But then move beyond it.

Tommy is not thrilled about losing an ally, saying that he now has to figure out a new plan.

S39 tommy t

Losing the wrong person at the wrong time can blow up your chances for a million. So now it's... the deck is re-scrambled, and I have to now pick all the cards and get going because this game doesn't stop for anybody.

An epilogue reveals that Dan was removed after a report of another incident which happened off-screen and did not involve another player.


Challenge: (No Title)

Castaways would climb the top of a net tower, where they would need to untie several bags containing balls or bean bags and coconuts. They would then take these bags through an obstacle course. At the end of the course, they would toss their balls or bean bags to knock over a pyramid of blocks. The first person to knock down all of their blocks wins.
Reward: A trip to a spa.
Winner: Tommy Sheehan (shared with Dean Kowalski and Noura Salman)[2][3]

Challenge: Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Castaways must spin to unravel a coil of rope, then make their way across a series of obstacles to collect one puzzle piece. They must then use the puzzle piece to solve a word puzzle ("This game will mess with your mind"). The first person to solve their puzzle wins.
Winner: Dean Kowalski

Tribal Council

Day 35

Tribal Council 14:
S39 elaine t
Elaine (5 votes)
S39 dean tS39 janet t
S39 lauren tS39 noura tS39 tommy t
Dean, Janet, Lauren, Noura, Tommy
S39 noura t
Noura (2 votes)
S39 dan tS39 elaine t
Dan, Elaine
S39 elaine bw
Elaine Stott

Voting Confessionals

Dean and Noura are shown writing Elaine's name down on the parchment, and Dan is shown writing Noura's name down.

S39 elaine t

(voting against Noura) You're crazy as hell, but I still like you.

Final Words

S39 elaine bw

Other than winnin' the million dollars, I've experienced everything you can experience in Survivor. Y'know, when you come out here, you have to look yourself in the eyes and sometimes people don't like what they see, and I'm just the opposite. I love me. So, it feels good to come out here and reconfirm a lot of things I've already thought about myself. I'm proud of me, man, I really am, and's somethin' I'll always remember.

Day 36

Removed from Camp
S39 dan bw
Dan Spilo

Still in the Running

S39 ronnie bw
S39 molly bw
S39 vince bw
S39 chelsea bw
S39 tom bw
S39 jason bw
S39 jack bw
S39 kellee bw
S39 jamal bw
S39 aaron bw
S39 missy bw
S39 elizabeth bw
S39 karishma bw
S39 elaine bw
S39 dan bw
S39 dean t
S39 janet t
S39 lauren t
S39 noura t
S39 tommy t


Secret Scene

  • Elaine's Ponderosa[4]

Behind the Scenes

  • The reasoning behind Dan Spilo's ejection was not revealed until after the airing of the episode, when multiple sources shed some light in an online report from People magazine. The incident happened offscreen after the castaways left the Immunity Challenge and were transported back to camp on a boat. There, he allegedly touched a female crew member's leg and insisted that the contact was inadvertent and accidental as he lost his balance while trying to get into the boat. Production was not convinced about the contact being merely incidental, but one castaway noticed it. That proved to be the last straw as producers finally made the decision to completely remove Dan after a consultation with the legal team.[5]
  • In an interview with EW, host Jeff Probst revealed that Dan was not happy about his ejection and that the crew did everything they could to get him to leave on a boat. However, he eventually calmed down and was very respectful as he departed.[6]


  • The title was said by Elaine Stott at the Immunity Challenge.
  • The Immunity Challenge was named after the Larry Williams song "Dizzy, Miss Lizzy".
  • With Elaine's elimination, Dean Kowalski is the highest-placing member of Lairo.
  • This episode marks the first time in Survivor history that a player has been ejected from the game.


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