Just Annihilate Them is the eighth episode of Survivor: One World.


Day 21

Jay and Troyzan were walking through the woods while talking about how unfortunate Jonas' vote out was, with Troyzan stating that if Jonas had ended up the new Salani, he would have still been in the game. Jay was wary that sticking with the women of the new Salani tribe may have been a mistake, but the two men mutually agree on the next vote being for a female player.

Tree Mail came and the tribe learned they would be competing for 7 Up. The tribe members expressed their glee over 7UP.

I probably wouldn't even breathe if I had a 7UP, it'd just be down in one gulp. I'm excited; for me, this is a necessity.

Sabrina Thompson

The tribes became even more excited when at the Reward Challenge, Jeff revealed they would be competing for not only 7UP, but a day at a "7UP Oasis" with all the 7UP they can drink, burgers, hot dogs, pies, and steak. The tribe divided up into two teams via Schoolyard Pick. Team 1 consisted of Kat, Jay, Chelsea, Alicia, and Troyzan, while Team 2 consisted of Sabrina, Michael, Leif, Kim, and Christina. Tarzan was not chosen. Team 1 had a lead over Team 2, but through Sabrina's leadership during the puzzle portion of the challenge, Team 2 came from behind to win. While Leif, Christina, and Michael were busy enjoying the Reward Challenge, Kim and Sabrina began to plot against Michael. Kim's plan was to tell Troyzan that Michael had been plotting against him, so that Troyzan would help vote out Michael, further cementing the women's majority over the men. Sabrina warmly agreed to the plan.

I was trying to think through my options and I thought what makes sense is to take out Mike. The girls are already in the majority, so if we can get a united front and come together, we can start sending these guys home. I'm gonna have to be careful, but if all 6 girls vote together and just go for it, it could change the whole game.

Kim Spradlin

Meanwhile, back on Tikiano, the tribe discussed the Reward Challenge promptly before getting down to business, with Jay and Troyzan suggesting Christina be the vote, while Kat, Chelsea, and Alicia agreed on Michael, due to him being the biggest threat. The strategy talk would come to a halt when Leif, Sabrina, Kim, Michael, and Christina returned from their reward with the rest of the 7UP from the cooler.

Day 22

A bad storm was coming into the Tikiano camp. Leif told Tarzan not to remove any more bamboo from the shelter wall, but Tarzan replied that the bamboo he had was not connected to anything. Tarzan began chopping bamboo which was part of the shelter wall into firewood. Chelsea expressed annoyance over the situation:

The wind has never been bad, and Tarzan took off part of our bamboo wall to cut for firewood when there's a whole stack of firewood for the fire.

Chelsea Meissner

Chelsea and Tarzan got into a heated debate over the bamboo with Tarzan saying that he is not stupid and that it was not a part of the wall. Chelsea insisted that she was over it, but Tarzan expressed anger over the situation, coming to the conclusion that Chelsea holds a grudge against plastic surgeons because of a bad surgery.

Tarzan took me off to the side and asked me if I didn't like him because I had a bad experience with my plastic surgeon. I mean, is this guy for real? I can't believe he's talking about my boob job. He's crazy.

Chelsea Meissner

Chelsea reassured Tarzan it had nothing to do with his profession. Chelsea wanted Tarzan out as soon as possible, but since he is not viewed as a threat, voting him out would not be the best move at this time.

Kim soon revealed Mike's supposed deception to Troyzan, angering him after he believes the ordeal. Troyzan agreed to vote for him, but not to say anything to Mike about it, but Troyzan expresses his interest in winning Individual Immunity again.

This morning I hear that Mike wants to take me out of the *beep* game, and that pisses me off. He doesn't do jack squat, he's just an idiot. That guy irks me, and I'm sick of him.

Troyzan Robertson

At the Immunity Challenge, Alicia, Kim, Troyzan, and Jay were the first to finish the first part and move onto the puzzle. It started to become close between Alicia or Kim winning. However, neither woman had a piece correctly since they were not flat, like Jeff said the correct pieces would be. Jay came back from being dead last and won Immunity, shocking everybody.

Back at Tikiano, Chelsea asked Jay if he wanted to target Mike, and Jay admitted that he was scared of the girls and that if he voted out Michael, he would be the next target. Jay was also annoyed that Chelsea would talk strategy with post-swap Manono members Christina and Alicia present but Jay said that if he didn't go along with the girls, he could be the next person out. Chelsea discussed the ordeal with Kim, Kat, and Sabrina, and Kat informed Kim that Jay and Mike went off for a walk. Kim decided to go off into the woods behind them so that Jay did not spill the beans about the vote.

At Tribal Council, no member from Tikiano raised their hand after Jeff asked if anyone felt worried they were leaving, but all the Tikiano members stated they would be shocked if they were blindsided. Tarzan said that they are all just "playing Jeff" by leaving the vote ambiguous so that Tribal Council votes won't change. Michael expressed that he was an honest person and that he was confident in his alliance. However, a shocked Michael was blindsided in a 7-2-2 vote.


Challenge: 7UP
One at a time, teams member will go down a huge water slide, where they will go out into the water and retrieve a crate. The number of team members retrieving crates increases each turn. Once a team has all of their crates, they will then assemble a puzzle. First team to assemble their puzzle wins reward.
Reward: Trip to a "7UP Oasis" for the afternoon, where they will have burgers, steaks, hot dogs, pies, and all the 7UP they can drink, and they are allowed to bring back 7UP to drink for as long as they like.
Winners: Yellow Team (Christina Cha, Kim Spradlin, Leif Manson, Michael Jefferson, and Sabrina Thompson)

Challenge: Odd Shaped Bottoms
Tribe members will race across a ladder bridge, while maneuvering bags of puzzle pieces along a twisted rope. The first four to complete it move on to the next part where they will use the puzzle pieces to assemble a 60-piece puzzle. The first person to do this will win immunity.
Winner: Jay Byars

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
S24 michael t.png
Michael (7 votes)
S24 chelsea t.pngS24 jay t.pngS24 kat t.png
S24 kim t.pngS24 leif t.pngS24 sabrina t.pngS24 troyzan t.png
Chelsea, Jay, Kat, Kim, Leif, Sabrina, Troyzan
S24 christina t.png
Christina (2 votes)
S24 michael t.pngS24 tarzan t.png
Michael, Tarzan
S24 tarzan t.png
Tarzan (2 votes)
S24 alicia t.pngS24 christina t.png
Alicia, Christina
S24 michael bw.png
Michael Jefferson

Voting Confessionals

No voting confessionals were shown in the episode.

Final Words

S24 michael bw.png

I knew going into it that at some point it'd be guys versus girls, and unfortunately, it started tonight. I came out of the gates too hot and have been backpedaling ever since. I talked to the women all individually and, you know, I thought I had a good thing with them but apparently, you know, you can't trust anybody and I thought I could trust, you know, so many women out here, but it just wasn't the case.

Still in the Running

S24 kourtney bw.png
S24 nina bw.png
S24 matt bw.png
S24 bill bw.png
S24 monica bw.png
S24 colton bw.png
S24 jonas bw.png
S24 michael bw.png
S24 alicia t.png
S24 chelsea t.png
S24 christina t.png
S24 jay t.png
S24 kat t.png
S24 kim t.png
S24 leif t.png
S24 sabrina t.png
S24 tarzan t.png
S24 troyzan t.png


Behind The Scenes

  • After leaving Tribal Council, Michael was sent to Dr. Ramona Salins for his post-game medical. It was revealed that Michael lost 13.8 lbs. (his starting weight was 200.9 lbs. and he was down to 187.1 lbs. after 22 days). On the way to Ponderosa, Michael further expressed his regret of fully trusting the women. Upon arriving to Ponderosa, Michael was greeted by Jonas Otsuji, the same person who called him out at the previous Tribal Council, welcomed him with a bottle of beer. When Michael first saw his face in twenty-two days, he called himself "hideous." Jonas was initially scared of conversing with the latest castoff, but the two made amends over dinner.
  • The next day, Jonas expressed his concern seeing his flabs again after having "a borderline six-pack" the night he was voted off (he gained 9 lbs. since arriving at Ponderosa). As a solution, Jonas spent the rest of the morning exercising.


  • This is the second time a Reward Challenge uses product placement. 7UP was advertised during this episode.
    • The first time was during "Trapped" from Survivor: The Amazon.
    • In the Reward Challenge, the team colors represent the 7UP brand colors: yellow and green.


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