Jury's Out is the eighth episode of Survivor: Marquesas.


Night 21

The tribe returns from Tribal Council. Tammy says that despite voting someone out was somber, everyone left made it to the jury phase which is a major accomplishment in itself. Vecepia reveals that she had told Boston Rob that she was going to vote him out because she didn't want him to believe she was doing anything behind his back. Especially because of being former members of the Maraamu tribe. Zoe describes the mood as more peaceful with Rob's elimination since he would constantly cause fights. Kathy believes that Sean is the next to go and lists the reasons why. Sean states that he is playing the game and he is being true to himself. After Sean's farting problems, everyone said good night. However, Paschal couldn't sleep and he worked at the fire. He was spooked by a tree falling down.

Day 22

Robert examines the damage from the windy night and mentions the luck that said trees fell away from the tent. Kathy talks to Zoe about what happened yesterday. She explained she was confused about the Rotus forming an alliance and wanting to vote her off. Zoe claims that they wanted to get Rotu back together and Kathy was never a target. However, Kathy believes that Zoe point blank lied to her and felt she was playing both sides. Kathy makes it explicit that she doesn't want to be the pawn for whoever wins. Kathy does want to fight for what is going on but not to the point of upsetting friendships. Kathy stops pressing Zoe on the matter to make her feel guilty.

At the waterfall, Kathy explains she feels empowered by it and wanted to start a new day. Paschal jumps into the water and John gives him a score of 5.8. Neleh makes a confessional about how wonderful the waterfalls are and its effects. At Tree Mail, Kathy was excited about what look liked flags. Turn out it was kites. Kathy read the Tree Mail and it states that they have to make kites and the reward was on a boat. Kathy thought this was a pretty cool Tree Mail. Everyone worked on their kites. Kathy makes a confessional about the non-Rotus being voted out, starting with Sean. However, she makes it clear that she would like to vote out John or Tammy but isn't sure that she can get Paschal to join in. Kathy tells Paschal about her conversation with Zoe and how they are going to be used as pawns to get to the top. Paschal doesn't believe that Kathy was considered for elimination. Kathy realizes that in order to get Paschal and Neleh to see things her way, she must get them to experience some of the turmoil. 

The Castaways arrive at the beach for the challenges. Jeff explains that the winner is the first person to unspoil their line, which has a purple marker on it. The first part of the reward is chilled King Size Snickers. He gave everyone a sample. Then the second and main part of the reward was a deep sea dive. While everyone had beginning troubles, Kathy would win the challenge. 

Day 23

Kathy is on a motorboat, making a confessional about the waves. Kathy states it was fun, but she is apprehensive. The Dive instructor tells her to relax. She makes confessionals about the preparedness of the diving professionals. Kathy also makes confessionals about diving, saying it was gorgeous but she feels like a fish out of water.

Back at Camp, Tammy talks to her alliance about going into Tribal Council with an intended target and a back up if necessary. She states in a confessional that the Rotu four, Paschal and Neleh are sticking together and the first vote out is Sean. Sean talks to Vee about the game. Paschal makes a confessional about Sean and his position in the game. Vee prays with him. Kathy returns to camp and brought the Snickers bar with her. Kathy revealed she brought it back to prevent tension. She cut up the chocolate bar into small pieces and everyone enjoyed their tiny pieces of Snickers. John appreciated the gesture but it wasn't going to change his vote. Sean makes a confessional about how everyone is pretending to be like a family when it is not and hopes to get Kathy on his side to get Neleh and Paschal as well. Kathy agrees with Sean about this opportunity to knock out John and Tammy because of their obnoxious gameplay. Kathy talks to Neleh about this but the latter didn't want to talk about this. She talks to Paschal, but they both agree they don't want to align themselves with the former Maraamu's. Sean's campaign against him worried John. He talked to Paschal about this, but Paschal said there wasn't an alliance. Satisfied, John declares that Paschal and Neleh are rooting for him to win.

Day 24

Tammy prepares the meal, coconut with taro root. Sean makes a confessional about the mood around the camp. John, Neleh, and Sean go get Tree Mail. Sean read it out loud for the tribe. He makes it clear that he is going for the win and not giving it up. 

The Castaways arrive for the Immunity Challenge and Jeff took the necklace from Kathy. Sean was knocked out in the second round. Vecepia and Kathy soon followed. While in the watching area, Sean points out this is the order that they are going to be eliminated. In the end, Tammy won Immunity over Robert.

When the castaways return to camp, Vecepia makes a confessional about how imperfect things are camp. John and Robert hugged each other. John states that the fact that he knocked Sean out of the challenge is an omen of how things will work out. Sean comments on how arrogant the Rotu Four are in a confessional. Neleh and Paschal walk down the beach, reviewing what happened at the challenge and realize that they were included in the pecking order. Neleh tells Paschal that it would be foolish to vote out Sean, stating they have worked too hard to have played the game to end like this. While bathing in the mud with Neleh, Paschal makes a confessional about not knowing how to play the game and not wanting to. He states he is a fair and consistent as a judge and in real life. Everyone packs their belongings, with Sean being ready to be voted out.

At Tribal Council, Jeff starting with by asking Vecepia about her, Sean and Kathy being the first three being knocked out. Then he asked John about the kiss when he was about to knock Sean out of the challenge. Paschal was asked about the game's objective. Jeff asks Sean if he is proud of the way he played the game. Tammy refuses to give up her Immunity Necklace. Robert votes against Sean, as well as Tammy. Sean votes against John. The first six votes were split between John and Sean. However, the remaining votes were for John, making him the first member of the jury. Unbeknownst to everybody, Zoe also voted against John.


Challenge: Go Fly A Kite
Tribe members must fly a kite. The first person to have their kite 300 feet from the ground wins reward.
Reward: A king-sized Snickers candy bar, and a day scuba dive trip at an exotic coral reef.
Winner: Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien

Challenge: Parang Swing
The castaways were asked a series of questions relating to both the Marquesas Islands and survival, topics which they should have learned quite a bit about at this point. Each person had a station with three ropes tied to three bundles of coconuts strung up in the trees. Every time someone answered a question correctly, they would be given the opportunity to chop down one bundle of coconuts of any Survivor's of their choosing. Once a Survivor's three ropes have all been cut, they would be out of the game. The last person to have any bundles of coconuts remaining would win Immunity.
Winner: Tammy Leitner

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
S4 john t
John (6 votes)
S4 kathy tS4 neleh tS4 paschal t
S4 sean tS4 vecepia tS4 zoe t
Kathy, Neleh, Paschal, Sean, Vecepia, Zoe
S4 sean t
Sean (3 votes)
S4 john tS4 robert tS4 tammy t
John, Robert, Tammy
S4 john bw
John Carroll

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Sean) Hell, you told me today you can't wait for a shower, a meal and a good bed. We'll be hanging at NYC eating good soon. Later, bro.

Robert DeCanio

(voting for Sean) You've been better the last few days, but I still don't feel like you pull your weight around camp.

Tammy Leitner

(voting for John) Checkmate, brah. Thought you had me. So anytime you go to Vegas, bet on black. Well, we're definitely going to have chicken and waffles when this whole thing is done.

Sean Rector

Final Words

Well, well, well. So I'm the first member of the jury. I am going to go eat really good food. My abs are incredible. I wish I could have done a little bit better. You won't be able to retire, Mom. I'm sorry. (tearfully) But, um, but I made the game and I made the jury and I just... I did really well and I'm very proud of myself.

John Carroll

Still in the Running

S4 peter bw
S4 patricia bw
S4 hunter bw
S4 sarah bw
S4 gabriel bw
S4 gina bw
S4 rob bw
S4 john bw
S4 kathy t
S4 neleh t
S4 paschal t
S4 robert t
S4 sean t
S4 tammy t
S4 vecepia t
S4 zoe t


  • Counting recap episodes, this is the 50th episode of Survivor.
  • With John's elimination, the women hold a two-person numbers advantage over the men for the first time in Survivor history.
  • This episode was voted the 13th best Survivor episode of all time in the 'Top 25 Greatest Episodes of all time' poll by Survivor Oz in 2015.


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