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[[Category:Heroes vs. Villains Episodes]]
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[[Category:Survivor (US) Episodes]]
[[Category:Survivor (U.S.) Episodes]]
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[[Category:Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains]]

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Jumping Ship was the eleventh episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.


Night 27

The tribe returns to camp following J.T.'s blindside at the hands of his own idol. The Heroes return to camp utterly crushed that J.T. is gone and that they are now in a minority that is at mercy to the Villains. Russell, laying in the shelter, asks Sandra whether she knew Parvati had an idol, and Sandra says she didn't. A clearly concerned Russell meets with Parvati, Jerri, and Danielle to ask Parvati how she got a second idol. Russell angrily confronts her and accuses Parvati of lying to him, but Parvati claims she was holding back her idol discovery as a surprise. Russell won't hear it and continues to be angry that he was left out.

Russell likes to be in control because he thinks he's the Godfather of this game, and I think having me have an idol he didn't know about made him think he wasn't in control and... scared a little bit. But that's kind of what I wanted anyways *laughs*

Parvati Shallow

Amanda and Rupert talk together, where Amanda tells Rupert he was right to distrust Russell. They agree to look at the dynamic of the Villains and try to find a crack to exploit. Rupert agrees to work on Sandra, while Amanda will work on the others despite Rupert seeing Parvati, Russell, and Danielle as an unbreakable trio.

When they first came over, I had a chance with Sandra. I tried, I went to the Heroes and tried to tell them not to trust Russell. My Heroes did not want to believe me. With all that has happened I don't know how easy it will be to... pull Sandra back in. She opened the door once, my only hope is to maybe get Sandra to open the door again.

Rupert Boneham

Day 28

The next morning by the beach, Candice congratulates Russell on the move that the Villains pulled, saying that it was a big move and that she is impressed. Russell tells Candice that when the final six happens, that things are going to shift. He says to Candice that the Heroes are a sinking ship and that if one person flips over, then that person will be very crucial to votes later on. Russell promises her there is a strong possibility she would go to the final three if she swapped over.

We don't trust Sandra right now, that's why I need to pull somebody else in. And I think I can trust Candice 'cause Candice knows that her butt's in a sling right now and she has no other way to go.

Russell Hantz

Next, Russell goes and talks with Parvati and Danielle about bringing Candice into the alliance so they won't need to rely on Sandra for future votes.

The tribe goes to the Reward Challenge to play a Survivor version of shuffleboard in teams of three. The blue team of Colby, Amanda and Danielle win reward after Colby nails his last shot right in the middle of the target. For the reward Colby, Amanda and Danielle go to the Robert Louis Stevenson house, the author of Treasure Island.

At the reward my main focus was finding the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol because Parvati played two last time, there has to be one in play this time. So the whole time I'm thinking oh my god where could this clue be. Like I'm not leaving here without it. I have to get it.

Amanda Kimmel

That night, the three of them get to watch Treasure Island, but Amanda can do nothing but think about finding the Immunity Idol clue.

Sitting on the bed watching Treasure Island but I didn't enjoy any of it, I'm too busy thinking 'where could this clue be? It's gotta be in this room.'


As they watch the movie and eat popcorn, Danielle stumbles onto the clue as she eats further into the bowl and discreetly hides it beside the bed, but Amanda feels something is up and gets up to sit right next to Danielle looking to see if she has anything there, and Amanda spots the clue, taking it for herself. Danielle gets up and the two girls wrestle over the clue as Colby sits back watching Treasure Island. Eventually they get Colby involved to mediate, and Colby says that Danielle should get the clue back since she found it.

Yeah so in the end i did give the clue back and gave it to Danielle like an idiot. And Colby wasn't backing me up and I was like oh my god are you kidding me. Ugh.


Day 29

Colby, Amanda, and Danielle return to camp in the rain. After it lets up, Danielle meets with her alliance to tell them that she was able to get the Hidden Immunity Idol clue, even after Amanda stole it from her at first. Parvati, Danielle, Jerri and Russell decide to go out and find the idol using the clue.

It says on the clue somethin' about a stream where they drink water, it's by the stream over here under a rock by a bendy tree. Danielle's looking at one side, I'm looking at the other side. I pick up a rock, after being there five seconds there it is. She turns her back to me, I take it out, throw it to the side, I sit on it. I hid it in my pocket, I wanted to break away from her immediately because they hid a Hidden Immunity Idol from me, they didn't let me know about it - you know what? I'm not letting them know about it. I am the King of Hidden Immunity Idols.


After the rain comes and goes again, Russell meets with Candice and decides to tell her about his new idol to show that he is serious about an alliance. Candice asks to see it, and Russell leads her to where he hid it and shows her.

Knowing that Russell has the idol could be a little bit of ammunition for me, but right now I can't tell anybody because I can't trust anybody to not take a little bit of information that they get and use it against me. I'm not sure that I trust Russell 100% but it's a big thing that he showed me the Hidden Immunity Idol so it's just - it's really tough, it's a tough decision to make.

Candice Woodcock

Day 30

That next day, Sandra takes a walk with Colby and explains to him what really happened on the Villains came. She tells him about Tyson, Boston Rob, and Courtney being part of her alliance that was eliminated. Sandra says that she is willing to flip to the Heroes and that they have to target Danielle, Parvati, or Russell.

When Tyson went, and then Boston Rob went, and then Courtney left me, I was done. But now that they took out J.T. and now I can jump to them and be five against four, now is the perfect time for me to make my move.

Sandra Diaz-Twine

Colby talks to Sandra about the idol, and they agree Danielle has found the idol, but they feel she is greedy and will keep it for herself. Colby wonders whether Danielle will play it on herself if she doesn't win immunity, but Sandra assures him that she won't because she feels safe in the game.

I know Danielle has the Hidden Immunity Idol, or will; because she has the clue, so we have to assume she's gonna find it and she'll have it in her possession.

Colby Donaldson

Colby says they have to make it seem like Sandra isn't flipping for their plan to work. Colby desperately tells Sandra that she is the Heroes' last hope and asks her who to take out first from the Villains, Parvati or Russell.

After their conversation is done, Russell tries to talk to Sandra on the beach by asking her if Colby was trying to talk to her. Sandra deflects Russell's questions and says she would never flip to him, but Russell appears to see through her and tries to intimidate Sandra by telling her it wouldn't even matter if she flipped because he now has a Hero of his own on his side. As Russell leaves he tells Sandra he trusts her, and Sandra laughs.

If I stay with the Villains, I'm top five - I'm not moving up from there because they're not willing to get rid of Russell. That's why I have to flip to the Heroes because I need to get Russell out.


Sandra talks with Rupert and tells him that Russell must go, but she says that Russell told her that a Hero has flipped to the Villains side. Sandra warns Rupert that he must makes sure the two girls Amanda and Candice must be solid and stay with the Heroes because if they flip they'll just be sent home immediately afterwards. Rupert agrees that Russell must be voted out.

My gosh, all it will take is Sandra to switch over to our side, that's five votes for Russell -- we could get him out of this game. The guy is a piece of garbage.


Colby and Amanda meet together about Sandra joining there side. Colby explains to the others what Sandra told him earlier when they walked through the jungle and they all agree to vote for whoever Sandra wants to get rid of. Colby is confident Sandra isn't lying because she is the one that approached him, and he couldn't see why she would bluff him.

If Sandra's telling me the truth; who knows, she could be playing me for the Villains - but if she's telling me the truth, you know she's ready to come on board and play ball with us, so this changes everything in a hurry. So what we gotta do is go into immunity and try to win to prevent the Villains from getting it. But if we don't, we hope Sandra's telling the truth and hope she's voting with us and in that case we will either vote for Russell or Parvati tonight.


The tribe heads to the Immunity Challenge, where Jerri wins immunity just seconds over Russell.

I'm voting for Russell because I've been waiting to take him down for thirty days. Thirty days too long. It's time for revenge and this is for Courtney, Boston Rob, Tyson, and even Coach, who I don't care about but I'll stick him in there too.


The tribe returns to camp, where Jerri euphoric over her individual immunity victory, the first she's had in three seasons.

I'm having an amazing day, this is the first time I've ever had immunity so I'm just trying to appreciate and live in the extreme high I'm experiencing right now because it feels good! I'm swimming in 'yeah'! *laughs*

Jerri Manthey

I'm fine with Jerri winning, any one of my teammates could have won it and I'm fine with that. I mean look at the other side. Rupert? Colby? They're done. They look done! And Candice thinks imma take her to the top three, I haven't really made the decision yet. So Amanda is really an aggressive, strategic player. She's like Boston Rob in a girl's body. So she has to go.


Russell tells Candice to write Amanda's name down and that everything is cool between the two of them. Candice tells Russell she is ready to write down Amanda's name because Amanda has crossed her too many times.

Going into tribal I knew that either - either way that I chose could be really the beginning of the end for me because I was gonna make people really mad on either side and just the fact Russell had the Immunity Idol and could pass it to anyone made me nervous about not voting with the Villains and so I felt like I had to go with the plan that was most solid.


Sitting around the shelter, Rupert says that he has never gone into a Tribal Council without bringing his pack since the time he went home in Pearl Islands feeling safe for the first time ever and he left with nothing. After Russell leaves the shelter, Sandra sits alone with the other Heroes and tells them Russell is going home.

Candice talks with Russell and Parvati around camp, where Russell asks whose name the Heroes have thrown out, which Candice confirms is him. Parvati says she is nervous because Amanda seems to be just laying around like she's given up, but Candice says it's because Amanda feels like she's safe because Sandra said she was good with the Heroes.

Russell angrily meets with Sandra on the beach to talk to her about what he's heard from Candice. Russell confronts Sandra saying that he has heard she plans to put his name down and tells her that an idol will be played at Tribal Council. Sandra denies the accusations and says Amanda is going home. Candice walks up to the conversation and affirms in front of both Russell and Sandra she is voting for Amanda.

I believe that Candice believes this is her only option and Sandra the same thing, and because of that they have to make the decision to get Amanda out of here. If Candice and Sandra flips on me today, then I go home. They both would have to have some kind of genious plan to flip on me tonight to go to the Heroes? The beat up Heroes? If they do that, more power to 'em.


Sandra tells Rupert that the plan is off thanks to Candice. Rupert panics and tries to reassure himself that Candice wouldn't flip.

Candice went and told Russell every single thing that was said, including that I was on board with Rupert, Amanda and the rest of them and now we're screwed and they won't trust us anymore after this.


That evening, Sandra tries to talk to Candice and ask her why she's flipping. Colby attempts to reassure Sandra that Candice wouldn't flip and that they are voting for Parvati, possibly because of Russell's earlier threats to Sandra that an idol would be played. Colby remarks that if the plan doesn't work, then it's Candice's fault.

We think Russell got wind of our plan and has convinced Danielle to give the idol to him. But the greed inside of her is going to make her not give it away. If we vote all for Danielle, they've still won. If we vote Russell and Danielle does give it away, they've still won. So maybe we throw Parvati in and just vote for her because nobody's got her on the radar. It's insanely crazy right now, there's three days of scrambling going on in three minutes


Sandra meets again with Candice privately to try and get Candice to recommit to the Heroes side. Russell tries walking up, but Sandra shoos him away. Candice remains uncertain as to whether Sandra is really jumping ship, which causes Sandra to frustratingly tell her that she is jumping ship and that she's doing it for her - the Heroes. Candice is nervous about the idol and tells Sandra to just vote for Amanda, but Sandra continues to try and convince Candice to stay with the Heroes.

At Tribal Council, the numbers disparity between the original Heroes and Villains is talked about, with Rupert saying that even if a Villain wanted to flip, they would always seem like they were fifth. Sandra affirms what Rupert says, but causes Russell and Parvati to raise their eyebrows, possibly feeling like they are being lied to so they don't play an idol. Russell says Sandra will be best suited to stick with the Villains because she will be safe, Russell says he wants to bring Sandra to the end because she will be easy to beat, causing some skeptical glances from the jury. Colby and the Heroes confirm they believe Danielle has the idol. Before the votes are going to be read, Russell stands up to play his idol, telling everybody that he thinks someone flipped. Russell's move causes Danielle to cover her face as she laughs. Russell plays the idol but receives no votes, since the Heroes wrote down Parvati's name. As soon as a vote for Parvati instead of Russell is read, Courtney points and mocks a laugh at Russell. In the end, Candice decides to flip to the Villains, forcing Sandra to stay with the Villains as well. Therefore, Amanda is voted out for the first time in her Survivor career by a 6-3 vote. After the votes are read, Russell whispers over to Parvati that he felt nervous and had to play one, but Parvati just rolls her eyes and scolds him for wasting one.



Challenge: Pacific Shuffle
It's a Survivor version of shuffleboard, where the castaways are divided into three teams: black, blue, and red.
Reward: A night spent at Robert Louis Stevenson's home and a screening of "Treasure Island".
Winners: Blue Team

Reward Challenge: Pacific Shuffle
Result Team Competitors
Won Blue
Amanda, Colby, & Danielle
Lost Black
Candice, Jerri, & Parvati
Rupert, Russell, & Sandra


Challenge: House of Cards
Each castaway was given 150 tiles that they had to stack until their tower was 10 feet (3.0 m) high. The first person to complete their tower won immunity.
Winner: Jerri Manthey

Immunity Challenge: House of Cards
Result Winner Competitors
Castaway 50px
Amanda, Candice, Colby, Danielle, Parvati, Rupert, Russell, & Sandra

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
Yin Yang
Amanda (6 votes)
Candice, Danielle, Jerri, Parvati, Russell, & Sandra
Parvati (3 votes)
Amanda, Colby, & Rupert
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Amanda Kimmel

Voting Confessionals

Colby did not say anything when he voted

I don't have anything against you, you're a very strategic player, but I believe I know what's going on tonight and so I'll be using the idol to get rid of you. And I found it, not Danielle.


I hope you're the one that goes home tonight.


Amanda, I wish you weren't going home today, it was supposed to be Russell but you can thank Candice for screwing this up for us. Adios.


I'm voting for you because you're just really strategic and I have to play my game, you have to play yours.


Admitting you're a great player and I cannot wait to watch our reward, I'm so excited!


I have absolutely no idea what happens tonight, but I hope that this works.


Girl...you're just too good, I'm sorry I just couldn't trust you this time, and it was the opposite team thing but...you did great. Love you.


Amanda, this is the worst vote by far to make, I didn't want it to come down to this, but you are the one I was supposed to be able to trust the most in this game but I've caught you in so many lies in the past few days and I was going to stick my neck out on the line for you but it looked like you weren't going to do the same for me. Sandra said she wasn't sure which way she was going to go, and just based on the fact you lied to me made me afraid to stick my neck out for you this time, I'm sorry I think you're a great girl and I hope we can be friends.


Final Words

I made too many mistakes, and when you make too many mistakes in Survivor, you get booted. I kind of messed myself up in the reward when I gave the clue to Danielle, I should have kept it, it would have kept me in the game. I think that was my biggest mistake. I think  the rest of this game is going to be absolutely crazy and I'm kind of glad I'm not a part of it to be honest.

–Amanda Kimmel

Still in the Running



  • The Immunity Challenge is the same challenge used in Say Goodbye to Gabon.
  • The Reward Challenge is the same challenge used in Sour GrapesNow Who's in Charge Here?!, and It's Funny When People Cry.
  • This is the first time Jerri has won individual immunity in any her three seasons.
    •  She becomes the first castaway to win their first Individual Immunity on their third season playing.
  • With Amanda being voted off this episode, all returning players from Survivor: China have been voted off.
  • With Amanda's elimination, Candice Woodcock is the only female left from the Heroes.
  • This marks the only time Amanda had ever been voted off.
    • This episode also marks Amanda's first and only time as a member of the jury in the three seasons she has played.
  • This episode begins the trend for three straight episodes of the title referencing ships.

Life at Ponderosa

Walking away from Tribal Council, Amanda talks about experiencing her torch being snuffed for the first time. Amanda gets in the car to her medical checkup and eagerly takes a bite of some real food. Amanda isn't disappointed at being voted off because she felt like she just made too many mistakes. During the car ride she also vents about not being able to play the game with many of the Heroes since they couldn't strategize, saying the only person she could strategize with was J.T. The weigh in reveals Amanda had lost twelve pounds.

Amanda arrives at Ponderosa and is greeted by the other jurors, having not even met Coach before. Amanda talks about losing her mind playing the game with Russell and his paranoid attempts at control. Amanda vents about Colby not doing anything in the game, including how he did nothing to help her with the Immunity Idol clue at the reward. After eating a great meal from the resort chef, Amanda heads off to bed.

Amanda talks to Coach about his relationship with Jerri and what exactly happened in the game between the two of them. Coach explains what happened early on, and all of the others say Jerri really did like Coach based on the way she was talking about him.

The day of Tribal Council, Amanda is happy with her position in life. The jury decides to coordinate a wardrobe and act for when they walk in to tribal.


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