Jude Wilken is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Panama.


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I won't pity people - everyone is there for the money

Age: 39
Star sign: Aquarius
Residence: Kempton Park, Johannesburg
Occupation: Hostage Negotiator
With training as police platoon commander and hostage negotiator, 39-year old Jude is a body language expert who is resolute and confident.
What you should know about her: Jude is a body language expert. She has won a gold medal and two silver medals in the World Police and Fire games in Indianapolis, USA. She also represents the SAPS in their national netball and volleyball teams.
Describes herself as: Resolute and confident.
And her worst qualities? She doesn't beat around the bush.
What would she take to the island? Leatherman knife.
Why she could win Survivor: She's a born leader and a team player. Due to the nature of her work, she's a master manipulator and will not easily be fooled.
What did you think would make your entry unique? "My work: a hostage and suicide negotiator. I'm going to use these skills. They help me because I can read a person's body language - I have done this for nine years: it's a habit.'
What was the most difficult thing about accepting the challenge to be a Survivor? 'My kids. I've been away but always been able to phone and visit. No contact will be most difficult. I'm clinging to them more than they are to me.'
What is your winning strategy for staying on the island? 'To make alliances with people strong enough to stay there. I won't pity people - everyone is there for the money. No one can tell me they're there for the experience: that's bull.'
Who will you miss the most? Comforts I miss the most. Coca-Cola and sometimes a cigarette.[2]

Survivor South Africa

Voting History

Jude's Voting History
Episode Jude's
Voted Against
1 Aguila Tribe Immune
2 Sam -
3 No Tribal Council
Quit, Day 8



  • Jude is the oldest female castaway on Panama.
  • Jude is the first female to be eliminated on Survivor South Africa.
  • Jude is the first person to quit Survivor South Africa.


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