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Judd Sergeant IV is a contestant from Survivor: Guatemala.

Bossy, confrontational, and upfront during his time in the game, Judd prided himself on the fact that he never lied during the game. He also became the first person ever to receive a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol, however he failed to find the idol. He was later deemed untrustworthy by his alliance and was subsequently blindsided.


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Judd Sergeant IV hails from Ridgefield, New Jersey. He has an identical twin brother, Timmy, and two sisters, who all live in the same town and remain extremely close. He is currently employed as a doorman for a prominent New York City hotel.

Sergeant describes himself as personable, competitive and determined. His proudest accomplishment is his daughter, Lara. His hero is his dad, who started a successful cheese company out of his basement, served in Vietnam and had five children. When his dad passed away at the age of 33, Sergeant's mom had to take on the role of both parents.

Sergeant describes himself as a strong leader who will have everyone laughing. He believes he can be the Sole Survivor because he can read and "see through" most people, and he is very determined and won't give up. Sergeant enjoys baseball, rollerblading, bike riding and coaching Lara's softball team and a neighborhood little league.

Sergeant resides in Ridgefield, New Jersey, with Lara and wife Kristen. His birth date is September 13, 1970.[1]


I'm ready to do a backflip if you want, I feel great!


Arguably one of the strongest men on his original tribe, Judd immediately struggled with the opening Reward Challenge which resulted in his first two days being sick. He recovered sometime after and was the first person to secure a victory for his team during Man Down against Gary Hogeboom for Immunity.

One of Judd's main traits was his ability to be truthful about the people around him and his initial antagonist was Nurse Practitioner Margaret Bobonich, due to her perceived bossiness around camp. This story arc concluded during the events of "Big Ball, Big Mouth, Big Trouble", when he successfully lobbied enough votes to eliminate her; although by this point, many agreed his true colors began to show.

After the merge, Judd retained a comfortable position in what was (at the time) the majority alliance controlled by Rafe Judkins and veteran Stephenie LaGrossa and became the first person to ever obtain a clue to the location of the Hidden Immunity Idol after winning a Reward Challenge. Using this information he lied to everybody stating that the Idol was on the ground when it was up in the trees (Gary would later find and play it before Judd). Gary confronted him about it after he said he didn't lie to anyone.

At the final six, a Survivor Auction was held and Judd brought time with his wife, Kristen, with the help of Cindy Hall. He chose to bring Cindy, Stephenie, and their respective loved ones with him. During this time, Danni Boatwright bonded and made finals deals with Rafe and Lydia Morales. Danni won immunity due to an advantage she brought at the auction. Danni used the lie about the Idol against Judd and secured Lydia, Rafe, and Stephenie's votes. That night, he was blindsided in a 4-2 vote. Upon being voted out, he hoped the remaining contestants get bitten by crocodiles and called them scumbags.

At the Final Tribal Council, he castigated Stephenie for her betrayal. Judd told Stephenie that she lied to his wife as well. Unsurprisingly, he voted for Danni to win.

Voting History

Judd's Voting History
Episode Judd's
Voted Against
1 Jim -
2 Nakúm Tribe Immune
3 Nakúm Tribe Immune
4 Brooke -
5 Nakúm Tribe Immune
6 Margaret Margaret
7 Nakúm Tribe Immune
8 Brandon -
9 Bobby Jon -
10 Gary -
11 Gary -
12 Lydia Danni, Lydia,
Rafe, Stephenie
Voted Out, Day 33
Voted For
Sole Survivor


  • On January 9, 2010, Judd attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.



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