Joseph Farret is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: L'Île des Héros.

He was voted out at the first Tribal Council of the season after infamously trying to put out his tribe's fire.


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  • Prénom: Joseph (27)
  • Métier: Vendeur de meubles
  • Localisation: Calvados (14)

Ce jeune normand est sympathique et sensible. Joseph est fier de sa culture des gens du voyage. Il s'adapte à toutes les situations. Très débrouillard, il vise loin.


A physical asset for his tribe, Joseph rapidly stood out among the other Nacomos by his willingness to make fire. As a matter of fact, he hopelessly tried to light up one, without any success for three days. When Nacomo forfeited the first Immunity Challenge because of Ahmad's fear of water, the latter became a major target for the first Tribal Council. However, Joseph's lack of social awareness as well as his obsession with the fire had rapidly alienated him from the rest of the tribe.

Despite finally succeeding in making a fire shortly before Tribal Council, Joseph felt that the wind was shifting against him, and he tried to sanction his fellow castaways by pouring water onto the fire he had tried to make for the past few days. This prompted a big argument with his tribemates, notably Delphine, and resulted in Joseph's ouster in a unanimous vote.

Voting History

Joseph's Voting History
Episode Joseph's
Voted Against
1 Delphine Ahmad, Charlotte,
Delphine, Éric, Pholien
Voted Out, Day 3


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