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Jonathan Young is a contestant from Survivor 42.

Recognized by Jeff Probst as one of the most dominant challenge performers in series history, Jonathan played a significant role in ensuring Taku's survival. While his status as his tribe's provider allowed him to become a core member of the Taku Four, his social game quickly deteriorated after the merge when his occasionally condescending tone alienated his former allies. Despite being a physical threat, Jonathan's transparent and loyal approach to the game earned him new allies like Mike Turner, allowing him to make a deep run until the final four against all expectations. There, he lost to Mike in the fire-making challenge and became the last member of the jury.


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Age: 29
Hometown: Gadsden, AL
Current Residence: Gulfshores, AL
Occupation: Beach Service Co. Owner
Favorite Hobbies: Working out, spearfishing and surfing
3 Words to Describe You: Endurance, devoted and mentally strong
Pet Peeves: Wearing shirts, people who bully others and when people are disrespectful
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? Broke the Guinness World Record for most pullups with 100 lbs. on my back.
What is something we would never know from looking at you? I can sing an amazing rendition of The Little Mermaid's "Part of Your World".
Who is your hero and why? Lex Luger. He is a man of God. My physical and spiritual mentor through some of the hardest times in my life.
Which past Survivor will you play the game most like? Ozzy
Why do you believe you can be the Sole Survivor? My athleticism will help me greatly in the challenges. My wit and charm will help me outside of the challenges. I'm very strong willed and determined. I will not give up on anything.[2]


Jonathan's intimidating physique made him stand out amongst this cast from the get go, although an Achilles Heel in puzzles was revealed as his triangle count was well off of Omar Zaheer's during the flint task on Day 1. That wouldn't be nearly enough to remove Jonathan's status as indispensable during the pre-merge phase of the game. Forming a core alliance with Omar and Lindsay Dolashewich, they directed Taku's only Tribal Council vote against Marya Sherron, deeming her less valuable going forward than Maryanne Oketch. Despite Jonathan publicly announcing at a challenge how close the Taku Four had become and some conflicts with Maryanne, his stellar premerge was higlighted by a Herculean effort in a water challenge where the other tribes couldn't even complete that phase.

Despite the Hourglass Twist leaving Jonathan vulnerable at the first post merge vote, Jonathan escaped it as a core member of the Advantage Alliance where he gained a strong ally in Mike Turner. Jonathan and Lindsay would become the two dominant forces in Immunity Challenges, which along with their conflicting strategies would produce a wedge in their relationship. This would cause the Taku Four to eventually sever at the Final 6 as they turned on each other. Maryanne joined forces with Jonathan in an attempt to vote out Omar, as Lindsey won immunity. Jonathan later got nervous about Lindsay playing her expiring idol on Omar and opted to vote against Romeo Escobar to play it safe, but Maryanne's plan succeeded and opened the door for Lindsay to be eliminated on Day 24. Romeo won the Final Immunity Challenge, pitting long time allies Jonathan and Mike against each other. Mike defeated Jonathan, making him the final member of the jury.

Jonathan cast the only jury vote for Mike in an otherwise clean sweep in favor of Maryanne.

Episode Tribe
Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out? Result
1 Taku Marooning Reward No Lost
Forty Two Immunity No 1st
2 Can't Find My Way Home Reward/Immunity No Lost
3 Spiral Architect Reward/Immunity No 1st
4 Tangled Up Sled Slide Reward No Won
Beyond the Tuna Immunity No 1st
5 Ramplified Reward/Immunity No 2nd
Tribes Disbanded, Day 12
6 None Rolling Stones Reward/Immunity No Won1
7 A Bit Tipsy Immunity No Lost
Tribes Merged, Night 14
8 Kula Kula Basket Case Reward No Won
Can't Buoy Me Love Immunity No Lost
9 Bermuda Triangles Case Reward/Immunity Won
10 Walk This Way Reward Lost
Bow Diddley Immunity Lost
11 Uncomfortably Numb Immunity No Won
12 Dizzy Miss Lizzy Reward Lost
Stair Down the Walls Immunity Lost
13 Giant Tick Reward/Immunity Invited2
Simmotion Immunity Lost
Eliminated, Day 25
^1 The unchosen sit-out from the challenge (Rocksroy) was exiled. There, he was given an hourglass which he may choose to break to strip the winning team of their immunity, transferring it to the losing team and himself. Rocksroy broke the hourglass and Jonathan lost his immunity.
^2 Mike shared his reward with Jonathan.

Episode Jonathan's
Voted Against
1 Taku Tribe Immune
2 Marya -
3 Taku Tribe Immune
4 Taku Tribe Immune
5 Taku Tribe Immune
7 Lydia Chanelle, Tori
8 Chanelle -
9 Tori Individual Immunity
10 Hai Hai, Romeo
11 Drea Individual Immunity
12 Romeo Lindsay, Omar
13 Lindsay Lindsay
Lost Challenge1
Eliminated, Day 25
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "It Comes Down to This", Romeo had the advantage of choosing one person to be in the Final Three with him. He chose Maryanne, subjecting Jonathan and Mike to a fire-making challenge. Jonathan lost the challenge, eliminating him from the game.


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Young Jonathan while on endurance

Jonathan during his season of Endurance.

  • In 2007, Jonathan, then aged 14, competed on the sixth season of Endurance. He was a part of that season's Red team and finished in third place.[3]
    • Coincidentally, the season he participated in also took place in Fiji.
    • Like in Survivor, Jonathan was eliminated one round before the finals after losing a challenge.
    • In addition, in Endurance, he was on the Red team and was eliminated after losing to the Blue team and during the fire-making challenge, he had a red flag and lost to Mike, who had a blue flag.
  • According to Zach Wurtenberger, Jonathan was originally cast for Survivor 41 before filming was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[4]


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