Jonas Otsuji is a contestant from Survivor: One World.

Jonas is remembered as a well-liked player who used his culinary skills to provide for his tribe. His elimination would prove the beginning of the end for the male players in One World, as the other five remaining men would be voted out by the female majority within the following six Tribal Councils.


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Name (Age): Jonas Otsuji (37)
Tribe Designation: Manono
Current Residence: Lehi, Utah
Occupation: Sushi Chef
Personal Claim to Fame: Making a name for myself as a Sushi Chef two years after going bankrupt and losing everything.
Inspiration in Life: My wife and children give me huge inspiration!
Hobbies: Cooking, eating, vacationing with family and surfing.
Pet Peeves: People that constantly complain.
3 Words to Describe You: Passionate, determined and motivated.
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: Fabio. I'm perceived as being very care free on the outside, but on the inside I'm an intense competitor.
Reason for Being on Survivor: To prove to myself and family that I can do this and to win the prize, of course.
Why You Think You'll "Survive" Survivor: I know how to fish, make fire, shelter and cook amazing food.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole Survivor: I believe I could be the final Survivor because I have a proven track record of doing what I set out to achieve. I can make fire, build shelter, cook and get along with people to win their votes.[1]


On Day 4, Jonas became a member of the Misfit Alliance, formed by Colton Cumbie with fellow Manono tribemates Tarzan Smith, Leif Manson, and Troyzan Robertson. Colton had revealed to the four men that he had the Hidden Immunity Idol and they made a pact to stick together. However, the alliance enjoyed an Immunity Challenge win so they did not have to gun for the Muscle Alliance - an alliance made up of four of the perceived strongest physical Manono tribe members - just yet.

The Misfit Alliance targeted the rival Rooster Alliance's de facto leader Matt Quinlan, after Manono's first loss on Day 8. Colton wanted to target Bill Posley, a member of the Muscle Alliance whose peppy, optimistic attitude annoyed him. However, the majority wanted Matt gone since he was the more threatening of the two, and Matt left in a 7-1-1 vote.

On Day 10, the Misfit Alliance experienced their first rift as an alliance when Leif informed Bill that Colton had wanted him gone originally at the previous Tribal Council. After Colton had been informed of the conversation between the two men, Colton threatened Leif and told him he had sealed his fate in the game by betraying the alliance. The dysfunctional Manono tribe managed to win Immunity in a blowout. However, a heated confrontation between Bill and Colton caused Colton to consider giving Salani the Immunity Idol so that the men could go to Tribal Council and vote off Bill. The majority voted and agreed to do so. At Tribal Council, another heated debate between Bill and Colton's social backgrounds was brought up, and Bill was brought to tears after insults by Colton that he needed to get a real job. Nevertheless, Colton got his way as Bill was voted out 7-1.

On Day 12, the Manono and Salani tribes swapped. The Misfit Alliance kept 4 out of their 5 original members (only losing Troy) and kept the numbers on Manono. However, the tribe was doomed in the Reward and Immunity Challenges since Salani was comprised of mainly stronger tribe members from both tribes. After losing Immunity on Day 14, the Misfit Alliance targeted Colton for his strength, but Colton managed to keep up a ruse that Tarzan would be voted out in order to blindside Monica. In a 5-2 vote, the Misfits got their way.

After Colton's medical evacuation on Day 16, Jonas began to quickly pick up the pieces in an attempt to become the new de facto leader of the Manono tribe. Immediately, he targeted Colton's former ally Alicia and attempted to persuade Leif to vote with him. Tarzan's reluctance to join that plan would be the beginning of their rivalry which would continue into the merge.

The two tribes merged into Tikiano on Night 17. At the merge, it became clear Jonas was the provider and the most well-liked guy on the tribe. Tarzan however, wanted an all-guy alliance and brought up the idea to Michael, despite not talking to Jonas and the other guys beforehand. A heated confrontation ensued between Jonas and Tarzan. After the Immunity Challenge, the majority of the tribe wanted Jonas out since they viewed him as the most threatening guy since he was likable and smart. Troy informed Jonas that his name had been mentioned for the vote as he did not believe Jonas should leave since he is a provider. Jonas made amends with Tarzan and apologized, bringing tears to the latter's eyes. The Misfit Alliance agreed to target Kat. At Tribal Council, Jonas fought hard to stay in the game, bringing up his disgust that he would be a target over physical threats such as Michael, and revealed that he would be voting the latter. Tarzan said that throwing Michael under the bus was disrespectful, starting another argument between the two men. Jonas mentioned the guys wanting to target Kat, but Tarzan denied any involvement and threw Jonas under the bus as the ringleader in the Kat vote. Jonas was ultimately voted out 10-2 (Leif staying loyal to his ally). On his way out, he attempted to make amends to Tarzan saying "No hard feelings". Tarzan coldly rebuffed his apology this time saying "Hard feelings to you". As Jonas had his torch snuffed, he laughed saying "Good luck on that food situation" before leaving.

At Final Tribal Council, as a juror, despite complimenting Chelsea and Sabrina, he was by far mostly impressed by Kim's game, even though she neglected to take Christina to the end for an easier victory. He cast his jury vote for Kim, along with six other jury members, giving her the title of Sole Survivor.

Voting History

Jonas's Voting History
Episode Jonas's
Voted Against
1 Manono Tribe Immune
2 Manono Tribe Immune
3 Matt -
4 Bill -
5 Monica -
6 No Vote
7 Michael Alicia, Chelsea, Christina,
Jay, Kat, Kim, Michael,
Sabrina, Tarzan, Troyzan
Voted Out, Day 20
Voted for
Sole Survivor


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