The Joint Tribal Council is a Survivor twist where two tribes both attend a single Tribal Council as a group.

It is not to be confused with a Double Tribal Council, where the tribes attend two separate Tribal Councils.


In Survivor: Samoa, a planned Double Tribal Council was canceled after Russell Swan was medically evacuated from the game. As a result, both the Foa Foa and Galu tribes attended Tribal Council together, but no one was voted out.

In Survivor: One World, a Joint Tribal Council was held to announce the evacuation of Colton Cumbie. Again, no one was voted out. The Manono and Salani tribes merged at this Tribal Council.

In Survivor: Game Changers, during the three-tribe stage, Tavua won a three-tribe Immunity Challenge, sending Mana and Nuku to a Joint Tribal Council where only one person was to be voted out. Nuku's numbers advantage was negated by a well-played Hidden Immunity Idol, and they lost Malcolm Freberg in a 5-0 vote.

Contestants eliminated at a Joint Tribal Council

Season Episode Tribes Eliminated Vote Notes
Samoa 6 Foa Foa S19 russells t
Russell Swan
No vote Due to the unforeseen evacuation of Russell S., the planned Double Tribal Council was canceled altogether, and the tribes were merely informed of his game status and health condition.
One World 6 Manono S24 colton t
Colton Cumbie
No vote Following Colton's evacuation, both tribes were sent to Tribal Council to not only discuss the incident, but also to merge the remaining castaways.
Game Changers 4 Mana S34 malcolm t
Malcolm Freberg
5-0 The first deliberate Joint Tribal Council where two tribes were sent to Tribal Council to vote one person out.