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John Fincher is a contestant from Survivor: Samoa.

John is best known for flipping on his alliance due to his fear about being eliminated by a rock drawing tiebreaker, making a deal with notorious villain Russell Hantz, and ultimately being betrayed by Russell and voted out immediately.


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John Fincher (25)
Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
Occupation: Rocket Scientist

John Fincher claims "winning" is his favorite hobby, and because of that he should have no problem playing the game of Survivor. Being a rocket scientist probably will not hurt his chances either. This charmingly cocky genius believes he possesses the analytical skills necessary to take him far in the game while helping him create a mastermind strategy. In addition to brains, he is a former semi-pro soccer player, who is also going to pose a physical threat in the game.

Fincher says that he is at his best during high pressure situations and times of complete chaos. He finds idiots or "unskilled" people amusing, and has no problem telling them to their face. John has traveled extensively in South America, Europe, South Africa, and Canada, and he plans to use his experience of dealing with people from diverse backgrounds to his best advantage.

John is no stranger to creating conflict and thinks it could work to his advantage in the game. Although, John also believes his good looks and charm will help even out his aggressive personality, especially with the ladies. He also will not apologize living a privileged life and claims that he will party his way around the world with his winnings.

John resides in Santa Monica, Calif. His birth date is August 16.[1]


Fincher began the season upon being chosen by Russell Swan of the Galu tribe as a "Brazilian-looking guy" to be their swimmer in the opening Reward Challenge. Fincher began the long swim solidly. However, fatigue took it's toll heavily on him towards the end, and his opponent Jaison Robinson stole a strong lead by the end of it. He finished the swim exhausted and well behind Jaison. Fellow tribe member Dave Ball even stated, "he shanked that swim so bad I was ready to vote him off on the spot!" The opposing tribe, Foa Foa, went on to win the opening Reward Challenge. But all recognition of him being a poor challenge performer was gone when he mastered the Immunity Challenge with a clever tactic in which he used himself as somewhat of a ramp to support his tribemates in climbing up the near-vertical wall. Galu resulted in winning the Immunity Challenge, and it sent the Foa Foa tribe to Tribal Council. While Galu dominated in challenges, for the most part, John found himself in a good position in the tribe as the men and Shambo Waters grew close and also wary of tight duo Monica Padilla and Laura Morett.

After the merge, Galu began to crumble, despite them outnumbering Foa Foa. Fincher was pressured to flip to Foa Foa's alliance; if he didn't, a tiebreaker vote would be enforced, and all the contestants except those immune and those with tied votes would be forced to draw rocks. Additionally, Fincher was frustrated by Galu's poor decision making which played a role in the eliminations of Erik Cardona and Kelly Sharbaugh. In the re-vote upon the tie, John switched his vote to Laura, and it resulted in her being voted out and sent to the jury. In the following Tribal Council, Fincher was betrayed by Russell Hantz and with his Galu tribe mates mad at him for voting out Laura, he was sent home in a 7-1-1 vote.

Despite being betrayed by him, John gave his jury vote to Russell, as he believed Hantz played the best game, as opposed to Mick and Natalie. This helped Russell earn 2nd place over Mick, but the rest of loyal Galu and Jaison joined in awarding Natalie the title of Sole Survivor.

Voting History

John's Voting History
Episode John's
Voted Against
1 Galu Tribe Immune
2 Galu Tribe Immune
3 Galu Tribe Immune
4 Yasmin -
5 Galu Tribe Immune
6 No Vote
7 Galu Tribe Immune
8 Erik Individual Immunity
9 Russell H.1 -
10 Natalie;
12 Mick Brett, Dave, Jaison, Mick,
Monica, Natalie, Russell H.
Voted Out, Day 30
Voted for
Sole Survivor
Russell H.

^1 In "Tastes Like Chicken", Russell H. used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating John's vote against him.
^2 In "The Day of Reckoning", the vote ended with a 5-5 tie between Laura and Natalie, forcing a revote. John changed his vote to Laura on the revote.


  • On January 9, 2010, John attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.
  • In July 15, 2018, John married Survivor: Micronesia winner Parvati Shallow.[2] They have one daughter, Alma. John and 10-month old Alma appeared as Parvati's loved ones on Winners at War. In 2021, Parvati filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.[3]
    • During the divorce proceedings, Parvati stated that John was undergoing treatment for cancer.[4]


  • John was recruited for Survivor and had not watched the show beforehand.[5]
  • John lost 20.7 lbs. during his time in Samoa.[6]


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