John Eastoe is a contestant from Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders (2019) and Australian Survivor: All Stars.

A strong and likable player, John quickly found himself in the majority on the Contenders, and yet again on the Champions tribe. However, once reaching the merge, tribal lines continued to rule the votes, and despite the tribe coming together to eliminate threat David Genat, John was eliminated the next tribal following Daisy Richardson's idol misplay.

In All Stars, John once again found himself in a early majority, but was pushed into the minority following tribe swap. After his allies were both consecutively eliminated, John realigned with Mat Rogers, and the two attempted to take out Locky Gilbert. This plan proved futile, and John was sent home instead.


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Gold Miner, 28

Looking like he's fresh off the set of a VB commercial, John is the ultimate Aussie larrakin.

A gold miner from Western Australia, John is tough and determined but is also a bloke who just wants to have a good time. Hoping these characteristics will help him in the game, John is not a superfan of the show but thinks he's still got what it takes.

Raised by a single mum and his grandmother in Footscray, Victoria and moved to Kalgoorlie to make money in the mining industry. John's distinctive mullet now has a permanent curl to it after he dressed as Cher for a local charity night and got a perm that hasn't grown out.

"I just want to be a likeable bloke," he says. "I can make friends easily and am able to spot a snake in the grass so I hope I can do that on the island."

"I'll give it my all but I don't want to be too big of a threat too early on. I usually like to make tough decisions after sleeping on it but I might not have that luxury on Survivor. I think my biggest problem is sometimes I'm overly familiar with people and that might be a weakness."[1]

29, Gold Miner — Season 4

Self-confessed Australian Survivor newbie, it was a surprise to no one more than John, that he was one of the last Contenders standing in Season 4.

Without knowing much about the game or even what an Immunity Idol was, John ended up being one of the heroes of the season because of his good nature, challenge beast skills and arguably, the best mullet on Australian television.

"I don't prepare for Survivor, I just get through by winging it. I don't know how I did it last time but I'm hoping the same strategy will work this time. I want to make friends and go further than last time. And I want to get my abs back!

"I think this time, I know how to play the game so I think that will hopefully help get me to that final two."

The gold miner from Western Australia, still dreams of his favourite Mexican Parma and will miss playing his footy but is looking forward to trying some new tricks in the game like throwing a few blindsides and winning a few Individual Immunities.

Admitting that he "carries on like an idiot 90% of the time" but have a ball doing so. John would love to use the winning money to buy a house and his mum something nice.[2]

Australian Survivor

Champions v Contenders

John represented a stark contrast to the various strategic players on the Contenders tribe where he wasn't doing much strategizing, but he was excelling early on in challenges and well as socially. He became well-liked by both tribes with his sense of humor as well as performing encouraging acts, such as motivating Sarah Ayles when she was facing her fears in a water challenge. John got an opportunity to make bonds with the Champions when they selected him to join their reward following that challenge. John's game started to pick up following the Tribe Switch, where Daisy Richardson and John convinced Baden Gilbert to flip against Sam Schoers despite having a 7-2 numbers advantage against the original Champions. John would go back to working with the Contenders against David Genat and Luke Toki when a twist brought ally and friend Shaun Hampson back onto his tribe. John would once again take a strategic background as other players began to play more aggressively as the merge approached.

John initially attempted to regroup with the Contenders as they merged with 6 members against the 6 Champions, but a consensus mistrust in Andy Meldrum's scheming resulted in Andy's unanimous vote out on Day 30. All was not lost for John as Abbey Holmes selected him to go on reward following her Reward Challenge victory the following day. At the reward, both John and Abbey recognized how hard David was playing and trying to maintain control. John would get his opportunity to make a move when David was next vulnerable on Day 34. Despite a successful blindside of David, the Contenders were still outnumbered 5-4. The Contenders tried desperately to flip either Luke or Simon Black against the Champion trio of women, but the Champions had a plan to target John believing he was the least likely to have a Hidden Immunity Idol. This assumption was correct, and although Luke's surprising vote for Harry Hills forced a 4-4-1 tie, John was voted out 4-3 in the revote.

John voted for Pia Miranda to win the title of Sole Survivor, which she did unanimously over Baden.

Voting History

John's Voting History
Episode John's
Voted Against
1 Contenders Tribe Immune
2 Laura -
3 Contenders Tribe Immune
4 Contenders Tribe Immune
5 Contenders Tribe Immune
6 Contenders Tribe Immune
7 Sam -
8 Sarah -
9 Champions Tribe Immune
10 Hannah;
11 Champions Tribe Immune
12 Champions Tribe Immune
13 Champions Tribe Immune
14 Andy -
15 Shaun -
16 David -
17 Abbey;
Abbey, Janine, Pia, Simon;
Janine, Luke, Pia, Simon
Voted Out, Day 36
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "Episode 10", the vote ended with a 2-2-0 tie between Hannah and Shaun, forcing a revote. John did not change his vote on the revote.
^2 In "Episode 17", the voted ended with a 4-4 tie between John and Abbey, forcing a revote. Luke changed his vote to John on the revote, eliminating him from the game.

All Stars

Like in his previous season, John found himself in a secure position on his tribe thanks to his challenge strength and sense of humor. He became a key player of the athlete alliance which saw him reunited with Abbey Holmes and also joined forces with Lydia Lassila, Lee Carseldine, Zach Kozyrski, and Sharn Coombes. In the Day 14 Immunity Challenge, John struggled with the diving portion of the challenge and contributed to Mokuta's loss. Zach saw this as an opportunity to make a move against John, but that would be the only vote John received at that night's Tribal Council. Instead, Zach and Shonee Fairfax were sent to Exile Beach in a twist.

The Tribe Switch split John's alliance in half, with John, Lydia, and Abbey being left with five original Vakama members along with Harry Hills and Shonee, neither of whom he was aligned to. John thought the plan ahead of Day 16's Tribal Council was to split the votes between Shonee and Mat Rogers, but he was blindsided when Abbey was voted out instead. This put John and Lydia in the minority and forced each of them to vote each other out at the next Tribal Council. After Lydia's elimination, John and Mat attempted to take out Locky Gilbert with the help of Mat's Hidden Immunity Idol. At the Survivor Auction, John was dismayed to have missed out on his noted favorite dish Mexican Parma for a second time. He thought about bidding for it, but as both tribes were bidding from a collective pool of money, John opted not to hurt his position in the tribe further. Vakama lost yet another Immunity Challenge on Day 20. John appealed to Shonee, Harry, and Flick Egginton to turn against Locky, knowing that if the majority of six split the votes and Mat plays his idol, John would be voted out. The majority stuck together, flushing Mat's idol and voting John out 3-2-0.

Voting History

John's Voting History
Episode John's
Voted Against
1 Shane -
2 Mokuta Tribe Immune
3 Mokuta Tribe Immune
4 Henry -
5 Shonee1 -
6 Mock Vote2
7 Mat -
8 Lydia Brooke, Flick,
Lydia, Shonee
9 Locky Brooke,
Flick, Shonee
Voted Out, Day 20

^1 In "Episode 5", Shonee used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating John's vote against her.
^2 In "Episode 6", Mokuta was subjected to a mock Tribal Council where the two people who received the most votes were sent to Exile Beach.


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