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Joel Anderson is a contestant from Survivor: Micronesia.

Arguably the physically strongest member of Airai, Joel became embroiled in a rivalry with Mikey Bortone. In the end, Joel came out victorious, successfully collaborating with the outsider Older Airai Alliance to eliminate Mikey B.'s closest ally Mary Sartain and later Mikey B. himself. However, after the tribe switch, Cirie Fields quickly identified Joel as a threat, and orchestrated his blindside.


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Joel Anderson is a firefighter for the city of Phoenix, Arizona. He assists in the treatment and transport of patients with medical emergencies and also helps fight fires. He has previously worked for a private ambulance company and has also taught. Anderson received a BA in human communications from Arizona State University.

Anderson's hobbies include training for his job, swimming and motorcycles. He runs and lifts weights regularly. His favorite sport is Olympic-style wrestling. He describes himself as driven, loyal and caring. He thinks his perseverance, self-confidence, heart, power, strength, endurance, work-ethic, intelligence, resourcefulness, EMS skills and positive attitude are all skills he possesses to do well on Survivor.

Anderson has previously lived in Tempe, Arizona and Waukesha, Wisconsin. He is a member of the International Association of Firefighters, Local 493 and the United Phoenix Firefighters Association.

He and his wife, Jasmyn, currently reside in Avondale, Arizona, with their two sons, Kaden and Gavin. The have two Labrador retrievers, Turbo and Thunder. His birth date is June 1, 1975.[1]


Being a fan of the game, Joel started on the orange Airai tribe. Initially Mikey Bortone took control of the tribe without Joel being bothered. Joel also was admired for his superior strength early in the game, and agreed with Mikey B.'s sentiments against the physically-weaker Tracy Hughes-Wolf, Chet Welch, and Kathy Sleckman. However, when Airai lost the second Immunity Challenge, Joel disliked Mikey B. dictating the vote and decided to take matters in his own hands. Joel gunned for blindsiding Mikey B.'s most faithful ally, Mary Sartain, deciding Mikey B. was more useful in challenges and would be set back without her. The plan worked: at the Day 6 Tribal Council Mary was sent home in a 6-2-2 vote.

The conflict between Joel and Mikey B. only grew, but Mikey B. pretended to be conciliatory in attempt to regain power. When Airai lost the Day 12 Immunity Challenge, Joel reluctantly agreed with Mikey B.'s idea to vote out challenge liability Chet. However, Tracy confronted him about it; arguing to Joel he's fallen into Mikey B.'s trap and that he would not be receiving the Older Airai Alliance's votes. Ultimately, Joel was successfully persuaded, and Mikey B. was sent home that night.

On Day 13, there was a tribe switch which moved him to Malakal, along with Tracy, Chet, and Erik Reichenbach. The new Malakal struggled out the gate and lost both the next reward and the next immunity. Resentful over the losses, he brokered with Ozzy Lusth to send home weaker players. Both agreed on sending home Chet first, with Joel throwing in Cirie Fields after to compensate for losing numbers. Joel also threw in Tracy as the target afterward, to further earn Ozzy and the Favorites's trust.

Affiliated to a pre-existing alliance with Ozzy, second target Cirie was told about Joel's pecking order. This put her on edge and she rallied support against Joel as a threat to the Favorites. She argued Joel was physically stronger and more strategically capable, while Chet was an easy vote if they lost and a manipulable pawn. Cirie also told outsiders Tracy and Chet about Joel's plan, turning them against him. Having been unaware of Cirie's schemes, Joel was blindsided in a 6-2 vote.

Episode Tribe
Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out? Result
1 Airai First to Shore Immunity1 No Lost
Reinventing the Wheel Reward/Immunity No Won
2 Smash and Grab Reward/Immunity No Lost
3 Beach Bash Reward No Lost
Nut Bucket Immunity No Won
4 Diver Down Reward No Lost
Crosswalk Immunity No Lost
Switched Tribes, Day 13
5 Malakal Cat and Mouse Reward No Lost
A Stone's Throw Immunity No Lost
Voted Out, Day 14
^1 This challenge was played for individual immunity at each tribe's first Tribal Council.

Episode Joel's
Voted Against
1 Airai Tribe Immune
2 Tracy -
3 Airai Tribe Immune
4 Jason;
Mikey B.1
5 Chet Amanda, Ami, Chet,
Cirie, Ozzy, Tracy
Voted Out, Day 14

^1 In "That's Baked, Barbecued and Fried!", the vote ended with a 4-4 tie between Chet and Mikey B., forcing a revote. Joel changed his vote to Mikey B. on the revote.


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  • Joel auditioned for Survivor at an opening casting call in Arizona.[2]
  • The final vote cast for Joel that eliminated him read "Truck", written by Cirie Fields.
    • Ozzy's vote also read "Truck". Ozzy Lusth mistakenly called him "Troy" and then "Truck" at the tribe swap, having not yet known his name.


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