Joseph "Joe" Anglim is a contestant from Survivor: Worlds Apart, Survivor: Cambodia, and Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

Joe found himself in a good position during the early stages of Worlds Apart due to his alliance with Hali Ford and Jenn Brown. Despite being targeted after being separated from his allies at the Tribe Switch, he was spared at the last vote before the merge. Following the merge however, he became the main target to the majority Escameca Alliance. Despite managing to stave off elimination for a few rounds by going on a short immunity run, it came to an end at the final ten, resulting in his elimination.

In Cambodia, he managed to breeze though the pre-merge phase as his tribe won every tribal Immunity Challenge. Following the merge, he dominated in challenges, thus making him a big target. After losing immunity at the final eight when he passed out during the Immunity Challenge, he was voted out for being the biggest challenge threat.

On his third go around in Edge of Extinction, he found himself on the bottom of the Kama tribe from the start for being a returning player, but managed to breeze through the pre-merge again due to his tribe winning all the challenges. However, after failing to win the first individual Immunity Challenge, he was voted out for being the biggest threat. Despite having an opportunity to re-enter the game by winning the final Edge of Extinction re-entry duel, he narrowly lost to the eventual Sole Survivor, Chris Underwood.


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Name (Age): Joe Anglim, 25
Tribe Designation: No Collar (Nagarote)
Current Residence: Scottsdale, Ariz.
Occupation: Jewelry Designer
Personal Claim to Fame: I am most proud of winning a state championship for basketball my senior year of high school. In college, I played indoor volleyball at Northern Arizona University. After four years of being self-coached and self-funded, we upset the number one team in the nation in the finals of a Vegas tournament.
Inspiration in Life: My Dad. My whole life, he was incredibly hard on me and always pushing me to become better at everything I did. He grew up very poor and in a large family in which he endured a lot of hardships. Through the pain and sadness of divorce, family tragedies and death of loved ones, he was still able to keep faith and carry on. He has been an amazing father and role model to me and my sisters and he is a loyal hardworking husband who puts others before himself. I've always looked up to him and I hope that I can be as strong, loving and fearless as he is when I become a husband and father.
Hobbies: I enjoy anything that allows me to work with my hands. These include metalworking, painting, drawing and welding. I also love the outdoors- you name it: Hiking, climbing, hunting, camping, etc.
What is your favorite sport? It's a true tie between basketball and volleyball. I love hoops but the last several years I've been playing a lot of sand volleyball which I love playing down here in the valley of the sun.
Pet Peeves: Bad hygiene, rude, inconsiderate people, that person with really nasty coffee breath who has no idea what personal space is, when the last person to use the bathroom doesn't replace the empty toilet paper roll and when someone is telling a story and every other word is "like."
3 Words to Describe You: Creative, compassionate and charismatic.
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why? 1. A fully stocked self-replenishing ice-chest. 2. A toothbrush since I hate the feeling of my teeth being grimy. 3. Loaded up iPod because I love listening to music.
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: There are so many players that I relate to in different ways. In terms of game play, I would have to say it's a combination of Malcolm and Ozzy.
Reason for Being on Survivor: Ever since I can remember I have wanted to be on Survivor. My primary motivation is that every day I dream about competing and earning the title of Sole Survivor. With every season, my desire to play has grown more and more. The game is a true test of self-awareness as well as mental, physical and emotional determination. There is also a perk of a million dollars. I would honestly play Survivor for way less but the fact that it is one million dollars makes it that much sweeter.
Why You'll "Survive" Survivor: I would be an asset to the tribe because I am athletic and very competitive. I love competition and I hate losing. I am not lazy and I don't mind doing what needs to get done in order to help others. I feel that I'm in decent physical shape, but I will work hard and will bust my butt in challenges and around camp. I have worked in different jobs that have focused on customer service and have dealt with a wide range of diversity in the workplace. This has taught me how to communicate and connect with people I don't know. I'm a very social person and I enjoy getting to know people and their story. Being one of the most important aspects of Survivor, I feel my social game will be strong and lead to my success in the game.
Why Will You Be the Sole Survivor: With every season I watch, I can't help but imagine that I'm actually in the game playing. My brain goes into game/strategy mode as I put myself in the shoes of the current contestants and analyze how I would deal with the conflicts each is faced with. Of course, it's different when you're sitting at home on the couch and know what every player is thinking. However, I feel that I am well rounded enough, athletic enough and mentally strong enough to adapt to the people I'm put with. I am confident in the life skills I possess and I feel I can maintain my focus despite all of the other personal and crazy things the game may and will throw my way. After being such a huge fan for so many years, I truly respect how complex and challenging the game is. I am ready to battle and I want my shot in the ultimate arena that is Survivor.[1]

Name: Joe Anglim
Season 30
Survivor: Worlds Apart
Current Age: 26
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ[2]

Age: 29
Hometown: Chandler, Arizona
Current residence: Ogden, Utah
Occupation: Multimedia Artist
Previous season: Worlds Apart, Second Chance
Hobbies: Filmmaking/videography, art and equine therapy, design, creative art, nature therapies, yoga, and hiking.
Pet peeves: I find it incredibly displeasing when I see someone lose their patience and become aggressive, disrespectful, and rude.
Three words to describe you: Adaptable, adventurous, and able.
What's your personal claim to fame? It was a lifelong dream to play Survivor and to get my dad out for the family visit in Survivor: Second Chances. I was also honored to be a part of and win The Price is Right's Survivor special with my super fan friend Latrina.
Who or what is your inspiration in life? Sierra Dawn Thomas. I've never been more inspired by such a hard-working, beautiful, and caring woman. She inspires me to be the best version of myself every single day.
If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why?
Picture of my family and girlfriend.
Brushes, paint and a canvas to make some art.
Which Survivor contestant are you the most like? Kim Spradlin. Kind and poised, but a gamer and player.
What's your reason for being on Survivor? To win and have Jeff say the magic words of "Sole Survivor." Also, to prove that anything is possible and to never quit or give up on a dream.
Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? Hopefully, I've gained enough experience from my last two failed attempts and I can take all that I learned and apply it. I know I can get to the end if I'm adaptable enough. I just have to constantly adjust and rely on both my past knowledge of how to interact and motivate others to produce good, positive results. Just going to play "smarter, not harder."[3]


Worlds Apart

Joe was placed on the "No Collar" Nagarote tribe, where he immediately fit in, not just because of his physical abilities, but his camp life skills and personality. He and Jenn had an immediate bond, which made Vince insecure about his position in the game. Joe had a strong sub alliance with Hali and Jenn, with Will as their fourth, not knowing that Will was working with Nina and Vince. No Collar went to their first Tribal Council on Day 6, with Joe's alliance planning to split the votes between Vince and Nina and voting out the weaker Nina in the revote. Will wavered between targeting Jenn or Nina until Nina told Will that Vince was concerned of Will's health after a poor challenge performance. Will took this as a threat, so Will went rogue and voted for Vince which sent him home over the intended target Nina. This shock move caused Joe's alliance to question whether to vote Will or Nina off next, and they would have to make a decision following a second consecutive Immunity Challenge loss. They split the vote between the two but took out Nina. All four remaining members including Joe made the swap.

Joe was the only member of his original tribe on the new Escameca, featuring 4 original Blue Collar and 2 original White Collar. Joe initially was with the No Collars Joaquin and Tyler as they hoped to swing Sierra on their side, but then Joaquin's alliance with Rodney had them targeting Joe, forcing Joe to work with Mike and Dan, the former who was especially concerned that Rodney and Joaquin would become a power couple post merge. Additionally, Mike was worried about Kelly's position on post swap Nagarote so he threw the final pre-merge challenge (Escameca having easily won the first Immunity Challenge following the swap). Ultimately Mike, Dan, and Joe succeeded in gaining Sierra's trust and Joaquin was voted out in a close 4-3 vote.

Despite working with the Blue Collars during the swap, Joe returned to his No Collar alliance post merge which managed to recruit Shirin, meaning that the remaining No Collars Tyler and Carolyn appeared to be the swing votes. Joe was the target of the Blue Collar alliance for his physical strength, but that plan was put on hold as Joe won the first two Immunity Challenges after the merge. Though the No Collars enjoyed some success thanks to Jenn's idol play during the first vote to oust Kelly, losing Will to Rodney's alliance and Tyler and Carolyn choosing to work with Blue Collar meant that No Collar would be firmly in the minority and Hali would be voted out during Joe's second round of immunity. At that point, Jenn expressed her desire to leave the game while Joe on the other hand was determined to stay in the game by any means necessary. Joe finally lost immunity to Tyler on Day 24, prompting Joe to make a fake idol in the hopes that it would save him. He gave it to Mike hoping to establish a level of trust, and Mike considered keeping him over Jenn. However, Mike found out the idol was fake and the plan to take out Joe finally came to fruition, making him the 2nd member of the jury. Joe would vote for Mike at Final Tribal Council, helping the Blue Collar power player win the title of Sole Survivor.

Voting History

Joe's Voting History
Episode Joe's
Voted Against
1 Nagarote Tribe Immune
2 Nina -
3 Nina -
4 Nagarote Tribe Immune
5 Escameca Tribe Immune
6 Joaquin Joaquin,
Rodney, Tyler
7 Kelly Individual Immunity
8 Dan Individual Immunity
9 Jenn Dan, Mike, Rodney,
Shirin, Sierra
Voted Out, Day 24
Voted for
Sole Survivor


Joe was chosen by public vote as one of the twenty castaways to compete on Survivor: Cambodia for a second chance at Survivor.

Joe was a part of the Bayon tribe. On Day 1, he formed an alliance with Jeremy Collins. He was respected by his tribe because he was the provider. However, Stephen Fishbach was jealous of him. Bayon won the first two Immunity Challenges. On Day 7, a tribe swap occurred, and Joe along with Keith Nale, Ciera Eastin, and Kass McQuillen was switched to the Ta Keo tribe. Ta Keo won the next 3 Immunity Challenges. He along with the rest of the tribe minus Terry Deitz made a final five alliance. However, on Night 13, Terry told the tribe that he was leaving the game due to his son's condition. Joe, along with the others, hugged him and wished him luck. The next day, another tribe swap occurred and Joe along with Keith switched back to Bayon. Bayon won the Final Immunity Challenge before the merge.

On Day 17, the tribes merged with 13 players remaining. Joe was a part of the Bayon alliance which consisted of most of the former Bayon's and former Ta Keo's Spencer Bledsoe and Kelly Wiglesworth. Joe won the first 4 individual Immunity Challenges so he was ineligible to be voted out for a while. However, after he was told that Stephen was targeting him he started to target him. On Day 25, the team of Joe, Abi-Maria Gomes, Ciera, Spencer, and Tasha Fox won the Reward Challenge. During the reward, Ciera proposed that they get rid of Stephen because of his advantage.

After Joe won his 4th immunity in a row, he along with Keith, Spencer, and Tasha decided to join Kelley Wentworth, Abi-Maria Gomes, and Ciera in blindsiding Stephen. However, at Tribal Council, Jeremy played his Hidden Immunity Idol on Stephen negating the five votes cast against him and blindsiding Ciera. After failing to win the next Immunity Challenge, Joe was targeted by Stephen once again; however, his alliance targeted Stephen. At Tribal Council, Stephen used his advantage to steal Joe's vote so Joe was ineligible to vote at Tribal Council. He received two votes, but Stephen was blindsided.

With 8 players remaining the castaways got to meet their loved ones. Joe got to meet his dad Pat. After Kelley won the Loved Ones Challenge, she chose to share the reward with Keith, Abi, Kimmi Kappenberg, Joe, and their respective loved ones. Joe's dad told him that he considers him a friend which touched Joe because his dad has been hard on him all his life. On Day 32, Joe fainted during the Immunity Challenge which was won by Keith. Medical checked him out and he was eventually ok. Knowing that he was a target he talked to Jeremy and Spencer about voting Abi out because everybody wants to take her to the end. However, at Tribal Council Joe was voted out in a 6-1-1 vote.

At the Final Tribal Council, Joe said that his vote is open and then told Tasha that she was unaware and played Jeremy's game, and asked Tasha to name a move she made. Ultimately Joe along with the rest of the jury voted for Jeremy to win the title of Sole Survivor.

At the Reunion Show, Jeff revealed that Joe broke the record for being safe for the most amount of time at 28 days, and he and Keith hold the record for most tribal immunity wins at six. Next, he said that Joe won four individual Immunity Challenges which is one short of the record, has won the third most individual Immunity Challenges only behind Ozzy Lusth and Rob Mariano but they have played more seasons than him, and is the first person to be ineligible to vote at Tribal Council. After that, he asked how many of the castaways got hate mail for voting Joe out and Jeremy, Kelley, Tasha, and Abi raised their hands.

Voting History

Joe's Voting History
Episode Joe's
Voted Against
1 Bayon Tribe Immune
2 Bayon Tribe Immune
3 Ta Keo Tribe Immune
4 Ta Keo Tribe Immune
5 Ta Keo Tribe Immune
6 Bayon Tribe Immune
7 Ciera Individual Immunity
8 Kelley1 Individual Immunity
9 Kelley Individual Immunity
10 Stephen2 Individual Immunity
11 Ineligible3 Jeremy, Stephen
12 Abi-Maria Abi-Maria, Jeremy, Kelley,
Kimmi, Spencer, Tasha
Voted Out, Day 32
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In You Call, We'll Haul, Kelley used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Joe's vote against her.
^2 In Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil, Jeremy used a Hidden Immunity Idol on Stephen, negating Joe's vote against him.
^3 In My Wheels Are Spinning, Stephen used a Vote Steal advantage on Joe, preventing him from voting at Tribal Council.

Edge of Extinction

Though Joe once again impressed with his challenge strength and contributions to camp life, the Kama Six alliance immediately isolated Joe and fellow returning player Aubry due to the threat they posed with their past accomplishments on Survivor. Joe's only allies were Aubry and Aurora, and he even overheard a conversation where the alliance mentioned voting him out. However, once again Joe's tribe dominated in challenges, seeing Joe survive until the merge without attending Tribal Council for the second time in his playing career. Though Joe entered the merge in a 8-5 majority, he was concerned that he would be targeted for being a physical threat. He tried to get to the bottom of it with a conversation with Ron, with neither player giving much information. Joe would be blindsided that night in a plurality vote, only receiving votes from the Kama Six.

Joe did not mind being on the Edge of Extinction, giving him plenty of time to reflect on his cumulative Survivor experience. He put in a good effort in the return challenge on Day 35, but came up just short as Chris won and earned a spot back in the game. Joe joined the nine other Edge of Extinction losers at Ponderosa following their defeat. At the Final Tribal Council, he voted for Chris to win the title of Sole Survivor.

Voting History

Joe's Voting History
Episode Joe's
Voted Against
1 Kama Tribe Immune
2 Kama Tribe Immune
3 Kama Tribe Immune
4 Kama Tribe Immune
5 Kama Tribe Immune
Kama Tribe Immune
6 Rick Eric, Gavin, Julia,
Julie, Ron, Victoria
Voted Out, Day 19
7 On Edge of Extinction
Eliminated, Day 35
Voted for
Sole Survivor


Joe The Price is Right

Joe and his partner, Latrina, with Drew Carey on The Price Is Right.

  • Joe, along with Jeremy Collins, appeared in an episode of The Young and the Restless on January 27, 2016.[4]
  • Joe, along with eight other former castaways competed on a Survivor edition of The Price Is Right primetime special that aired on May 23, 2016.[5] Joe helped win his partner, Latrina, a trip to Borneo in their pricing game. During the Showcase Showdown, Joe and Latrina spun $1 and won an additional $1,000 and made it to the Showcase where they won their Showcase which included a computer, a game room, and a Toyota Prius. The charity Joe was playing for was Stand Up to Cancer.[6]
  • Joe and Kelly Wiglesworth are set to star in a new television series called Mana.[7]
  • Joe, along with Caleb Reynolds, Jeremy Collins, Kelley Wentworth, and Woo Hwang, appeared on the series premiere of the game show Candy Crush on July 7, 2017. Joe and Kelley won, and received $100,000.[8]
  • It was revealed on Instagram that Joe became engaged to fellow Worlds Apart cast member Sierra Dawn Thomas on April 9, 2019.[9]
    • Joe and Sierra officially got married on November 24, 2019.[10] Various Survivor alumni from the couple's past seasons attended the ceremony.[11]


  • Joe was the youngest male on the Nagarote and Bayon tribes.
  • Joe is the only member of Nagarote not to be from California at time of filming.
  • Joe was the only member of the original Nagarote to be switched to Escameca at the Tribe Switch.
  • Joe lost 17 lbs. during Worlds Apart.[12]
  • Joe is the only Nagarote male to be on the jury, as Vince Sly was eliminated before the jury stage and Will Sims II made it to the Final Tribal Council.
  • Joe is the third castaway to win the first individual Immunity Challenge in two separate seasons, following Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien and Ozzy Lusth.
    • Edge of Extinction is the only season in which he competed, but did not win the first individual Immunity Challenge.
  • By virtue of winning all Immunity Challenges up until Day 29 of Cambodia, Joe was ineligible to be voted for the longest period of time in the Survivor franchise. Joe broke Marcus Lehman's previous immunity record on Day 24.
  • Joe is the first castaway who was rendered ineligible to vote because of another player's advantage.
    • As an extension, Joe is the first castaway to be eligible to receive votes at a Tribal Council they did not vote at, excluding the penultimate Tribal Council in Final Two seasons.
  • Joe lost 22 lbs. during his time in Cambodia.[13]
  • Despite lasting 32 days in Cambodia, Joe never cast a vote against the person voted out at Tribal Council; this 32-day stint is a record for most days lasted without successfully voting someone out. Two of his votes were negated by Hidden Immunity Idols, two were as part of an outright minority, one was for the secondary target of a Split Vote, and one was stolen (and used unsuccessfully) by Stephen Fishbach.
  • Of the three seasons in which Joe has played, Worlds Apart is the only season in which Joe attended a pre-merge Tribal Council.
    • Joe is the first castaway to avoid going to Tribal Council pre-merge in multiple seasons.
  • Joe lost 22 lbs. during his time in Edge of Extinction.[14]
  • Joe was the only returning player in Edge of Extinction who had never previously reached Day 38.
  • Joe is tied with Andrea Boehlke and Cirie Fields for the juror who correctly voted for the winner the most times, three.


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