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Joelle Bourlier is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: Palau.


Voting History

Because she was eliminated before the first Tribal Council, Joëlle did not have a voting history.

Joëlle's Voting History
Episode Joëlle's
Voted Against
1 Lost Challenge
Eliminated, Day 11

^1 Joëlle was eliminated for losing the first challenge.


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  • Joëlle asked the production team to be edited as if she was not part of the season. Therefore, she didn't appear in the intro, she never gave a confessional, and her name was never shown on TV. She also didn't appear during the Reunion. She was only referred by a a voice-over after the eliminating challenge, in the following words: "A woman also lost this challenge, but due to reasons of her own, you won't see anything of her".
  • While Joëlle Bourlier and Myriam Desvergne are not the first Koh-Lanta contestants to not be affiliated with a tribe, they are currently the only contestants to never be affiliated with a tribe in their Koh-Lanta careers.


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