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Jessica "Flicka" Smith is a contestant from Survivor: Cook Islands.

Originally on the Rarotonga tribe, Jessica found herself in the bottom of the post-switch Aitutaki tribe. After her closest ally Cao Boi was blindsided, her elimination quickly followed.


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Born and raised on a small ranch in Palo Cedro, California, Jessica Smith graduated from Foothill High School in Redding, California. She moved to Chico, California when she was 18 years old to move to a town that supports the arts.

Smith is a performance artist and designer. As a performance artist, she does various fire-related performances using fire hula hoops, poi, staff and batons... oftentimes on stilts. She has participated in California's Burning Man Festival for the last eight years, as well as continually performing all over the state of California.

Most recently, Smith was a Nor Cal Roller girl who went by the name "Flicka Flame." She was also the team captain of the undefeated Roller Derby Team titled "VooDoo Dolls," where she also designed the uniforms and was the artistic coordinator of the theme (she named the team and created the theatrics). She is also an all-star member of "Hustlers."

Smith was previously employed as a costume shop manager and designer, event promoter and fabric store employee. She describes herself as adventurous, creative, hard-working, self-disciplined and sociable.

Jessica Smith currently resides in Chico, California, with her cat, Alita. Her birth date is January 22, 1979.


Jessica, being Caucasian, started the game on the Rarotonga tribe. After having arrived at camp, she lost the tribe's chickens which greatly annoyed tribe mate Jonathan Penner. Despite this small blunder, she got along well with her tribe, telling them to call her "Flica". Rarotonga won the first two Immunity Challenges, keeping Jessica safe.

During the Day 7 tribe switch, Jessica was chosen by Cecilia Mansilla to be on the new Aitutaki tribe. She embraced her new tribe, and formed a connection with Cao Boi Bui and her old Rarotonga tribe mate Jonathan. After losing the following Immunity Challenge, Jessica was originally going to vote with Cao Boi in eliminating the weakest link, Becky Lee, but when Jonathan approached her and Cao Boi about voting out Cecilia instead, Jessica was torn between her alliances. At Tribal Council, Jessica sided with Jonathan, and Cecilia was eliminated. Aitutaki won the Reward and Immunity Challenge in Day 14, keeping Jessica safe from elimination.

Jessica was shocked when Jeff revealed both tribes would be visiting Tribal Council in Plan Voodoo. Jessica put up a great fight during the Reward Challenge which largely contributed to Aitutaki's win. At camp, Cao Boi came up with a plan to negate the power of the Hidden Immunity Idol by splitting the votes between Candice Woodcock and Jonathan. Jessica was on board with the plan, wanting to eliminate Jonathan whom she had lost trust in. Yul came up with a plan to blindside Cao Boi instead, so he told everybody on the tribe except Cao Boi and Jessica. At Tribal Council, Jessica voted for Jonathan; when Cao Boi was eliminated, she was shocked. Over the next few days, Jessica felt like an outcast of her tribe. She had hoped somebody would have told her about the new plan, but, since nobody did, she felt like she would be going home next. When Aitutaki lost the Immunity Challenge in Day 18, Jessica knew it was her time to go. She tried to convince the tribe to vote off Jonathan, but no one budged, and Jessica was sent home in a unanimous 6-1 vote.

Voting History

Episode Jessica's
Voted Against
1 Rarotonga Tribe Immune
2 Rarotonga Tribe Immune
3 Cecilia -
4 Aitutaki Tribe Immune
5 Aitutaki Tribe Immune
6 Jonathan -
8 Jonathan Becky, Candice, Jonathan,
Ozzy, Sundra, Yul
Voted Out, Day 18


  • On January 9, 2010, Jessica attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.


  • Jessica was the first member from the original Rarotonga to be voted out.
  • Jessica was also the only member of the original Rarotonga to not make the merge.
    • Out of the four people who were the first person voted out of their original tribes, Jessica was the only one who was female and the only one who wasn't the oldest member of their respective tribe.


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