Jerry Sims is a contestant from Survivor: Tocantins.

Though he began the game in a comfortable position, Jerry fell ill very quickly and his tribe had no choice but to vote him out.


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Jerry Sims (49)
Hometown: Rock Hill, SC
Occupation: Sgt. – U.S. Army

Jerry Sims promises, "you've never seen anybody like me before." Growing up in a poor family, he was one of 10 children who had to learn, very early on, the skills to help him survive in the real world. Jerry has been passing on those survival skills learned from his childhood to soldiers in the Army National Guard for the last 20 years.

A 1st Sergeant and specialist in Nuclear Operations, Sims just recently returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. No stranger to being in a leadership position, Sims was in charge of 100 men and not only knew how to manage them, but also earned their respect. "With this big smile and this convincing attitude, I get them to do exactly what I want them to do!"

He's always been a strong proponent of the team concept, a skill that came in handy growing up in such a large household, especially around dinner time "where you had to be on time!" Jerry is also a family man, who's been married for 25 years and has both an adult son and daughter. He has no qualms about saying he's doing this for the money. "The million is in my grasp! I've got to have it. I'm a competitor. I like to win. I like to win, win, win!"

Raised on a chicken farm in South Carolina, Jerry also knows how to live off the land and involve everyone in the daily chores. This self-proclaimed jokester says he will give his fellow castaways some much need entertainment, but nobody should misinterpret his cheery personality for weakness because Jerry proudly proclaims, "I am physically fit, I am mentally strong and I'm ready for the million."

Jerry currently resides in Rock Hill, SC. His birth date is May 18.[1]


Jerry was placed on the Timbira tribe. Like the others, he deemed Sierra Reed the weakest on the tribe. Despite Timbira's early success, Jerry started having stomach pains. This showed in the Day 9 Immunity Challenge where he struggled, allowing Jalapao to win. Although Coach Wade wanted Erinn Lobdell gone for being aligned with Candace Smith, the tribe couldn't look over Jerry's illness and unanimously voted him off.

Voting History

Jerry's Voting History
Episode Jerry's
Voted Against
1 Timbira Tribe Immune
2 Candace -
3 Erinn Brendan, Coach, Debbie,
Erinn, Sierra, Tyson
Voted Out, Day 9


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  • Jerry was recruited for Survivor when production contacted him after reading about him in a local newspapers.[2]
  • Jerry is the oldest member of the Timbira tribe, as well as the oldest man to compete on Tocantins.
  • Jerry is the lowest-placing man on Tocantins.


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