Jennifer "Jenny" Lanzetti is a contestant from Survivor: Kaôh Rōng.

Being placed on the To Tang tribe due to her physical prowess, Jennifer became a respected member of the tribe. After her tribe lost their second Immunity Challenge in a row, her duplicity was exposed at Tribal Council, and she was quickly voted out due to her strategic volatility.


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Name (Age): Jennifer Lanzetti (38)
Tribe Designation: Brawn
Current Residence: Salt Lake City, Utah
Occupation: Contractor
Personal Claim to Fame: Coming back to life after endometriosis, cancer and drug addiction, getting my engineering degree and starting my own construction technology company.
Inspiration in Life: Martin Luther King Jr. When he spoke, the whole world stopped to listen, whether they liked him or not. That's the ticket in the world and in this challenge. Be yourself, don't worry about who is trying to sabotage you. Just keep moving forward and focus on the goal. It takes confidence and big moves!
Hobbies: Riding motorcycles, eating good food, playing board games and adventure racing.
Pet Peeves: Slow drivers, people who chew with their mouth open, when people end a sentence with a preposition, when girls say the word "like," and assholes.
3 Words to Describe You: Blunt, not fragile and bad-ass chick.
If You Could Have 3 Things on the Island What Would They Be and Why? Metal detector, snuggie and a nut-cracker.
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: Kim Spradlin. She had strategy: making as many friends as possible, having alliances and sub-alliances. She was just "herself," which is exactly how I play everyday life. I earn respect, like Kim, by telling you how it is. I'm practical but also love the excitement of making big moves.
Reason for Being on Survivor: This once in a lifetime chance is filled with challenges and adventure. I want to live 100 years, not 1 year 100 times over. I want Tree Mail instead of email. I like playing games, getting my hands dirty, causing trouble and getting away with it! Also, for the money. I'm ready to adopt children and start a family.
Why You Think You'll "Survive" Survivor: I have construction knowledge, love to cook and play games, I am fun to be around, never quit, can fast for days and I am a hard worker!
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole Survivor: Winning Survivor takes practice- practice surviving. I've been through hell and back many times. Not saying I never get scared, but I just never let fear stop me. I will be the final survivor because I have prepared physically, mentally and socially! Winning doesn't take beauty, brains or brawn- it takes heart![2]


Jennifer started the game on the To Tang tribe. They were designated as the "Brawn" tribe due to their physical advantages over the other tribes. Jennifer helped build the tribe shelter along with Darnell Hamilton, Scot Pollard, and Kyle Jason. Jennifer, along with the rest of her tribe was amused by Darnell's antics. During the first few days, a bug crawled into Jennifer's ear, causing immense pain. Jennifer was concerned that she would not be able to perform in the challenge; however, after enduring a night of agony the bug crawled out of her ear. At the challenge, Darnell lost the tribe's goggles and Alecia Holden struggled with the puzzle, costing the tribe the challenge. The tribe was initially set on voting out Alecia for her weakness and being on the outs with the tribe, but after Darnell's blunder in the challenge and Alecia convincing the tribe that she was strong, they voted out Darnell instead.

After Tribal Council, Jennifer expressed some regret over keeping Alecia over Darnell, wondering if she could really step up in challenges. Jennifer, Scot, Jason, and Cydney Gillon formed an alliance as they were the four strongest members of the tribe. At the challenge, despite having a strong lead, To Tang once again came in last. Although the alliance originally planned on voting out Alecia, Jennifer admitted that she liked Alecia and was becoming annoyed at Jason. She went to Alecia and Cydney with the idea of forming an all-girls alliance to vote out Jason. However, after talking to Jason and Scot, she began second-guessing herself. This caused Cydney to worry about Jennifer's trustworthiness later in the game. At Tribal Council, Jennifer admitted that her alliance was not solid and she had heard other plans. This worried Jason and Scot, who thought they were solid. Alecia, seeing an opening, exposed all of Jennifer's strategies, including her women's alliance and planning on voting for Jason. Jennifer tried to deny this and throw it back on Alecia, however, it was too late as Jennifer's alliance (minus Scot) turned on her, voting her out in 17th place.

Voting History

Jennifer's Voting History
Episode Jennifer's
Voted Against
1 Darnell;
2 Alecia Alecia,
Cydney, Jason
Voted Out, Day 6

^1 In "I'm a Mental Giant", the vote ended with a 3-3 tie between Alecia and Darnell, forcing a revote. Jennifer did not change her vote on the revote.


  • Jennifer has an upcoming TV show titled Lawn and Order which is set to air on HGTV.[3]



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