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Jennifer Leigh "Jenna" Lewis is a contestant from Survivor: Borneo and Survivor: All-Stars.

In Borneo, Jenna was most notable for not having a videotape during the show's first Loved Ones Challenge. Upon realizing the former Tagi tribe members had formed a voting bloc, she, Colleen Haskell, and Gervase Peterson banded together in a last-ditch effort to survive. Despite her best efforts, she fell victim to the Tagi Alliance, who piggy-backed off of Sean Kenniff's alphabetical voting strategy to vote her out in a close 4-3-1 vote.

In All-Stars, Jenna became one of the vocal advocates for the ouster of the former winners. She was also the de facto strategist of Saboga during their losing streak. However, after Saboga was dissolved, she switched to Chapera where she lost her power and aligned with power couple Amber Brkich and Rob Mariano with her ally Rupert Boneham. At the final four, she decided to turn on Rupert in order to prevent a potential rock draw tiebreaker, putting her in the minority going into the Final Immunity Challenge. Jenna would lose the challenge and be voted out by Rob the night before the Final Tribal Council due to Rob's close relationship with Amber and Jenna's strong jury status.


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Jenna currently attends classes at New Hampshire Technical Institute. Previous occupations include work as an insurance claims analyst, daycare worker and waitress.

Jenna describes herself as energetic, competent and athletic. Her favorite sports are football and track & field - she'll add basketball to this list only if she's playing. Her favorite television show is "Ally McBeal" and her favorite feature film is "Austin Powers." Her musical tastes run the gamut of teen pop to hard rock to rap.

A perfect day for Jenna begins with an early hike up Mt. Cardigan before going for a swim. She would then take her daughters to the playground, followed by a raucous game of paintball with six of her close friends. At night, she'd go dancing.

Jenna currently resides in Franklin, New Hampshire with her twin daughters, Sadie and Sabrina. Her birth date is July 16, 1977.[1]

Since finishing eighth on Survivor: Borneo, Jenna Lewis has made numerous television appearances, including hosting VH1's "Rock Across America" and appearing in a recurring role in "Nash Bridges" on CBS. She has also made various appearances for charities and non-profit organizations.

Originally from Franklin, New Hampshire, Jenna is an aspiring actress/host and currently lives in Burbank, California, with her twin daughters, Sadie and Sabrina.

Jenna describes herself as energetic, competent and athletic. Her favorite sports are football and basketball, which she loves to play. Her favorite television shows are "Nip/Tuck" and "Scrubs," and her favorite feature film is "Fight Club." Her musical tastes run the gamut from The Doors to Eminem.

A perfect day for Jenna begins with an early hike up Runyon Canyon before going for a swim. She would then take her daughters to the playground and out for fondue, followed by a raucous game of paintball with six of her close friends. At night, she'd go dancing.

Jenna is currently single. Her birth date is July 16, 1977.[2]



Jenna made her first appearance during Survivor: Borneo, where she was on the Pagong tribe. Although she annoyed some of her tribemates with her constant talking, she never really faced any danger during the pre-merge portion of the game. She helped vote out B.B. Andersen for his abrasive attitude at Pagong's first Tribal Council on Day 6.

Jenna formed a strong friendship with Ramona Gray, who described Jenna as her only 'white' friend. Ramona was a target though because she had been sick since the game began. After Pagong lost another Immunity Challenge on Day 12, Jenna voted out her friend at Tribal Council. Days later, Gervase Peterson made a comment around the campfire, saying that girls were the stupidest thing on the planet next to cows. This annoyed all of the female tribe members, although Joel Klug was blamed for the comment and was subsequently voted out.

Jenna was selected as the representative of Pagong to meet with Tagi's representative Sean Kenniff at a summit off the coast of Pagong's beach. The two were tasked with selecting a name for the merged tribe, as well as designing a tribe flag. Jenna came up with the name of Rattan, and Sean added an a to the end, making the tribe name Rattana. Throughout the night, the two joked that the summit was set up to be romantic, although there were no romantic feelings between the two.

After returning from the summit, Jenna told Pagong that they had two minutes to gather their personal items as they were moving to the Tagi tribe for the rest of the game. After the merge, the ex-Pagong tribe members decided to vote out of conscience, not employing any strategy. Jenna cast her vote against Gervase saying, "Moo" (referring to his "girls dumber than cows" comment), but the ex-Tagi members stuck together and voted out Pagong's leader Gretchen Cordy.

Jenna was shocked by Gretchen's elimination and quickly became suspicious of an alliance forming between the ex-Tagi members. During the Reward Challenge on Day 23, the final nine castaways were supposed to receive videos from home, which they would compete to get to watch. Jenna was eager to see her daughters, whom she had been missing recently. Host Jeff Probst, however, announced that her tape did not make it in time for the challenge, leaving a very distraught Jenna. Even though she did not receive a video, if she won the challenge, she would be able to send a video to her daughters. Greg Buis won the challenge, making Jenna even sadder. After Jenna lost the archery challenge, she continuously shot arrows closest to the target while the rest of the tribe watched Greg's video from home.

Jenna expected to be voted out at the next Tribal Council. However, she was spared when the Tagi Alliance voted out Greg instead. On Day 25, after Richard Hatch decided to stop catching fish, Jenna, Colleen Haskell, Susan Hawk, and Kelly Wiglesworth went fishing instead. The women were elated when they caught a fish, saying that they no longer needed Richard to fish for them. Colleen won the Day 26 Reward Challenge and chose to bring Jenna along with her to the barbecue. Part of the reward was receiving letters from home, which made Jenna extremely happy. While enjoying the barbecue, Jenna and Colleen discussed the past few votes in which the person who was voted out had always received four votes against them. The two decided to form a counter-alliance, naming it the Barbecue Alliance. They asked Gervase and Sean to join them. Gervase joined them immediately, while Sean wanted to stick to his alphabet voting strategy, saying that if he thought his vote was going to influence the decision at Tribal Council, he would vote with them. At Tribal Council, Sean's voting strategy ended up being Jenna's downfall, as the Tagi Alliance piggybacked off his vote and eliminated Jenna. Jenna placed eighth and became the second member of the jury. After her elimination, Jenna finally got her video from home.

At the Final Tribal Council, she cast her vote for Kelly to win the game, valuing their friendship together. Ultimately, Kelly lost to Richard by a jury vote of 4-3.

Episode Tribe
Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out? Result
1 Pagong Quest for Fire Reward/Immunity No Won
2 Water Torture Reward No Won1
Buggin' Out Immunity No Lost
3 Treasure Chest Reward No Lost
Rescue Mission Immunity No Won
4 SOS Signal Reward No Lost
Buried Treasure Immunity No Lost
5 Choose Your Weapon Reward No Won
Shipwrecked Immunity No Won
6 Abandoned Barracks Reward No Won
The Obstacle Course Immunity No Lost
Tribes Merged, Day 20
7 Rattana Snake Island Relay Immunity Lost
8 Survivor Archery Reward Lost
End of the Line Immunity Lost
9 Out on a Limb Reward Invited
Squared Off Immunity Lost
Voted Out, Day 27
^1 An unaired Reward Challenge was held on Day 4.

Episode Jenna's
Voted Against
1 Pagong Tribe Immune
2 B.B. -
3 Pagong Tribe Immune
4 Ramona Greg
5 Pagong Tribe Immune
6 Joel Gervase, Joel
7 Gervase Greg
8 Greg Colleen,
Gervase, Greg
9 Richard Richard, Rudy,
Sean, Susan
Voted Out, Day 27
Voted for
Sole Survivor


Jenna L. returned as an all-star in Survivor's eighth season Survivor: All-Stars. She was placed on the Saboga tribe with fellow Borneo contestant Rudy Boesch. Originally, she formed an alliance with tribemates Rupert Boneham, Jerri Manthey, and Rudy to target former winners Tina Wesson and Ethan Zohn. After Saboga lost the first Immunity Challenge, her alliance succeeded in voting out Tina. When Saboga continued their losing streak, Jenna L. targeted alliance member Rudy for his old age and an injured foot. Everyone joined the plan but Rupert, who had grown to see Rudy as a father figure. Jenna L. lived the next few days in safety, with Mogo Mogo's Jenna Morasca quitting on Day 9 to be with her cancer-stricken mother and Saboga winning the next Immunity Challenge on Day 12, with Rob Cesternino being unanimously blindsided that night.

At the Day 13 Reward Challenge, Jeff revealed that the last tribe to finish would be dissolved, with the remaining members being spread throughout the remaining tribes. Saboga came in last place and was dissolved. Jerri and Ethan were sent to Mogo Mogo, while Jenna L. and Rupert were sent to Chapera. Upon joining Chapera, Jenna L. and Rupert quickly joined Rob Mariano's and Amber Brkich's majority alliance. Jenna L. lived the rest of the pre-merge stage of the game in safety, never having to visit Tribal Council due to Susan Hawk quitting on Day 17 and Chapera winning the next string of Immunity Challenges. A surprise tribe switch on Day 23 sent the entire Chapera tribe, with the exception of Amber, to Mogo Mogo. The new Mogo Mogo tribe won the next Immunity Challenge, ensuring all of its members would make the merge.

Upon merging, Jenna L. stuck with Rob M.'s alliance and voted out Mogo Mogo Alliance members Lex van den Berghe and Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien. When the last remaining original Mogo Mogo member, Shii Ann Huang, won immunity, Jenna L. voted with Rob M. in blindsiding Alicia Calaway. When Shii Ann failed to win the next immunity, Jenna L. and the rest of the tribe voted her out. At the final five, Tom Buchanan became the swing vote between Jenna L.'s alliance with Rupert and Rob M.'s alliance with Amber. Instead of allowing Tom to be the swing vote, Rob M. and Amber voted to take Jenna L. and Rupert to the final four and blindside Tom instead.

When Amber won the final four Immunity Challenge, Jenna L. became the crucial swing vote between her newer alliance with Rob M. and original alliance with Rupert. Not willing to put her fate in the hands of a potential rock drawing tiebreaker, she betrayed her former ally and Rupert was voted out. After losing the Final Immunity Challenge, Jenna L.'s fate would be determined by Rob M. that night. Unfortunately for Jenna L., Rob M. voted her out as his alliance with Amber was stronger than his alliance with Jenna L. and he believed she would win if she made it to the Final Two.

At the Final Tribal Council, Jenna L. congratulated the finalists and asked what they would do with the money if they won. Rob M. claimed he would use the money for a basketball college scholarship fund. Amber said she would use the money to fund a charity for muscular dystrophy. Jenna respected Rob M.'s aggressive gameplay over Amber's, so she voted for him to win, even though Amber won the season.

Episode Tribe
Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out? Result
1 Saboga Quest for Fire Immunity No Lost
2 Stairway to the Stars Reward No Won
Float Your Boat Immunity No Lost
3 Better Homes and Island Living Reward No Lost
4 Match Maker Reward No 2nd
Blind Cube Crisis Immunity No 1st
5 Shipwrecked Raft Rescue Reward No Lost
Switched Tribes, Day 13
5 Chapera Pilfering Pirates Immunity No Won
6 Stomp-ede Reward No Lost
7 Floating Puzzle Reward/Immunity No Won
8 Log Jam Reward No Won
Choose Your Weapon Immunity No Won
Switched Tribes, Day 23
10 Mogo Mogo Survivor History Immunity No Won
11 Rock Bottom Reward1 Invited
Tribes Merged, Day 26
11 Chaboga
Waiting to Exhale Immunity Lost
12 Big Bad-O Course Reward/Immunity2 Lost
13 Face Off Reward Lost
When It Rains, It Pours Immunity Lost
14 Survivor Smorgasbord Reward Lost
Fire And Rain Immunity Lost
15 Learn from Past Mistakes Reward Lost
Survivor Scramble Immunity Lost
16 Obstacle Puzzle Maze Immunity Lost
Hand on a Hard Idol Immunity Lost
Voted Out, Day 38
^1 The castaways competed as individuals.
^2 The castaways first competed as two teams for reward. Only the members of the winning team would have the right to compete for individual immunity.

Episode Jenna L.'s
Voted Against
Jenna L.
1 Tina Ethan, Tina
2 Rudy -
3 No Tribal Council
4 Saboga Tribe Immune
5 Chapera Tribe Immune
6 No Tribal Council
7 Chapera Tribe Immune
8 Chapera Tribe Immune
10 Mogo Mogo Tribe Immune
11 Lex -
12 Kathy -
13 Alicia -
14 Shii Ann -
15 Tom Tom
16 Rupert -
Ineligible Rob M.
Voted Out, Day 38
Voted for
Sole Survivor
Rob M.


  • Jenna, along with Borneo castmates Gervase Peterson, Kelly Wiglesworth, and Rudy Boesch, appeared in a parody of Three's Company. Jenna played Chrissy.[3]
  • Jenna attended the Survivor: Africa and Survivor: Thailand Reunion Show.
  • Jenna appeared in the music video for the song Without Me by Eminem along with former Africa castaway Lindsey Richter.[4]
  • Jenna starred as Kristin in the 2005 TV Movie, The Scorned.
  • Sometime after appearing on All-Stars, Jenna remarried and now goes by the name Jenna Lewis-Dougherty. She has two more children from her second marriage, a son and daughter.[5]
  • Sometime after All-Stars, a 42-minute sex video that featured Jenna and then-husband Travis Wolfe in a Las Vegas hotel room circulated across the internet. It was originally reported that Jenna and Wolfe made the sex video purely for their own private use and that it was accidentally leaked onto the Internet. In interviews, Jenna talked about the embarrassment she felt at the prospect of anybody being able to see her naked and performing sexual acts. However, this came into question as reports appeared suggesting that Jenna deliberately made and released the sex tape in order to increase her fame and make a profit from it. In some interviews, Jenna even mentioned how people could buy the video, arousing further suspicion. In December 2004, the New York Daily News reported that she, her husband, and her manager were the people behind the website selling the video, and that they were receiving 70 percent of the sales profits.
  • Jenna currently works as a real estate agent for in California.


  • Jenna is the youngest contestant to compete on Borneo.
  • Jenna is the first contestant to reside in New Hampshire.
  • Jenna's luxury item in Borneo was a journal.
  • Jenna is the only contestant on Borneo to not receive a video from home. She was able to watch hers only after her elimination.
  • Jenna is the first woman to be voted out and be a member of the jury.
  • Jenna is the last victim of Sean Kenniff's alphabet strategy; he never voted for Kelly Wiglesworth.
  • Jenna accumulated the most elimination votes against her in Borneo, with 11.
  • Jenna is the youngest member of Saboga.
  • Jenna, Jerri Manthey, and Rupert Boneham are the first castaways to be a member of three different tribes before the merge. They would be followed by Andrew Savage in Cambodia, Cirie Fields in Game Changers, and Laurel Johnson and Sebastian Noel in Ghost Island.
    • With the exception of Jerri, they are the only castaways to be a member of four tribes within a single season.
  • Jenna is the only contestant from Borneo to make the merge on All-Stars.
  • Jenna is the only castaway to have their family member disqualified during the Loved Ones Challenge. Jenna's brother, Jai, drank some of his water while he was still eating his dish (a tarantula). He was disqualified because the rules stated that a contestant could drink water only once they finished eating.
  • In All-Stars, Jenna became the first person to be the sixteenth person permanently eliminated from a season.
  • Both times Jenna played, she voted for the eventual runner-up to win the season.
  • Jenna revealed in an interview she had been asked to return countless times but has never made the cut.[6]


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