Jenna Austin is a contestant from Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders (2018).

While proving herself both a physical asset and well-liked by the rest of the Contenders tribe, Jenna received an ill-fated injury during the first Immunity Challenge, which only worsened with each following challenge. This resulted in an emotional tribal on Day 13 in where her tribe unanimously decided to eliminate her over outsider Paige Kerin.


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Age: 28
Occupation: FIFO Worker
State: WA
Tribe: Contenders​​​​​

Adversity has only driven Jenna to try harder and when she plays for the title of Sole Survivor, she won't just be doing it for herself, but also for her two-year-old daughter.

A fighter in every sense, Jenna believes the challenges she faced when she came out as gay, only made her stronger and better able to deal with challenges. Now, she finds any tough time she faces she can take it on.

"My family accepts me for who I am and supports me for who I truly am. I live a drama free life and I like it that way. I pride myself on being honest and upfront but I'm also very competitive and hate losing."

An experienced NFL and AFL player, Jenna is a typical outdoors girl tearing around the bush on her motorbike or wakeboarding.

Working as a manager in the mines in Western Australia for the past six years has also given Jenna experience in dealing with different personalities and says she is excited for her teammates to find out she's going to be on Survivor.

"It probably won't be a huge shock to those who know me because most would say I'm adventurous and a bit of a daredevil but also that I'm a carefree and simple person that is hopefully easy to get along with.

"I'm extremely competitive but pride myself in playing a fair game. I want to be the new Jericho this year. The nice, quiet one who gets along with everybody. I'd be perceived as friendly, honest and competitive. And yes, I'd keep the cookies for myself as well!"[1]

Australian Survivor

Jenna proved her worth in the first Reward Challenge, but unfortunately sustained an injury in the first Immunity Challenge. Despite the injury, Steve was still the intended target until Matt's paranoia got the better of him at Tribal Council. When the Champions saw that Jenna was still in the game at the next Reward Challenge, they were shocked that the Contenders kept an injured player but Robbie defended the decision. She was able to remain a contributor to the tribe and formed a close alliance with fellow parents Heath and Tegan. Her injury worsened after another physical Reward Challenge, causing Jonathan to have a helicopter pick her up and get examined prior to the start of the Immunity Challenge. Jenna returned to the game at camp with a brace. Despite the tribe's near unanimous apathy toward Paige, they agreed that Jenna was no longer able to help in challenges. This was an especially tough decision for Heath and Tegan, but ultimately Jenna was voted out unanimously 9-1.

Voting History

Jenna's Voting History
Episode Jenna's
Voted Against
1 Steve K. -
2 Contenders Tribe Immune
3 Contenders Tribe Immune
4 Steve K. -
5 Paige Anita, Benji, Fenella,
Heath, Paige, Robbie,
Shonee, Tegan, Zach
Voted Out, Day 13


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  • Jenna is the lowest-placing female of Champions v Contenders (2018).


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