Jellyfish 'n Chips is the sixth episode of Survivor: Palau.


Day 13

After Ulong returned from Tribal Council, James put Ibrehem on the spot, questioning his performance in the Reward Challenge. This irritated Bobby Jon. The next morning, Ibrehem discusses his prayer and how he was still "meant to be" in the game.

At Koror, Tom and Ian expressed how their tribe was reenergized from the beef stew the night before. Meanwhile, Caryn and Coby were not impressed with Katie's work habits. Some tribe members put on a mock sock puppet performance, poking fun at Ulong

After winning the Reward Challenge, Ulong indulged in Pringles and Mai Tais and then swam with thousands of non-stinging jellyfish.

Day 14

After a rough night before, Janu reconsidered her desire to be in the game, but decided not to quit.

Day 15

After James' knot was not as impenetrable as he had imagined, Bobby Jon and Ibrehem decided James would be next to go. However, Stephenie, who was aligned with James, wanted to vote out Ibrehem. Ultimately, after talking to Bobby Jon, she agreed to vote with him under the condition that he would vote for Ibrehem if they were to visit Tribal Council again. Steph stuck to her word, and switched her vote to James on the revote, sending the shocked steelworker home. 


Challenge: Shooting Gallery
Taking turns, one player at a time (alternating tribes) uses a replica WWII cannon gun to shoot color-coded tiles. First tribe to break all eight of their tiles wins.
Reward: A trip to Jellyfish Lake, where the tribe would get to swim with sting-free jellyfish, as well as feast on Pringles and Mai Tai.
Winner: Ulong

Challenge: Build It Up, Break It Down
Prior to the challenge, each tribe must seal the opposing tribe's flag in a footlocker and use provided rope to try and make the footlocker as impenetrable as possible. At the challenge, they have to retrieve three bundles of floating lumber, then use the lumber and more rope to make it even more impenetrable. After 20 minutes, each tribe switches to the pile containing their flag and footlocker, grab it as quickly as possible, and raise the flag up a flagpole. First tribe to raise their flag wins.
Winner: Koror

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7:
S10 ibrehem t
Ibrehem (2 votes)
S10 james tS10 stephenie t
James, Stephenie
S10 james t
James (2 votes)
S10 bobbyjon tS10 ibrehem t
Bobby Jon, Ibrehem
S10 ibrehem tS10 james t
Ibrehem, James (2 votes each)

(Ibrehem and James ineligible to vote)
S10 james t
James (2 votes)
S10 bobbyjon tS10 stephenie t
Bobby Jon, Stephenie
S10 ibrehem t
Ibrehem (0 votes)
S10 james bw
James Miller

Voting Confessionals

Revote confessionals are not available.

S10 james t

(voting against Ibrehem) Sorry, Ibrehem. You and I, we just don't get along, we clash. It's time for you to go. Bye.

S10 ibrehem t

(voting against James) Sorry, brother.

Final Words

S10 james bw

It wasn't my time to go. I didn't feel like it, you know? My gut told me nobody's going to vote me off. My gut failed me, and I'm sad and depressed, you know? But, uh, I've accomplished things that not many people can say they have, and that makes me proud. I am glad that I got the chance to go on Survivor and see if I had what it takes.

Still in the Running

S10 jonathan bw
S10 wanda bw
S10 jolanda bw
S10 ashlee bw
S10 jeff bw
S10 kim bw
S10 willard bw
S10 angie bw
S10 james bw
 Bobby Jon
S10 bobbyjon t
S10 caryn t
S10 coby t
S10 gregg t
S10 ian t
S10 ibrehem t
S10 janu t
S10 jenn t
S10 katie t
S10 stephenie t
S10 tom t


  • After James' departure, the final three members of Ulong happened to be the last three remaining players to represent Ulong at the Immunity Challenge three episodes prior.
  • After Tribal Council, Jeff said that Ulong is the first tribe to have three members. This was incorrect, as two tribes of three came before Ulong, Maraamu from Survivor: Marquesas and Sook Jai from Survivor: Thailand.
    • However, Ulong is the first tribe to compete in a challenge with only three members. Maraamu and Sook Jai both merged immediately after they reached the three-member mark.
  • This episode and previous episode aired on Wednesdays instead of the normal Thursday air date, due to CBS's coverage of the NCAA Basketball Tournament.
  • For the Reward Challenge, Ulong visited a very famous landmark in Palau, Jellyfish Lake, which is a freshwater lake that consists of thousands of jellyfish that have lost their sting due to the freshwater.


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