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Jefra Bland is a contestant from Survivor: Cagayan.

Jefra was a generally well-liked and honest player who survived several close calls and came out the other side of a chaotic merge as a core member of the majority Solana Alliance. Her discontent with the manipulative tactics of alliance leader Tony Vlachos eventually led her to consider joining the minority alliance in blindsiding him, however, her vacillation on this point allowed Tony to catch wind of Jefra's incomplete loyalty and blindside her instead.


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Name (Age): Jefra Bland (23)
Tribe Designation: Beauty Tribe
Current Residence: Campbellsville, Ky.
Occupation: Miss Kentucky Teen USA
Personal Claim to Fame: Winning the title of Miss Kentucky Teen USA 2009 and making the Top 15 at Miss Teen USA.
Inspiration in Life: My dad, Jeff Bland, who overcame his 20 year prescription drug addiction and turned his life around into helping sponsor other recovering men and women.
Hobbies: Traveling, hunting and pageants.
Pet Peeves: People who have bad teeth and smack their gum.
3 Words to Describe You: Outspoken, charismatic and fierce.
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why? A disposable toothbrush, leather journal for writing and a photo of my family because they are the toughest people I know.
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: Chelsea Meissner as far as being a country girl and Kim Spradlin when it comes to being ballsy with big moves.
Reason for Being on Survivor: The million dollar prize—I'm a broke college girl who is tired of eating Ramen noodles and wants to pay off my student loans and to open up a drug rehab with my dad. Also, to prove that pageant girls aren't just cute faces, we are also smart.
Why You Think You'll "Survive" Survivor: I'm in shape and can last in challenges.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole Survivor: In my 22 years of life, I have already survived cervical cancer, losing everything financially, the disease of addiction and more. It takes a fighter to survive this world and that's what I am.
Do You Consider Yourself a Brain, a Beauty or a Brawn? I consider myself a Beauty. In my opinion, beauty is far more than just skin deep and true beauty comes from the heart.
Who Do You Think Has the Best Chance in the Game of Survivor: Brains, Beauty or Brawn? I think to win the game of Survivor, you have to have a combination of all three. It takes a well-rounded person, who is quick to react in situations, can strategize and form alliances and can handle the physical endurance of the game.[1]


Jefra began the game on the Solana (dubbed the "beauty") tribe. During the first eight days, Jefra formed close friendships with Alexis Maxwell and LJ McKanas, joining in an alliance with them and Jeremiah Wood. At Solana's only pre-swap Tribal Council, Jefra aided her alliance in splitting the votes and eliminating Brice Johnston.

At the Day 12 Tribe Switch, Jefra remained on Solana along with LJ. Despite being outnumbered 5-2 by the former Aparri members, Jefra and LJ formed a bond with Trish Hegarty who attempted to convince Tony Vlachos to ally with them and blindside Cliff Robinson. Despite being hesitant to work with the original Solana members, Tony followed Trish's advice and sided with Jefra, eliminating Cliff in a 4-3 vote.

After the tribes merged into Solarrion on Day 17, Jefra was targeted by the rival Aparri Alliance for being the least likely to possess Solana's Hidden Immunity Idol. Luckily for her, Trish convinced Kass McQuillen to defect to the Solana Alliance, sparing Jefra from elimination. Despite feeling confident in her alliance, Jefra was surprised when Tony and Woo Hwang voted with the Aparri Alliance and blindsided her closest ally LJ. Shaken by Tony's betrayal, Jefra pondered flipping to the Aparri Alliance and eliminating him. However, after talking with Trish, she decided against this, apologized to the Aparri alliance and voted out Jeremiah with the rest of the Solana Alliance.

After Spencer Bledsoe failed to win Immunity on Day 30, Jefra's alliance agreed to vote him out. However, Spencer informed Tony that Jefra had considered aligning with the former Aparri members against him. This act convinced Tony and Woo to switch their votes from Spencer to Jefra at Tribal Council, blindsiding her in a 4-3 vote. Jefra became the 5th member of the jury.

Ultimately, she voted for Tony to be the Sole Survivor.

Voting History

Jefra's Voting History
Episode Jefra's
Voted Against
1 Solana Tribe Immune
Solana Tribe Immune
2 Brice;
3 Solana Tribe Immune
4 Cliff -
5 Solana Tribe Immune
6 Sarah Jeremiah, Morgan,
Sarah, Spencer, Tasha
7 Morgan -
8 Jeremiah -
9 Jeremiah -
10 Spencer Spencer, Tasha,
Tony, Woo
Voted Out, Day 30
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "Cops-R-Us", the vote ended with a 2-2-2 tie between Alexis, Brice, and Morgan, forcing a revote. Jefra did not change her vote on the revote.


Jefra and her husband Jared.

  • On May 24, 2014, Jefra got married to her fiancé Jared Hines.[2]
  • On December 15, 2014, Jefra announced that they are expecting their first child.[3] They welcomed their son Asher Reese Hines born on April 6, 2015.[4]
  • The couple has since had three additional children.[5]


  • Despite only being 22 years old at the time of filming, Jefra is the oldest female member of Solana. Her female tribemates, Alexis Maxwell and Morgan McLeod, were both 21.
    • She is the youngest contestant to be the oldest member of a tribe from their gender.
    • Despite being the oldest female member of the original Solana, she was the youngest member of Solana after the tribe switch.
  • Jefra is the only woman to make the merge and never be a member of Aparri.
  • Jefra is the highest-placing member of the original Solana tribe.
    • She placed 7th, making her one of the lowest-placing contestants to be the highest-placing member of their original tribe, along with Stephenie LaGrossa.
  • Jefra is tied with Jeremiah Wood for most votes cast against her in Cagayan, with 9.
  • Jefra won the most challenges of any woman in Cagayan, with 9 over the course of the season.
  • Jefra lost 9 lbs. (4 kg) during her time in Survivor: Cagayan.[6]


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