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James Lim is a contestant from Survivor: Ghost Island.

James started on the Malolo tribe where he found himself in the majority alliance, which continued through the first tribe switch, successfully managing a blindside of Naviti member Morgan Ricke. However, a second tribe switch dunked him into the minority. After losing immunity on Day 17, he attempted to target Desiree Afuye for her weakness in challenges, but found himself unanimously voted out at Tribal Council.


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Age: 24
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Current residence: New York, New York
Occupation: Business Analyst
Hobbies: Working out, exploring restaurants/bars, and traveling to faraway destinations.
Pet peeves: Slow walkers, people who are superficial, and bigots.
Three words to describe you: Astute, resolute, and ambitious.
What's your personal claim to fame? I am a U.S. Presidential Scholar selected by President Obama's commission, and interned for his White House administration. In college, I was a walk-on sprinter for Harvard Track and Field and, as a senior, was elected team captain by my teammates, becoming the first Asian American captain in program history.
Who or what is your inspiration in life? My grandfather came from a rural village in Korea, survived the Korean War, put himself through the best college in the country, and eventually became a successful businessman. He came from nothing to overcome tremendous odds and so much adversity and always exemplified love for family along the way. He passed away a couple of years ago but remains an inspiration in everything I do.
If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why? First, a photo of my family. They'll be a source of emotional strength no matter how tough it gets out there. Second would be an American flag because being a first-generation American is one of the greatest sources of pride and willpower for me. Finally, a journal and pen to take notes on the game as it develops and also to keep a diary during the adventure of a lifetime.
Which Survivor contestant are you most like? Yul Kwon. Our backgrounds are uncannily similar as Korean-American management consultants, and I plan to follow his example in being cool, calm, and collected throughout the game. Yul's Survivor journey contributed greatly to the positive representation of Asian-Americans on TV, and I hope to do the same.
What's your reason for being on Survivor? Survivor is an adventure like no other. Everything it presents—the wilderness, the challenges, the fellow castaways from all cross-sections of America—will be a chance for me to break out of the bubble I've been a part of for most of my life and push myself physically, emotionally, and mentally like never before. I'll embrace the challenge and have fun along the way.
Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? There is no magic formula to winning Survivor. However, there are qualities that will help players get far. I believe I have most of them—I am team-oriented, athletic, outgoing, and tenacious. I will focus on being a helpful, likable asset to those around me, and on the down low strategically pave my path to the very end.[2]


James started on Malolo. When Malolo lost the first Immunity ChallengeStephanie Gonzalez targeted Donathan Hurley for being the weakest link. However, at Tribal Council, James joined the rest of his tribemates in blindsiding Stephanie. Malolo lost the second Immunity Challenge due to James struggling in the water. After returning from the challenge, James took ownership of costing the tribe the win. While Jacob Derwin was the target, Libby Vincek and Michael Yerger threw two votes at James on the off chance Jacob had a Hidden Immunity Idol, but Jacob did not have an idol and was voted out.

When the tribe switch occurred on Day 7, James along with Donathan, Laurel Johnson, and Libby were switched to Naviti. On Naviti, original Naviti Chris Noble talked to the former Malolos about taking out original Naviti member Domenick Abbate. When Naviti lost the subsequent Immunity Challenge, James and the rest of the tribe drew rocks on who to send to Ghost Island with Chris being sent. Meanwhile, Domenick showed his fake idol to the former Malolo members to build trust with them, but James didn't believe him and even compared him to notorious villain Russell Hantz. He then talked to his original tribemates about taking out original Naviti Morgan Ricke. James's plan worked as Morgan was blindsided. Naviti then won the next two challenges, keeping James safe from Tribal Council.

When the second tribe switch occurred, James was switched back to Malolo and rejoined Michael, though both were outnumbered 3-2 by the original Naviti's. Out of necessity, both pledged their loyalty to each other. Malolo lost immunity on Day 17 due to original Naviti Desiree Afuye's poor leadership in the challenge. Both James and Michael tried to sway original Naviti Angela Perkins to their side. However, at Tribal Council, Angela stayed loyal to her fellow Naviti's Desiree and Kellyn Bechtold, while Michael joined the former Naviti members in blindsiding James out of the game with a 4-1 vote.

Voting History

James's Voting History
Episode James's
Voted Against
1 Gonzalez -
Jacob Libby, Michael
2 Morgan -
3 Naviti Tribe Immune
4 Naviti Tribe Immune
5 Desiree Angela, Desiree,
Kellyn, Michael
Voted Out, Day 17


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