The Jalapao Three was the main alliance from Survivor: Tocantins, consisting of the three members of Jalapao that remained after Joe Dowdle's evacuation.

Despite being down in numbers at the merge, this tight-knit group of three managed to take out all of their opposition, all making the final four.



When Jalapao lost immunity on Day 17, Taj and Stephen crafted a fake idol and placed it in the statue at Tree Mail. After using the real idol as a model for the fake one she made, Taj tried to hide it her bag, but J.T. stumbled upon the idol after she walked off.  Taj showed the idol to J.T. and told him that he could have it anytime he needed it. J.T. believed Taj and Stephen to be honest in their story and that he now had a strong alliance with them.

Erinn Flips on Timbira

On Day 27, Debbie Beebe won immunity. At camp, Erinn pointed out to Stephen and Taj that there was an opportunity to vote out Tyson, the biggest perceived threat at the Immunity Challenges. Stephen talked to JT about blindsiding Tyson. At Tribal Council, Erinn sided with the Jalapao three and Tyson was blindsided

Taking Down Timbira

With Jalapao three in power, they managed to take out the remaining loyal members of the Timbira tribe. The alliance voted out Sierra Reed on night 30 for causing too much drama at camp. On night 33, the alliance targeted and voted out Debbie for being a strategic threat. On Day 36, JT and Timbira Alliance member Coach Wade targeted Erinn while Erin and Taj targeted Coach, thus leaving Stephen as the swing vote. That night Stephen cast the deciding vote against Coach, sending him out of the game, and thus eliminating all the loyal Timbira members.

Turning on Each Other

With Coach gone, the alliance was forced to tun on each other. JT won immunity on Day 37. While JT wanted to vote out Erinn, Stephen convinced him to blindside Taj. At Tribal Council, Taj was blindsided. Prior to the Final Immunity Challenge, Stephen and Erinn told each other that they had to win the challenge and vote out JT. However, JT won the Final Immunity Challenge. At camp, Erinn told J.T. that Stephen told her that he would take her to the Final Two over J.T. to ensure himself a victory with the jury. When J.T. asked him, Stephen denied that he would have taken Erinn to the Final Two. At Tribal Council, JT voted out Erinn, thus making JT and Stephen the Final Two.


At the Final Tribal Council, the jury questioned or made statements to JT and Stephen, and both JT and Stephen got into a few arguments with each other. Ultimately, JT received all seven jury votes, and became the Sole Survivor and first player in Survivor history to play a Perfect Game.




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